LG announced that it has decided to postpone the launch of an Android-based tablet device, which it had hoped to release next quarter, to a later date. In a discussion LG had with Google about this decision, a representative from LG stated that the reasoning behind this decision was that they wanted to release a tablet that, “runs on the most reliable Android version” and that they, “are in talks with Google to decide on the most suitable version for our tablet and that is not Froyo 2.2.”

Another explanation as to why LG has done this could be that it is concentrating its resources and efforts on its mobile phone line. We'll see. [via Reuters]


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LG holding off on its Android tablet for the foreseeable future


Glad to see a manufacturer holding off so they can make sure their product is as close to perfect as possible.

Google themselves said that 2.2 was not their idea of a tablet OS. So LG fans wait for Gingerbread or the other one Google is said to be working on.

If everyone waited till something was perfect, you would never have anything cutting edge. Ex. Cell phone, tv's, computer, you name it. Keep waiting and playing your atari!

Companies post pone products when they are concerned with sales and profit margins. Kinda of captain obvious but money drives companies not ego. I am not buying the froyo is the wrong OS thing. LG is a weird company but a huge one. They like to sell cheap products for big total numbers imo. Ipads ( yuck ) are hot right now so the way to beat them is price. My guess is they need thier slate pc to be cheaper to make so they can undercut apple enough on price and still make big profit.

either gingerbread or honeycomb, and assuming that they're going to release the tablet WITH that OS, it may be one of the first products to have it (aside from the nexus one, of course. They're first for everything. Kinda wish they made one that worked on sprint).

I understand, it's quite obvious that Gingerbread will support tablets just from the HUGE amount of Android tablets, why would a company deliver a device that doesn't even run properly? Obviously they are going to update their tablets with gingerbread so it "works" as intended, in my opinion though I have no idea why you would even want a tablet, samsung galaxy s tab is the same as the phones, only 3 inches bigger and Froyo, just like iPad was an oversized iPod touch, the Tab is an oversized Galaxy S phone.

Can anyone explain why Froyo (2.2) doesn't work for tablets?
I've read plenty of post with people describing that they've used a tablet Android device and ran apps. Is it just due to all apps not being compatible?