G thinks we're perfect just the way we are, and they want us to know it would be great 2 have us in New York on August 7

An invite to LG's latest shin-dig in New York next month just arrived in our inbox, and in case anyone wasn't sure what to expect the whole kit is covered with the letter G and the number 2. That can only mean one thing, and it happens to be the thing every LG fan on the Internet is waiting for -- The Optimus G2. Since they announced that their next flagship handset will be equipped with a Snapdragon S800 processor, plenty of people have been excited, to put it mildly.

The available features of the S800 that LG stressed in an announcement last month give people plenty of reason to look forward to the G2. Besides the raw power of Qualcomm's newest quad-core beast, other equally impressive features like Ultra HD video recording and playback (that's four times higher density than 1080p), screen output at resolutions up to 2560 x 2048 pixels, and 1080p HD over Miracast wireless. It's clear that LG will be billing this as an ultimate entertainment device, and with these specs they probably should.

You can bet we'll be there with bells on, and hopefully we'll see the Optimus G2 and get a little hands-on time with the next generation of mobile technology. There's a very nicely done teaser video after the break as well, and it's sure to get all of us excited to see what's next from LG.

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Whoa! I'm quite glad I haven't picked up the HTC One yet. Very excited to see what LG has in store for us!

blessedred says:

You do realize if you wait for your perfect device you'll be waiting for forever just buy the HTC One now so you won't have to wait for the G2 then the Note 3 then the DNA 2 then the GS5 so on so forth don't waste your time.

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15israellai says:

This sentence is so long that my eyes hurt.

A895 says:

Let the man wait. I'm doing the same thing, its too many good phones coming out this summer and early fall to pull the trigger on the GS4 or HTC One yet (IMO).

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wnflyer says:

Wow, can't wait. We should be seeing this on Verizon right around.....NEVER!!!

shoii says:


GS4 Love

XavierMatt says:

Lmfaooo this.

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icyrock1 says:

Nice. Looking forward to this.

Jay Holm says:

Doesn't T-Mobile have some sort of announcement on the 10th?

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yubeie says:

Its amazing how phones have been slowly and steadily replacing pc for majority of the daily tasks... The way the specs are getting better with each passing day... I won't be surprised if it spells the demise of a desktop computer or laptop!

Looking forward to the release

Nexus 4
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dplane says:

True, I tend to turn my desktop on way less than I did in the past. I am addicted to browsing news of all kinds, etc and for that my tablet or phone are great.

However, for those of us who still need the raw power of a PC (I know there are probably less and less of us) I can't truly see desktops being replaced anytime soon. The processing power in mobile devices still comes nowhere close to your average to good pc of today. Once again though; very few of us actually still have a need or want for it..which is more likely to determine the direction the industry is headed.

bleached says:

If it wasn't for battlefield 3, I would rarely use my desktop at all. Surfing the web is so much nicer with a tablet or even a phone. The desktop feels clunky now.

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Maggnus says:

LG is doing a great job copying Samsung and I'll say they're probably going a better job than Samsung in some respects.

Samsung is definitely having a lot of competition and they'll continue to sell less and less.

I'm still waiting for the Note 3. Still nothing compares to the functionality of the Note.

Honestly I can't help but laugh. Lg is soft and just as useless as they always have been. They wish they could be Samsung on there worst day. The Galaxy Note 3 will easily pimp slap this Lg G2. We won't even discuss Lg's crappy sales on the Optimus Gpro devices on At&t.

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blessedred says:

It's funny that you say that because the Optimus G is faster than the GS4. Enjoy your Samsung gimmicky features. Smh.

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You're definitely clueless

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nokia4life says:

No buddy you are clueless besides this phone is not the competition for the note 3 but rather s4 so get your fact strait fanboy.

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squiddy20 says:

Says the dolt who continuously told me rooting was for "2plus year old devices". Or that Verizon's *low* frequency LTE couldn't penetrate buildings well (when in fact it's *high* frequencies that have that quality). Or that you claimed for weeks to "know" the exact specs of the US version of the S4 (to include wireless charging, 3GB of RAM, flexible display, Exynos 5 Octa, and "a pad" on the device to measure blood pressure/blood glucose levels- none of which came to be even remotely true). Or that you claim Samsung has a "gangster" that goes around kicking people's asses. Or how about all your claims that Samsung was the first smartphone vendor to have a phone with 2GB of RAM, when in fact that distinction goes to LG?

Yeah, *he's* the "clueless" one... -__-

klokateer123 says:

Give lg a break. They aren't exactly known for their high end phones. They're giving it all they got and I gotta say it's working out quite nicely for them. The optimus g is one hell of a device. I've used the sgs3, sgn2, and sgs4 and the g is better them all of them IMO.

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NoNexus says:

I agree with some of this

THe G is not better than the SGS4 or even the Note 2. It is on par with the SGS3.

What I agree with is that they are stepping up their game in the last 12 months and I am sure that more good things will follow. Competition drives innovation (at least as far as Android goes) so the more the merrier.

For the previous poster to this.

gimmicky features? Try useful.

