Vodafone is set to stock the LG G2 and G3 Android smartphones soon, according to the British mobile operator's website. The latter is not yet available and has only recently been put to the test by ourselves (check our review for more details), but the G2 is a favorite among many since it was released last year.

It's strange the company has only just scored the previous generation of the LG smartphone, but it's still a solid piece of kit if you're looking for a cheaper alternative to the G3. Unfortunately, Vodafone doesn't have pricing and/or availability details just yet, but we're sure it won't be long. As well as reading up on the LG G3, our in-depth review of the G2 (AT&T) is also packed full of photos, opinions and more.

Would you be interested in purchasing either on Vodafone once available?

Source: Vodafone

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thanks for sharing this post i think that the smarthphone of LG IS THE best in the world
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rgao007 says:

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thought the G2 was already on all UK networks by now

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Pistols says:

Vodafone has been very slow on the pickup of the G2. It's already available in the UK on Vodafone from Carphone Warehouse.

Its an annoying fact that you won't be able to buy the 3gb 32gb version from a UK carrier for love nor money. I'd love one of them to prove me wrong but I had to buy the G2 outright because of this. Still it was reasonably priced, only about £30 more than the Nexus 5.

seanjenkins says:

I agree. I probably would have got the 32gb model. I'll give it a few months and see whether it goes cheap. It seems they might be trying to create demand by suppressing supply


rgao007 says:

Personally if I used Vodafone I'd just get the G2 if they only had the 2 GB/16 GB model of the G3.

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Fwoshie says:

I agree, I have the g2 and it needs the Base 32gb 3gb ram for me to change to g3.

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So when will the g3 be coming to the United States and when will at&t be having this in the stores???

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Yes why not? I like its features and will definitely choose 32GB internal storage that would be expandable up to 128GB and 3GB RAM for smooth operation of apps. Its 3000mAh battery also charge through same wireless charger that I purchased from Amazon www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00JA7HNZO/ for my Nexus 5.

Lg also going to release its LG 3 in korea
Detail link http://www.androiddiscuss.net/lg-g3-beats-samsung-s5-in-korea/