Upcoming LG flagship priced at £468 inc. VAT at Clove

After last week's glitzy NYC launch event, we're now starting to hear when and where the LG G2 will be going on sale around the world. In the UK, independent retailer Clove Technology is first with a pre-order listing, showing the G2 priced at a surprisingly reasonable £468 including VAT (£390 exc. VAT). That's not cheap, but it's around £100 less than the launch price for Samsung's Galaxy S4.

The retailer says it'll have the LG G2 in black and white with 16 gigabytes of storage, and that the first stock is expected in late September.

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LG G2 up for pre-order in the UK, first stock expected late Sept.


Both the Hardware & price seem excellent, however I have to pass b/c there is no 64GB version for my 40GB of media. Guess I will have to wait for Honami or One Max/GN3.

I just cannot ger excited for this phone. It has great specs and the UI overlay doesn't seem any worse than TW. I just literally have no interest in this phone at all.

I'm just so torn on the storage. I'm fine streaming audio now and sometimes even my images...but there is no good option for 1080p video streaming and thus I need at least 32GB on my device just to hold 2 1080p movies with the OS and apps. Storage is so cheap now that this should NOT be an issue with 16GB microsd high speed cards under $14 but Google for example charges an extra $100 for 16GB of extra space on the Nexus 10! Either give me a card slot or stop charging ridiculous amounts for extra storage.

Can you not stream from Dropbox? Store there and stream. I understand the data charges may cause a different issue, but that is not the one I am addressing.

Second, Novawiz, if it is just music and movies, I have to say your carrying too much. 5GB will last you a day or two.

I am with you all in saying that 16GB is nuts, 32 needs to be the standard.

I have 40G of 720p video that I want to watch, repeatedly load and delete them to the phone is too much of an hassle.

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I wish this came with a microsd card slot.

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This price is so ridiculous and yet not the least surprising. Classic LG.

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You muppets do realise that for the UK this is a great price? The S4 costs slightly less than this here on Amazon and is nowhere in the same league. I just can't why ppl whine so much about storage. 16gb is a bit little but 32 should be enough. If u can't carry all of ur massive collections don't carry all of it then. Stream it or shut up.

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I think you misinterpreted his post...quite sure he meant ridiculously awesome price for the specs...classic LG.

Some people want to have everything they own, content wise, on their devices. I don't get it either, as a little management goes a long way (have a lot and a 16gb N4), but they have options. Just not every option. So whatever.

Stream from cloud does not work on a plane, not to mention not everyone have good enough data services to stream videos.

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I usually need my entire library during the week long trips I take :D Not to mention most of my media library is videos that can't be found on any streaming services.

Unfortunately the trend has been carriers forcing huge premiums for more than 2GB/month while Google is emphasizing cloud storage. Add that to the fact that we are still 1-3 years from most smart phone users having reliable high speed connections (10-20mbps)outside of wifi from their homes or other businesses (and even some DSL and Cable speeds are SLOW and come with caps). We need these in place before I will be comfortable streaming movies in HD (1080p would be nice since the G2 has a 1080p screen). It's not that I want to be adding movies to my micro SD cards, it's that right now that is the best option (and in some cases the only option) for anyone wanting to watch a movie on the go in HD. I wish Google would recognize that and encourage card slots or larger storage for 1-2 more years.

But it's the carriers that are telling the handset makers not to include more storage. They want you to stream, so they can charge you.

Those free wifi sometime are not even faster than Cellphone data services, plus they would throttle streaming sites like youtube.

No it is not. People need to stop saying this. I live in the suburbs and you are hard pressed to find WiFi outside your own home.

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