If it seems a little bit like everything's about Android Wear these days ... well, you're right. Everything is about Android Wear these days. And that's OK. These are exciting times. We've finally gone from months and months of a prototype-y Google Glass to actual Android Wear smartwatches that don't break the bank (or attract the ire of luddites).

Earlier this week we profiled the first two Android Wear devices — the LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live.

Here, now, is our video review of the former. Be sure to check out the full written LG G Watch review.


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The LG G Watch video review!


I love Android Wear and the direction the market is heading! The next few years should be awesome!

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Great mini-video review Phil. I think the more we all see and hear about these watches the more informed decisions we can make. I went for the Gear Live... but I ran through literally every post and article you had on Android Central before diving into the pool. My decision was mainly based on design and screen resolution... other than that, the LG and Samsung offerings are pretty much the same.

I did go out into the bright Atlanta sun yesterday and tested the visibility of the screen in bright sun, muted sun (with some clouds) and then very muted sun... just before a pop-up thunderstorm hit. I found that in the bright sun you would have to be Superman with X-ray eyes to see anything on the screen. In the muted light.. with clouds partially covering the sun, the screen was a bit more readable. But the fact is that in either case it isn't great to say the least. Hopefully that will change in future generations. For now, and for early adopters, we will just have to wait for firmware and software updates to enhance the experience. Having had the watch for a couple of days now I must say that I am very pleased with it and am having fun. And isn't that what its all about anyway... enjoying the experience!

Been banging it into stuff by mistake or something? Super visible scratches or more like the type of hairline scratch you only see in bright sunlight at the right angle?

I'd hope they have Gorilla Glass like any phone but I've no clue, it's probably thinner than the watch face on most analog watches tho (and those usually have a crown or more of an edge for extra protection, tho they still scratch too).

The whole daylight visibility issue is kind of disappointing as it rules out some of the more attractive usage cases for Wear, such as getting directions when on a bicycle (and no speaker either).

I dunno how second gen products could really tackle that issue effectively, but I spend most of my day indoors anyway. Still want one, still waiting for the 360 tho.

No scratches showing up on mine, but it is something that I worry about. I picked up a Spigen screen protector from Amazon ($10 for a 3-pack), hopefully they get here before my clumsy self manages to scratch the screen.

For your daily use where do you keep the brightness set to? I have it set to 5 but wondered if you used max brightness and if you have the "always on" setting enabled for the screen.

After seeing the reviews and numerous other I'm gonna wait till something comes with better screens like the SW2 or Toq. It pointless to have something you can't even see in daylight. That's horrible

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Yes in my opinion the average person shouldn't be buying these yet. I like my G Watch but its really like "meh" as far as what it currently can do and all the issues with it. I'm hoping I'll be inspired to build something for it to stay ahead of the curve...

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This hasn't been my experience... with brightness at 4, direct sunlight washed out the display considerably, but it was still readable. And that will only improve when the (supposedly) anti-fingerprint screen protector that I ordered arrives. Maybe Wisconsin sun isn't as bright as, say, Florida or California sun, but I really haven't had a problem.

Too early on all of these including the Moto 360. Gen 2 or 3 should be awesome.

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What is it about the Moto 360 that you've been using and have so much insight on that makes it too early to get one?

The software for starters. Android Wear still feels beta for some reason after all the videos and pictures.
Another reason is that it's the only watch with a round screen among a domination of square screens. Many apps that work for square screens may or may not work very well on the 360. It's risky.
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I love the watch but not being able to use it outside defeats the purpose for me. Let's hope the moto 360 improves on all these little issues.

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While I'll admit that the screen isn't as easy as the Pebble to see in sunlight, I'm teaching outside in bright direct sun and it's usable. Brightness is only on 3. It's actually been great, as text messages come in and I'm able to reply while keeping an eye on the class. I might have to shade it with my hand a time or two, but it certainly wasn't useless.

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Which is why I love my Toq and SW2. No extra hassle to see what's there in the sun. If it had the polarization like the way the Lumia could do would solve all that for IPS

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I went into AT&T last night just to look at it and the salesperson told me I could get $60 off on it if I bought another accessory for at least $10. Bought a Nokia wireless charger discounted to $10 and got the LG G Watch for $50 discount, without buying a phone contract. Haven't seen this special advertised or written about much. Deal.

Meh. Something tells me Apple's iWatch is going to make these look like failures. These are not compelling in the least.

I look forward to putting an Android Auto system in my Wrangler and pairing it with my HTC One M8.

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It should be interesting to see what features it has, that's for sure. Are they going to make it "full featured" like the Samsung Gear/ Gear 2? Or will it be more of a notification center, maybe with Siri support? There's a lot of talk about Apple switching to sapphire glass on their phones, that's something that could bode well for a smartwatch. And given Apple's long history with the iPod, I think (speculate) that we'll see the ability to play music without being connected to the phone. But on the negative side, does Apple have any experience at all with waterproof devices? Also, all of the supposed iWatch leaks and renders show what looks more like a bangle bracelet with a screen on it... if they do that, they can kiss most male shoppers goodbye.

tl;dr, should be interesting.

I have no clue what features the iWatch will have. Apple's acquisition of the lead engineer of Atlas Wearable's fitness band is a great sign it will focus on fitness. Atlas Wearables puts Fitbit, the Fuel Band, and all the other lesser brands to shame.

However, Apple being Apple, I think your prediction is pretty good that it will have music capabilities in addition to being well-connected to your MacBook, iPad, iPhone and hopefully Android device (wishful thinking).

I have not put stock in any rumors about the physical styling of the iWatch because I have seen the high-tech future iPhone's drawn again and again and again before the release of each iPhone and none of them are remotely accurate as far as how the iPhone looks when each new iteration is introduced. The renders of the iWatch being shown are being created by hobbyists and I do not think they have any hard evidence on which to base their styles.

I am looking forward to the iWatch because the current crop of Android watches are sad and really seem to be worthless. If anyone can make a wearable that you never knew you needed, it is Apple (in a post Steve Jobs world, this may or may not happen). If Apple does the iWatch right, it may give LG, Samsung, Motorola, and others the guidance they need to make a better smart watch.

Until then, I will happily wait for the full integration of Android Auto because that appears to show significant promise.


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So I hear a lot of s**the talking on the G Watch. I bought mine early and started dreading the purchase after all the negative reviews. From outdoor use, to pixel density... I was worried I just blew 200 bucks. It came in the mail 2 days ago... And I'm not sure why all the negative reviews. I freaking love this thing. I haven't responded to a text via keyboard since I've had it on. The outside use, install the wear mini launcher for quicker brightness adjustment. For a first of its time, this watch is awesome. The voice recognition is almost perfect, and the Google now on my wrist is bitchin '. If you got 200 bucks to blow (AT&T special with purchase of 3 accessories) I'd recommend this thing all day.