LG G3 s

It was only yesterday when LG announced the Beat / G3 s, which caters for consumers looking for a mid-range Android smartphone. Today, LG Germany revealed that the new mobile phone will set purchases back €349. The G3 Beat and "G3 s" are the same phone — those in Asia will get the G3 Beat and Europe will receive the "LG G3 s". It's also stated by LG Germany that the G3 s will launch sometime in August, presumably alongside other nearby markets.

To quickly recap on some of the specifications, the G3 s comes with a 5-inch display at 720p, an 8MP camera and a lower price. It also shares the same looks of its more advanced sibling, the LG G3. There's also a 2,540 mAh battery — only about 15 percent less capacity than the G3 proper — and everything helps power Android 4.4.2 KitKat with the same UI. We'll hopefully have more details on other regions where the LG G3 Beat will be launching at a later date.

Will you be looking to pick one up?

Source: LG (German), via: PhoneArena


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LG G3 s (aka Beat) to be priced at €349 in Europe, launching next month


You have got to be kidding me. Get the Moto G LTE for only $220 USD for the same spec, except you'll have to live with a lightly lower quality camera, but you'll get non bloat interface, with fast updates, water resistant nano coating, and better customer service. The smaller battery life on the Moto G is no slouch either.

I know right? If you are going to put a SD 400 and 1GB of ram it needs to compete with other phones with those specs. They're hoping people will buy it high because it has g3 smacked on it

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you bring up a really interesting point i hadnt thought of... why do manufacturers make mid-range devices of whatever their flagship is? isnt the previous generation essentially that?

like, if i'm TRULY looking at buying a mid-range such as this phone, an S5 mini, or an htc e8, then why wouldnt i just save even a few more dollars and get an S4, a G2, or an M7?? (or, of course, a nexus 5 LOL)...

If I want a phone. I want a flagship. No variants. Well, except that a Google Play Edition is always on my want list.

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Might as well get last years G2. Phone still runs flawlessly and extremely speedy even after a year. The best thing is how much the price dropped

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My G2 looked at me pondering about the G3 s, and it said to me, "REALLY? No, I mean REALLY?".

Then 1080p, and a SnapDragon 800 with an Audreno 330 kicked in.

Posted from my "KNOX-FREE" 4.3 Sprint GS3 Maxx...!!!