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On sale beginning in Hong Kong, to follow in Asia, Europe, Middle East and North America in coming weeks

The Unicorn that suddenly thrust itself into public view in recent weeks is now officially official. LG has announced that the white variant of the Nexus 4 will be released to the world on May 29 in Hong Kong. After this, in the "coming weeks" we shall see it roll out globally, though no specific dates are available for other regions at this point. 

And that's about all she wrote. The white Nexus 4 still comes with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, and there's no mention of any new storage options or even where we'll be able to buy it. Since this announcement has come from LG and not Google, there's a possibility -- at least to begin with -- that this isn't Play Store bound. If it doesn't get into the Play Store, we're not likely to see this version hit the same price point as the black one, so we'll keep our collective fingers crossed on that one. 

Source: LG

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Tom Stretton says:

I think it would have been so much better if they made the screen bezel white.

Ethere says:

Agreed here. That's one thing I didn't like about my HOX too. I also wish they'd put LTE in this thing. Maybe that's another reason for the GS4 Google Edition.

TheDu9du says:

Yup. Whether is anyone's fault, nexus phones haven't had all the success. Google wanted a $299/$349 phone and LTE would leave no room for profit. At least they did put a capable processor with a nice camera. If you were to add $50 to it I think I would've preferred Gorilla glass 3 or more storage. But that's just cause choose to pay less on my monthly bill.

snookasnoo says:

Nexus devices already make no profit which Google has said publicly.
I'd say this means no 32 GB or LTE Nexus 4 ever. Will have to wait on a Nexus 5 and hope it has one or both of those things.

angryGTS says:

LTE is just so over rated. I get way faster speeds on HSPA+ on the Nexus 4 than any of my LTE enabled phones not to mention the battery savings that all the tech nerds whine and complain about.

geoff5093 says:

So not true. While HSPA+ does get good speeds, you can not get the 40+ download and 15+ upload speeds you can get here on AT&T or Verizon's LTE network. Battery life is actually much better with LTE now than it was when it first came out.

ysbg says:

I personally can't be bothered with the color. If the phone I want is available in different colors, I would just go for the cheaper one, even if it were pink. That said I agree, the contrast between the white back and the black bezel is not very pretty.

willizen says:

It would look better if the entire phone was white.

Vizualize says:

Hopefully news on next gen N7 is around the corner!!

nickacs says:

Who is almost 8 months old. I don't see many people rushing out for this one. Just bring the N5 and release ALL the colored phones at one time. Duh

Mayoo614 says:

Finally a use for the white bumper our carrier is selling since they introduced the N4!

John-Smith says:

This would have been cool.. 6 months ago.

Next up for Google is news on the Nexus 7-2. Can't wait, just a few more weeks and I'm sure we'll start hearing some legit news/rumors.

15israellai says:

That's stupid. Since the front is not white, it makes no difference from the black one when you put a case on it.

Diskoman says:

I disagree. Keep in mind that the majority of cases for the Nexus 4 are bumper-style. The back is exposed on those.

slywalk says:

Im a big fan of the nexus brand and all...but this is coming almost a year after the first n4 was released... like, really? I don't think this will even sell 100,000 units. It's just not the right time..

TheDonJ77 says:

I don't care about what the haters are saying, to each it's own, I will be ordering this bad boy the minute it is released in the US, the minute it hits google play and my black one will be listed on ebay

Looks like an oreo cookie when you take the top cookie off or in this case bottom cookie. They should make one in Android Green now with glow in the dark fluorescent bumper.