LG G Vista

It turns out early leaks of the LG G Vista were pretty much spot-on, as the device has just shown up on Verizon's website for $99 on-contract. This cousin of the LG G3 looks very similar to that high-end device, but has a set of lower-end specs and price to appeal to a different set of buyers.

The LG G Vista has a 5.7-inch display at just qHD (that's 540 x 960, not to be confused with QHD) covered in Gorilla Glass 3, paired up with a 1.2GHz quad-core processor, 1.5GB of RAM, 8GB of storage and an 8MP camera. The one place it bests the G3 is with its battery, coming in at 3200mAh.

The LG G Vista will set you back $99 on-contract at Verizon, or $14.99 per month on EDGE, with the full-price device coming in at $399 if you don't want any commitment. We're not sure how many folks will take Verizon and LG up on this proposition, but it certainly is a good way to capitalize on brand recognition with the design and features of the LG G3.

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LG G Vista now available online from Verizon at $99 on-contract


Oh look, Verizon moved the logo to the center on the front. That's probably best, when I got my G3 my main complaint was that the front logo wasn't noticeable enough.

I'm surprised Motorola was able to stop Verizon from plastering their logo all over the Moto X.

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All LG needs to do is Shrink the LG G3 down to a 4.7-4.8 screen, lower the resolution down to 1080P, and perhaps make the battery 2600-2700 mAH while keeping it removable.


A G3 mini with real next level specs would be perfect.

For now the closest thing you'll get is a G2 with a G3 theme. Root and it's even better with some things got can do.

It's really still a wonderful option if you want something smaller then the G3.

This phone makes no sense though. 5.7 at that resolution. Really, put a 720p at least, Motorola did it on the 200 dollar G.

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So its BIGGER than the G3 and the resolution of a phone that came out in 2011?
At least it has battery life going for it :)

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Why would LG name this device after a horrible version of Windows?

Yes, I know this is Android, not Windows, but the name "Vista" is probably permanently tarnished at this point.

I agree. It's at the same price point now and the only thing that's better about this is the removable 3200 battery. And hopefully this phone with 8gb of internal storage has an SD card.

I agree with everyone here. That resolution for that screen size in this day and age is ridiculous. I don't care if it low-mid-range or what. 720p needs to be minimum on a screen that big. And 8gb of storage? Also ridiculous.