LG Optimus 3D teaser video

LG has confirmed that we'll see the Optimus 3D at Mobile World Congress in just a couple short weeks (we'll be there, by the way), and now they're ramping up the hype with a teaser video.

"Something bigger is coming on your way" may be prepositionally challenged, but there's no shortage of bombast. Clearly LG has quite a few eggs in whatever basket it's bringing to Barcelona. Check it out after the break. [via @LGmobileMWC]

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Adamd1169 says:

They need to fire their writer.

Conan Kudo says:

They need to fire their proofreader, because they are still horrible at catching grammar errors.

Mikey47 says:

Call me an optimist, but I can't believe that this is a grammatical error, it must mean something.

MannyZ28 says:

Multichannel? What's that supposed to be? Some new sort of ram? Works on GSM, CDMA, LTE, and WiMax??

embails says:

LG - Language Gooder

zero neck says:

Whats with the voices in that video?

didimac says:

Looks good !!!

uberspeed says:

Their verbiage is painful to read. The ad reminds me of a cheesy Monster truck show with the voice-overs and title effects.