Optimus 2x

The LG Optimus 2X (see our hands-on) gets the next step of the hacking treatment, a custom recovery.  Paul O'Brien has built ClockworkMod recovery, and packaged it up with an easy installer for Windows, Linux, and Mac computers.  The project is still marked as beta, but the few issues seem to be centered around the installer, so advanced users may wish to just manually copy and dd the recovery image themselves.  Having said that, unlike some other hacks that spring up from time to time, Paul is actively working with the few folks having issues, so I feel good about recommending this one.

I realize that few of us here in the states will be getting an Optimus 2X, but AT&T and T-Mobile will be releasing some very similar devices, so we're keeping an eye on this one in hopes of an easy port.  Visit the source link for downloads and installation information. [MoDaCo] Thanks for the tip, Dan!


Reader comments

LG Optimus 2X gets ClockworkMod recovery


Hopefully this will get ported to the G2X. They are similiar phones, obviously. I was worried about the phone getting a rooted treatment, but I guess not anymore.

I'm glad to see that this phone is getting dev support. When VZW decides to drop the Revolution, I'm going to give that a try. I think that companies that are tryingto step in the shoes of HTC and Moto are going to create phones that are developer friendly until they gain momentum. Then they will lock the bootloaderslike the two other brands.

nice... its a good thing that 02x is being hack friendly. im reading the xda forums 02x section and majority of the people seems to be really really happy about their phone.

unlike the atrix section where all you can see and read are people returning their atrix, and devs leaving their support for atrix cause of the locked bootloader, its a crazy place there :)

Awesome for 2X owners. Hope the user base who picks up the G2x gets the same treatment.

On a related note: Why so much bezel at he bottom? Little unnecessary.

Speaking of the Atrix, it's too much in terms of money and proprietary hardware. I can't see buying all the docks and laptop for something I'll set aside for a new device in 1-2 years. And I don't want to be locked into having to upgrade to MOTOs devices just to keep using the docks etc. When I saw the G2x was stock, I knew it was a worthy upgrade from my Nexus One. Hacker friendly means so long to bloatware