This video from LG promises the G2 will learn from you, but take your Dramamine before watching. 

We're all looking forward to seeing what LG's next -- dubbed the G2 (don't call it an Optimus) -- will have to offer. We thrive on details and specifications. LG's latest video teaser doesn't give us a lot of those, but it does focus on how the G2 will learn from you. That is, if the video doesn't give you a seizure first. 

We'll be on hand come August 7 when LG unveils the G2 in New York. For now, hit the break to see the latest video.

Source: LGMobileHQ on YouTube; LG's countdown page

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slikone27 says:

My eyes hurt now haha

birdman_38 says:

That's a whole lotta editing!

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marko358 says:

Hey Verizon, please offer this phone.

Thunder350 says:

It's Verizon. IF you even get the phone, it'll be months after EVERY other carrier in the US has it.


Not to mention any incoming firmware updates.

mstrblueskys says:

I'm surprised that didn't have the same warning as Kanye's All of the Lights video.

MrJazz says:

YIKES. I think I just exceeded my 50000 thoughts limit...


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NoNexus says:

yeah that was painful

tigeryee says:

The advertising didn't work. LG should look at their competitor's commercials (Samsung)

Budius says:

That's not a commercial. It's a teaser. It's a pre-release video just to say that something will come.

Saturn1217 says:

Yes! that is exactly what I was thinking the first time I saw this video - they should have a warning label about seizures!
Still excited about the phone though. Really hope it is the base (unaltered except for maybe a less glossy back) for the Nexus 5.

Mully60 says:

Is that a finger print scanner on the phone at the end of the video? Or just a new unlock swipe motion?

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moosc says:

Volume rocker and power button on backside of phone by camera lens

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blankit says:

How is this in anyway referencing a smartphone. This looks like a commercial for some kind of life program.

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Ryandroid86 says:

Just like a pointless iOS commercial..... Wait that was a phone commercial??? (reaction everytime)

Budius says:

Because that's not a commercial. It's a teaser. It's a pre-release video just to say that something will come.

Thunder350 says:

I don't see how people are complaining about the video. It didn't bother me one bit, and the message was great. I'm interested to learn more about this phone, hopefully there isn't volume keys on the back of it...

The video didn't bother me neither. I actually liked it. And it's pretty much been confirmed by all the leaks there have been that it will have the volume keys on the back, but I actually like that placement.

brendilon says:

Agreed, I don't see the fuss over the video. It's more 'artsy' than the usual smarthone commercial, but it's more memorable than most as well.
As for the volume on the back, I'd be game for trying something new.

TurboFool says:

I could be wrong, but I'm not fully convinced they mean the phone, itself, learns from you. I'm suspecting more that they mean that the phone was designed by learning about people and their needs.

That said, if I AM wrong, then I bet it's still simpler stuff, such as building the SnapDragon BatteryGuru app directly into the OS, and capitalizing on a lot of Google Now's functionality. Still, doing all of that together, and well, could still lead to a pretty impressive device. I know I'm keeping an eye on it.

Deke218 says:

Subliminal message... Msde my head hurt. Still after the T-Mobile G2x, I'd never buy another LG phone.

skycloud9 says:

Can't get over that volume rocker on the back, it just doesn't seem practical. I guess I'll just have to wait until I can hold it to find out.

Rule9 says:

stupid placement of buttons on the back just for the sake of what? Being different? Anyone who uses a car mount will quickly discard any notion of buying this phone.

HZD says:

This advert is bad, showed us nothing we don't already know.

They have done exactly what Samsung did with the s3 on launch, its made me think about getting this now. . . I'll wait on the nexus 5 because at least it won't be full of all the new software lg just applied patents for . . . high end phone packed with tonnes of junk on one uses . . . ever !

I really hope lg don't undo all the good work they did with the n4

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frettfreak says:

That was all google man!! lol IMO LG just tried to be Samsung WAY to much

CyaniCs says:

Learning for Me? Then they should have learned that "G2" is a horrible name, as "G2x" was one of the worst phones ever made.

vcarvega says:

So... Anyone think there's any chance of us seeing the Nexus 5 on Wednesday, ahead of the G2 unveiling? I know the chances are next to none, as nexus phones are usually revealed in the Fall, but I'm more interested in the Nexis 5 than the Nexus 7.

crxssi says:

What a total waste of time video. It says absolutely nothing about anything related to a phone...

frettfreak says:

Wow... their marketing department needs to be fired yesterday. Thats horrible. I know NOTHING about ANYTHING the phone will do. Learn from you... um.. so does google now.

so if it learns from me is that an indication of some sort of advanced AI built it :P

my very own HAL :D

I actually really liked the commercial and hopefully this will be the base for the Nexus 5, and if not I would still consider getting it! I like the position of the volume and power on the backside because, well, that's how we hold our phones and it would be easier access and make a cool magic trick for people that don't know about the phone. Is it creepy, yes; is it the start of something new that will start a new trend in phones, yes. It seems that this listening 24/7 feature will improve how Google Now, and other voice assistants, work together with the phone and the user. I also think it will improve our laziness because we don't even have to turn it on, or move any part of our body to find out something we just have to yell at the phone!

Budius says:

Dear everybody, that's not a commercial. It's a teaser. It's a pre-release video just to say that something will come. The important part is the branding, it's that at the end people know that LG is bringing something.

Commercial is what they do after the product is officially announced and show product features, details, etc.