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After unceremoniously leaking its LG Nexus 4 product page last week, UK retailer Carphone Warehouse is once again showing the handset as available for pre-order. This time the expected delivery date is Nov. 13, same as the international Google Play launch date for the device.

As before, there's no SIM-free price listed -- on Google Play prices start at £239 -- and on-contract rates on Vodafone and O2 start at £31 per month with a free Nexus 4.

With O2 being the only UK network to directly confirm that it'll be offering the Nexus 4 directly, this could give those looking for a subsidized Nexus 4 on Vodafone the chance to pick one up for free. But with the Google Play SIM-free price being so low, any network-subsidized prices starting around the £30 mark are going to be a tough sell.

Source: Carphone Warehouse

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stevovr says:

glad to see the spec now shows 16gb storage. the initial was 8gb. sadly o2 and vodaphone are useless to me as no 3g coverage where i am on their networks.

ysbg says:

31GBP per month is too much, and doesn't even seem to include data!

If you get it unlocked and get a monthly sim-only from 3, over a two year period you will pay a total of 279 + 24*12.9 = 588.6GBP, that is 24.5GBP per month on average.

Only downside is that you have to fork out the 279 in one go, but if you can afford it's definitely worth it in my opinion.

mintvilla says:

except three is crap..... EE (3g) has the best coverage.

ysbg says:

I guess it depends on where you live. Maybe there are other networks offering sim-only monthly contracts in the 12 pounds range, although don't know much about that. Just checked for 02 and prices for sim-only deals are much more expensive than Three.

a2Squard says:

Anyone notice the absence of a white colour?

srosencrans says:

Yeah, my wife was hoping for a white one, but I hear they are going to have some bumper cases and more accessories at launch so hopefully there will be something good.

grellanl says:

I know CPW don't want to sell unlocked devices off-contract because the real money for them is in signing customers up to contracts... but I don't see why anyone would tie this device to a carrier contract. Just buy the device and use whatever network has best coverage in your area.

icu says:

Ok - the site is down so I can't confirm if that screenshot is still current ... because it contains a render with a screenshot that has been proven to be false so why are we still seeing it as if it were official?

ChromeJob says:

Quick clue for "accurate" screen shots ... look for the clock showing 4:20. Seems Google likes to have the clock indicating the Android version.... ;)

cammykool says:

anyone noticing the custom rom screenie?

masterpfa says:

The best thing, or at least most attractive thing about the Nexus 4 is the price.

Hopefully more people will be in a position to buy this phone outright, SIM-Free and unlocked and make use of the many options available especially as more providers are offering unlimited data now.

1. 3 with their unlimited data plans from £12.90 (200 mins talk, 5000 txt)
2. Giff-Gaff starting at £10 with unlimited data (250 Mins Tlk, ult text)
3. Virgin unlimited data From £12 (150 mins tlk, ult text)
4. T-Mobile (the one I use) unlimited everything £15.50 a month via Chitter-Chatter

It would be a shame to have to tie yourself into a 2 contract with this phone, but I do realise not everyone is in a position to fork out £279 in one hit.