G2 event

Sure, a picture may be worth 1,000 words, but we can do better. LG is unveiling its new G2 Android smartphone on Wednesday in New York City, and we're here in the Big Apple to get up-close and personal with the Korean manufacturer's latest.

Our liveblog kicks off at 11 a.m. EDT (probably a tad early), so ease on past the break and join us. And we've got our usual chatroom set up as well, so you can gab alongside us.

See y'all Wednesday morning!


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LG G2 launch event liveblog


I know what I'm waking up early to do. Always fun to follow an unveiling.

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Yes because we know LG is making the next Nexus for sure.

Oh right we don't know anything of the sort. Not even a rumor.

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you got me - oh wait - rumors and idol speculation, not one seriously credible "leak" site says it.

Personally, I think it will be based on this, but lets let something credible come out

I'm looking forward to it, but if the rumours are true and it is 5.2" screen, then that's too big. 5" should be the maximum size for smartphones. Any larger than that up to 6.4" is a phablet.

I am with you on that 5.2" is too big. However, it really depends on the width.
If LG G2 is not wider than SGS4, than 5.2" will be fine. Also, please note that those 0.2" will be occupied by on-screen buttons, so "workable" screen will be no larger than SGS4 screen.

It's only 1/8" wider and 1/8" taller than a GNex, yet .55" bigger screen.

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I totally agree. My ideal spot for phones is 4.5-4.8 inches. 5.0 inches tops.

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Amazing how fast tech moves. My contract is finally up on my S2 on Sprint and I was just looking at the optimus g . Now I might wait

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Just what I was looking for. Too bad I can't stream it on my Chromecast. Boooo

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You already know what it is, what it looks like and most of the specs. The only thing left is the software. Cannot get too disappointed there. LG skin on 4.2.x

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I don't think there was any nonsense to it at all. I think people misread the press release about it all. Motorola even said, their first device would be on the mid ranged side of things. Also, the phone looks great while in use. There isn't any lag or stutter. Again many tech heads out there have all stated that. The quad core and 2 gigs of ram is just overkill. Software has been something that hasn't been really worked on.

I don't think there are a whole lot of people upset about the specs on the Moto X. Motorola made it pretty clear before the unveiling that it was a midrange phone. I think people were mostly upset about the $199 for a midrange phone, combined with the customization options being locked down to one carrier.

Everything I read said it was their new flagship phone. Not mid-range. I think people threw that word around once the specs started leaking out

I don't even consider it midrange, other than the screen. People need to realize that it being dual core doesn't matter here, because it has two extra processors that much of the work gets offloaded to. Unless you are using your phone to hash a rainbow table, you won't miss those two extra cores.

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Just reading through all the teasers for this phone and Official LG tweets, somehow this thing is going to learn from me. Hopefully there are some insane software abilities with it.

I swear I was on the g2.lgmobile.com site, and I was watching the presentation, and got kicked off.....those were some the greatest 2 minutes I've experienced. That phone is gonna be awesome.

The Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus would beg to differ.

The current score is:
HTC - 1
Samsung - 2 (3 if you include tablets)
LG - 1
Asus - 0 (2 if you include tablets)

Never been a huge fan of LG Android phones but the leaked design of the G2 is very intriguing. I'm looking forward to the event.

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This phone is going to be beastly with those specs, just hope battery life is under control, no point in having a beast that only lasts 6 hours.

That's a bit dickish. CNET has a lot more resources at its disposal so not really fair to give ac crap for that.

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No disrespect to anyone here but how much difference do you think there is between 5 and 5.2 inches? If 5 or 5.2 inches is too big maybe you should get an iPhone or a smaller android?

You have plenty of of options... Gs4 mini htc one mini.. If you're up on Verizon sorry they have the DROID line up... And he'll if you like iphone go for it.... But u have plenty of of options

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No battery life, price or release date, bummer. I hope it does run on sprint triband. if it does I'm giving sprint till january or feb of next year before I decide to leave.