I recently switched from the Note 2 to the Nexus 4. Personally I am most likely a Nexus convert at this point, but I would absolutely go with a LG flagship before I went with a Samsung one ever again. Better hardware, smoother software.

squiddy20 says:

"Lg is soft and just as useless as they always have been." And have you tried any of their products recently? No? Well then, shut your fool mouth before spouting off nonsense you know not of what you speak!

Oh brother not the guy who haven't a device in two years. You are so out dated it's pitiful that you can even respond. Until you purchase something worthwhile that is even on the level as the current Note 2 or Htc One or S4 do yourself a favor and don't post comments. 2011 past over 2yrs ago you should be ashamed.

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Noble One says:

Your blind Samsung fanboyism and hatred for lg are well documented at this point. The OG and N4 are still 2 of the best on the market. Both beat the S3 in virtually every category and even beat the S3 in several battery tests. They are on par with the S4. Comparing the Note 2 to the G is like apples and oranges, but I've used both and prefer the OG. I can say though that seeing my OG caused my friend to trade his Note 2 for a DNA, mostly because of screen quality.

nokia4life says:

Dude why a're you hating on LG really

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squiddy20 says:

1. I have a Sprint Galaxy Nexus. That device was released 22 April 2012. Just a year and 3 months ago. Hardly the "two years" you claim. Even going by the release date of the Verizon Galaxy Nexus (15 December 2011), it's only a little over 1.5 years old. Either go get a calendar or go back to grade school where you'll learn basic addition and subtraction. Moron.
2. So what if I did have a 2 year old phone? Maybe I'm happy with it. Did it ever occur to you that not *everyone* cares about having the "latest and greatest"? No, of course not. You think everyone thinks like you. Also, what relevance is the age of my smartphone to my ability to respond to comments? You do know there's other ways to access the Internet than from a smartphone, right? No, of course not. Your only connection to the Internet is through your smartphone, as you've (hilariously) repeatedly told me your "pimp slapping" Note 2 is more powerful than my 6 year old Macbook Pro.
3. The word you were going for is "passed", as "past" is an indication of time, such as "past, present, future". Brilliant observation by the way. I had no idea it was 2011 2 years ago. -__-

DWR_31 says:

Stick with Samsung Richie. At the present moment I own a GS3 and even though I'm content with my device and it's capabilities I do realize that LG makes better hardware. They just don't have the blind following that Samsung has, and most of those people used to iPhone followers. Most people don't realize that Samsung is as big as they are because of converted iPhone users. There is a reason why Sammy keeps the home button, it's too make ex iPhone users feel like they know how to operate a device that's twice as smart as they are. Complacency sells phones.

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Don't worry I know Samsung is android period. People can hate all they want but until someone can own 40% market share come wake me up. Lg is a colosal joke.

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klokateer123 says:

Up until the optimus g, which out performed the galaxy s3. Lg has been stepping up their game recently with their high end phones.

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nokia4life says:

Richard you are the one on a LG thread hating really bro calm it down.

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squiddy20 says:

"Don't worry I know Samsung is android period" ...Except for the fact that Android is owned by Google, not Samsung. Moron.

Nixon P V says:

Lol..!! I am very excited to see. this.. Thanks LG..
semiembossed film

nokia4life says:

I agree Nixon can't wait to see this I am currently enjoying the pro this should be good.

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LegacyEvoAce says:

Can't wait!!! Fingers are definitely crossed when it comes to battery life though hope they don't fail there.

moosc says:

Can't wait to see the nexus 5. Going to b sweet.

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barondebxl says:

That's how I know LG is doing great thing....im really anticipating this. Never thought I would feel this way about an LG device.

jwyche007 says:

I really want this to be base for the next nexus. Seriously.

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3165dwayne says:

I've had the original optmus g and though it was good it disappointed me in a few aspects such as audio processing and when compared to other phones the screen wasn't all that and neither was the camera. I sold it to get an HTC One but I can't deny the fact that this really has me excited.

Paul D Troy says:

Did you notice the awesome stability of the video clip? Also some good low light clips.

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Paul D Troy says:

And if you look at pics here, you will see what looks like a seriously good camera on the back..

BBJoe2011 says:

So does this replace the G pro, which I just bought, or is the G2 a different branch on the family tree?

Mobius360 says:

G Pro is a 5.5" device, the G a 4.7", I would assume the G2 to be in the 4.7 - 5" range.

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BBJoe2011 says:


srgio123 says:

Some of you guy's attempt to vehemently promote a particular device as if you have market shares at stake with particular manufacturer's, I mean seriously... If a device meets your needs, then buy it, enough with all the cut throat antics.



frazier25 says:

This ought to be quite a device... just picked up the Options G Pro at the Att store and can't imagine a better phone but leave it to LG my new favorite Android co.

Drizzle18 says:

Sometimes I'm glad I don't have a phone. I'd go crazy having an HTC One and finding out LG is dropping the G2 bomb next month... The feels to have the latest, especially when it's from LG can be frustrating. The never ending cycle of smartphone after smartphone after smartphone.... IT WILL NEVER END!!!