LG Genesis Specs

Just a little bit ago we broke the news of the LG Genesis, a clamshell device that appears destined for US Cellular. And now we give you full specs on the device. While the form factor won't appeal to everyone, this device could certainly make a lot of folks happy, and put Android in the hands of even more users. So, will this be your next device? Hit the break for one more image, and then be sure to hop in the forums and start some discussion!

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LG Genesis Specs 2


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LG Genesis specs -- every last one


I wont even consider a phone without a SuperAMOLED or qHD screen. I consider that a minimum requirement for 2011. Pass.

Every phone a manufacturer releases does not need to be its next flagship model. Not everyone wants to buy a $200+ Android phone.

If you look at the pricelist AC just put up, it's a $250 phone on contract (before any rebates anyway). You can get a lot better phone for next to nothing so it better come with a $250 rebate lol.

Why do manufacturers waste their time building phones like this? I just don't understand why anyone would opt for 2 small, craptastic screens over a slider with one nice screen, that could shave .2 inches off the whole thing too. Is there some good reason for the 2 screens? Someone fill me in if there is.

it something different and unique. It is good to see phones like this coming out instead of the same generic slabs you see all the time.

Android phones like this, the echo, backflip, droid pro, motorola charm, etc. are unique and i like that and this phone seems cool for an entry level device

How many people did you see buying the voyager? A pretty large amount bought it when it came out. They like the fact you can set the phone down flat, flip back the screen and watch a movie. Not everyone digs the sliders because of the mechanics of the slider. Its all a matter of preference. Not to sound like an ass but if you would be a tad less narrow minded you could see the pros of this device. It will be a good entry level phone which many will be happy with. To low end for my blood but my mom loved her voyager and would love this. As would my wife.

the specs look spectacular for an entry level device. Does anyone happen to know the ram? I couldn't find it in that jam packed info sheet.

It's 430mb internal (kind of an odd number) and SD supports up to 32GB. So not bad overall in that regard. I can very much see this selling, especially on US Cellular. Guaranteed it'll get a root and new ROMs will add functionality for the dual-screens.

If I were not already past wanting a slider or analog keyboard, I would consider this a good selection. As it is, it's a cool design IMO. Remember, there's differing levels of phone users - not everyone wants or can afford the high-end devices, but more and more are wanting android functionality.

Wow this is a very nice phone!

The size of it appeals to many who do not want to carry a brick in their pockets or purse.

The resolution 480X800 on BOTH screen 3.5 and 3.2" will be exceptionally bright and sharp! The Droid X has 480X850 on a 4.3" screen! The LG has more pixels per inch than the Droid X.

For people who like the physical keyboard, this is an awesome layout!

It comes with a 1ghz processor! This is as powerful as the new single core phones like the Thunderbolt, Charge and DInc2

It comes with 8gb MicroSD card which is fine.

It comes with both a wall charger AND a car charger. Most phones only come with 1 charger. You generally have to spend $20-$30 more for the car charger.

I think, when you look at the whole package, it looks like a really solid phone! It will definitely have it's place!