LG G3 rumored to have eye-popping 2K display

The LG G2 might not be that old at all, but that doesn't mean that it's not time to be looking at the next iteration and what might very well be an insane display. It's been rumored for a while that the next iteration of smartphones would up the ante from a pretty well pixel dense 1080p displays to super pixel dense 2K displays, and now it's looking like the LG G3 might be one of the first such phones. According to Ubergizmo, the upcoming G2 successor has a screen somewhere in the neighborhood of 5.2-to-5.5-inches with an eye-popping 2560x1440 resolution.

While some smaller manufacturers have announced phones with such displays, none of the larger players have. This is our first look at a smartphone that's said to have a 1440p display, which at the rumored screen sizes would give it a pixel density between 534ppi and 565ppi. The resolution is revealed by a purported AnTuTu Benchmark screenshot on the phone in question above.

That sort of screen size makes sense for an LG G3. The HTC One M8 has a 5-inch display, while the Samsung Galaxy S5 has a 5.1-inch display. That said, neither of those manufacturers bothered crossing the threshold beyond 1080p with their 2014 flagship launches, and their pixel density is still at a thoroughly respectable +430ppi.

At this point a 2K 1440p display would purely be for bragging rights. There's little practical benefit to an end user, especially given the 77% increase in pixel count and increase in manufacturing cost from such a panel. So we recommend setting aside a few grains of salt here — this isn't a guarantee that the LG G3 will have a 2K display, or that we'll even see a 2K display at all this year.


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LG G3 rumored to have eye-popping 2K display


What's the phone/screen in the shot above? And what size would it be to have that many ppi?
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If it's QHD and 640 dpi, it's supposedly 4.6 inches.

My guess is, something is not configured right in those drivers. Either the PPI or the reported resolution...

I have a LG G2. I See nothing wrong with it at all. It's a great phone with a attractive pricetag, super batterylife. What makes you say too bad it's from LG?

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The G2 is basically the N5 with some bloat. But it surprisingly works with almost no lag on it. And I've had mine for 5 months now.

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To each their own. I had an S3 - great phone, but I really didn't like the physical home button. Did like the overall design though.

What do you mean design is lacking? The G2 is nice and so is their pro line up and nexus line up.

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If by lacking you mean tiny bezels and mostly screen, then yup.
And buttons on the back was a great idea. So comfortable to use.

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My Nexus 5 has a 2K display as does anyone who owns a 1080p phone. I am not sure why they are calling 1440p 2k when that is more like 2.5k. Maybe that's too hard to market since we haven't been calling 1080p displays 2K.

Exactly! Over on DroidLife they know what they're talking about and they refer to it correctly as QHD, all the current flagships are already 2K...

A 2K screen is only beneficial and truly noticeable in screens around 5.7" and up. In my opinion, it's unnecessary, and something that would make more sense on a phablet (maybe Note 4? *crosses fingers*).

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I welcome the new higher resolution screen. Over the years people have said 720p is enough, 1080p is enough, or 3G is fast enough, now HSPA+ is fast enough, in a year or two we will be glad to have 2K phone displays.

Yep indeed! And I'm a bored security guard, so I watch a lot of video on my smartphone.

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You can always benefit from faster. There is a limit to how much you benefit from pixel density. We have reached that limit on small devices. This isn't opinion, it's biology.

Agreed! But, there are plenty of other consumers that want to have the largest specs, regardless of whether or not they actually make any functional difference. Since they'll buy devices with the biggest numbers, it makes sense for companies to push the envelope since they can take their money without needing to do any real innovation.

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Agreed. Buy for bragging rights. Fine. Just don't try to pretend it's better.

There was a time when Chevy came out with the 350 V8 engine. Ford countered with the 351. Around the same time so-called Pony muscle cars were the rage and one of the car makers at the time actually advertised how small their trunk was. A large engine compartment and small trunk area was a signature of the Pony car style.

Buying decisions often hinge on irrationality. Tech is not immune from this.

Three years from now I would gladly take a week of battery life on a 1080p display over three days of battery life on a 1440p display. I'm a normal human that cannot see the difference so it's not worth wasting the money or the extra time charging. Stop thinking of more pixels and remember things that matter like your battery, thinness, and hell, display quality.

Unless they do some trickery for battery life, that high res screen will use some serious power!

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With LCD the power consumed to pixel ratio is not linear. The backlight is the biggest factor and it's tired to size not pixels. If it were AMOLED you'd be correct.

I want a 5.5" display, so frig'n bad... But I wont leave the nexus brand (currently have the Nexus 4). I've seen the light, no turning back now. I'm hoping the rumors are true about the Nexus 6 (for either the LG or HTC possible models), and that the next build is 5.5".

Everything I've read has said 800 but that cannot be right, it'll at least be an 801. This is not a selling point for me at this point, 1080p is sufficient for my uses.

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I really think the G3 phone will release with the 805, 2K screen and about a 3200mah battery. LG wants a big splash with the G3, what better way than to be the first with the next great snapdragon + 2k screen. I personally just hope it stays with a 5.2" screen size and I could care less about the display, the screen on the G2 and other top phones are perfectly fine already at 1080p. I'd rather save the battery life.
That being said the G2 is my first 1080p phone and by far the best battery life smartphone I've owned. So maybe there really won't be such a battery drain like it seems there would be.
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Sounds like a waste of about 5.7 million pixels that you can't see. Lol, just keep increasing PPI though, it's thoroughly humorous.

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I don't agree that QHD on a phone is solely for the bragging rights. I guess colour and contrast accuracy will benefit from the higher DPI, just like it did when we went from 720p to 1080p. We can't see the pixels, but we can benefit from more accurate representations of what the pixels are put together to show. An extreme example is to watch a YouTube clip at 480p and 1080p. It's the same video source, but the 1080p playback is a lot more vibrant.

C'mon really?

I mean other than drive up resource use to drive the display at that screen size the difference will be minimal to the human eye. Unless of course you hold it 6 inches from your eyes all the time.

There is not much difference between 720p and 1080p at the 5" size or so. Its noticeable, but both look good.

I think the next spec war needs to be battery and camera related.

I highly disagree. 720 playback is garbage compared to 1080. I'm kind of finicky about my display though so maybe it's just me.

There is no legitimate use to a resolution that dense. Your naked human eye will not be able to tell the difference between 1080p and 1440p, period. Just a marketing ploy

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I think it's really overkill for phones. If you could make the phone run the same or better with a higher resolution, then you could keep the resolution the same and make the phone run faster and much more power efficiently. I'd bet the customers would like a few more hours of battery life more than some invisible pixels.

It is the way humans are wired. Look at automobiles, do we really need 333 hp in a 3000 lb car to get from A-B at a 55 mph speed limit? 160 hp would be more than adequate. You would think consumers would appreciate better gas mileage and a better stereo system vs. all those horses but there we are. More, more, more!

I am a human and I am not wired that way.:) And I bet there are a lot of people would want better performance and bettery life over more pixels. In fact, there are tons of people who don't even know what 2K display is or what kind of resolution screens they have on their phones.

Can't wait for this phone to come out or even the s5 prime, as for now I'll hold on to my HTC one m7

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You guys all talk too much crap!!! It's called the advancement of technology! Duh! Smarphones are constantly, constantly advancing! More cores, more ram, more sensors, really the only things that aren't advancing are internal memory and battery technology, only battery management is getting better, especially with the S5.

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This is actually good. This innovation will allow LG to claim a big share of the burgeoning eagle market.

Aside from the display. Isn't LG's track record of updates terrible? Kinda like their ui :)

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Sounds like a good move. I know with the G2 we were all saying it was too small and we could easily see individual pixels.

S4 owner here. This will be my next phone but not because of the 2k display. Actually would prefer a 1080p display but fine I'll take the bragging rights if I have too... :)

For those who don't understand why this tech is unnecessary, answer this question:
Why didn't DVD Audio discs replace CDs?

I'll give you a hint. Human hearing frequency perception tops out around 20kHz. CDs produce sounds up to 22kHz. DVD Audio can produce sounds up to 96kHz in stereo. The dynamic range is also much larger. You could say that DVD Audio is superior to CD in every way. Yet the average person could not tell the difference.

Technology can eventually run into its cousin biology. Unless we evolve better eyes and better ears both 2K small displays and DVD Audio are overkill.

These companies really need to start putting all their effort into furthering battery technology. That is a break through I'd like to see not "zomg 950ppi on my screen!"

Oh jeeze....please PLEASE don't do this. 1080p is all we'll ever need on our phones. Seriously, what's the point of going above ~300dpi? This will do nothing but hurt battery life, increase heat, increase thickness, tax the GPU more, draw more CPU power, etc. There are NO benefits to this at all. :(

The HTC One, both versions, have almost 450 PPI. Scientists who study this sort of thing believe this is the limit of human perception.

There are much more important things to improve on LCD and IPS Displays other then the resolution.

Improve black levels, then contrast, then improve response time.

And THEN think about resolution.

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Doesn't matter to me if it isn't necessary to go beyond 1080p. I believe lg is bringing everything a consumer would possibly want with this device. I'm talking premium build, amazing camera, amazing sound quality with front facing speakers, great battery life, and obviously bleeding edge screen technology. 32gb internal storage with a micro sd card slot. I want this phone.
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