Software stabilization to build on OIS that made the LG G2 camera great

Mobile World Congress

After preemptively announcing that it will indeed unveil the G Pro 2 at MWC later this month, LG has just released some details on the imaging capabilities of the device. This time around it's just covering the upcoming camera features, focusing on four points. For stills, the phone will have so-called "OIS Plus" technology, which builds on what launched in the LG G2's camera and adds software-based image stabilization as well to create even clearer shots. There will also be a new 20-shot burst mode, which combines all shots into a single photo for new effects.

On the video front, LG sets the expectation that the G Pro 2 will have both 1.4 times slow motion video and UHD (Ultra High Definition, often referred to as "4K") capture. UHD captures at 3840x2160 resolution, and while it isn't the first time we've seen the capability it's still something that some folks are looking for in upcoming devices.

We still don't know a whole lot more about the LG G Pro 2 — aside from purported photo leaks — outside of what LG has told us thus far, but it seems like we're in for a treat come the end of February.

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LG confirms G Pro 2 will have 'OIS Plus' camera, slow motion and UHD video


Ultra HD recording on a smartphone is definitely one of those "just because we can" kinda things. Very crappy quality, few people have ways to display the content anyways, and takes up a ton of space.

UHD Recording is amazing. Have you seen a 4K video taken from the Note 3!?

They look awesome on my laptop which isn't capable of 4k, imagine watching on an actual 4k screen.

It's the future, get over it.

But having the 805 will make it more up to date! And when getting a brand spanking new smartphone, it's important to be as up to date as possible! Somehow I have a feeling the *S5* isn't going to have the 805...

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More than likely, the 805 won't be available for the release of the Pro or the S5. Still, the 800 is plenty. And, considering that the S4 debuted with the 600, it'll still be a staunch upgrade.

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You can't get something that isn't even released to the public yet. Why stop at the 805? Why not demand the 900?

Its kinda getting to the point now where those differences are just not noticeable. At least not unless one is a benchmark junkie.

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Do you really think that Samsung is gonna settle with the 800 for the S5? That's definitely not happening.

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Why would it be "settling?" You say that as if the 800 is a horrible SoC all of a sudden, lol.

Maybe they will have the 805, maybe they won't. But, with Samsung aiming for a mid-March release, it's very highly unlikely that it'll be available for them to use.

EDIT: From Qualcomm's website: "The Snapdragon 805 processor is sampling now and expected to be available in commercial devices by the first half of 2014."

I guess, we'll just have to wait and see.

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2013 specs in March/April 2014 pretty much assures NO SALES for the Lg Gpro 2.

Matching the Galaxy Note 3 which launched in September 2013 abroad and October 2013 in the States spec by spec in March 2014 won't make this anything close to the phablet leader.

Let's call a spade a spade and a Jack a Jack LG has always faked it to make it copy Samsung at every turn but it's not working in the phablet category NOBODY IS BUYING

Sounds like another At&t exclusive of course. Lg knows they are Samsung's little sister.

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1. Yes, because specs are the only thing that matters.
2. You claim the G Pro 2 will have "no sales", I guess just like you "knew" the G Flex wouldn't "make it to the States with those screen specs" (a 720p display)? Okay. Whatever you say.
3. Show me one recent LG phone that looks even slightly like a Samsung phone (besides both being a black rectangular slab). As for who's copying who, might want to take a look between iOS 7 and Samsung's new "flatter" UI.

" LG has always faked it to make it copy Samsung at every turn".
Now Samsung knows how it feels. Oh, that's right, Samsung never copied Apple! *wink wink*


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You're worried about 5.5 inches? It's rumored to have a 6-inch screen, lol.

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5.5" is just not that much of a step up from 5.2". Been getting into comics again lately and I'd like to not have to zoom to read them.

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You are the only person that I've heard of who thinks it's a 5.5" screen, rumors are of at least a 6" screen.

Original G Pro is still doing amazing for me. I agree with Love Divine that UHD recording is pretty dumb. I would much rather have continuous improvement on 1080p recording.


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I doubt it's true but someone posted a link to a rumor in the G2 forums on XDA that LG might be releasing 4.4 for the G and G pro. I find it highly unlikely but you never know.

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Same here. Typing this on the G Pro. Nothing has given this phone the slightest hiccup. I see the G Pro with its specs still being an awesome phone in 12 months from today, and that's with the S600 SoC and 2GB of RAM. Whether they put an 800 or 805 in the GP2 probably wouldn't make a noticeable difference, but all other things being equal, I'd want the 805 and as much RAM as possible.

The G Pro really amazes me. If the G Pro 2 is just as good and bumps the screen to 6 inches then I'd upgrade to it in a year from now. Oh, and it MUST have physical buttons, can't stand on screen buttons even with the improvements that KitKat supposedly brought to the table.

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LG needs to worry less about slow-mo and Ultra HD and focus on faster shutter speeds. The G2 camera is great hardware wise but LG's junk software really hurts it. The shutter speeds are terribly slow and there's way to much de-noising going on, which results in often blurry pics. Using the modified version on XDA by Xdabbeb makes it a ton better and I do get great shots with it. Stock shouldn't be so bad though. It won't take near the pics they say it will. Video recording with stock software is worthless as it won't stay focused causing a breathing effect.

gonk24, do you have a link to that modified camera software, and will it work on the G Pro, or just on the G2? Thanks!

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Oh boy! A new LG device that they will forget about updating once their new flag ship comes out.

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Hahahahaha. I see you have sprint OG G. Not a bad phone. Should at the very least be on 4.3

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Exactly! I'm done with LG until the offer an update for either of their two devices that I already own!

A few gripes indeed as these appear to be set in stone I can also agree that 4k recording is pointless at this time as very few have anything to display that content on. On the flip side 4k tv's will come down in price so it's future proof kind of lol

I'm sure the G2 pro will be a good device but will it be great? Only time will tell.


Big Bang Theory Rules and that was typed using my thumbs and my Note 3 on 4.4.2 kitkat & X-Note 8 Rom.

Well LG does sell TVs so why not sell you a product that will make you go buy a TV preferably LG?

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I want to know if the G2 will be getting a lot of these software updates that should fix a lot of the issues it has.

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Kitkat is still coming. They said first quarter. Its not just LG. The carrier needs to buy in. Plus they have to do their testing before releasing sw updates.

No, it's the G Pro sequel.

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Hey, say what you want about the G Pro, but it's been a GREAT phone for me - with one exception: the audio quality out of the headphone jack is pretty poor (I play music my G Pro via an auxiliary cable plugged into my car stereo), at least compared to the Note 2 and 3, both of which I owned.

My Note 2 was a great phone, but as is usual with me (in addicted to smartphones!), when something supposedly better came out, I just HAD to have it! So, I sold my Note 2 on Craigslist & purchased a Note 3 - BIG mistake! I don't know if I just got a bad unit or what, but I had multiple problems with that phone (one of the biggest was the phone kept losing it's GPS lock, and Google Navigation would constantly say, "Searching for GPS"; I'm a tractor-trailer driver, and I depend on Google Maps/Navigation), so I took it back to AT&T after only one week to exchange it. Wary of getting another Note 3 with the same problems, I exchanged it for the only other phone AT&T carried with a big enough screen for me - the G Pro.

In the last 3 or 4 years, the G Pro is the ONLY smartphone I've owned that hasn't rebooted on its own - not even one, single time!

If the G Pro 2 has better sound from the headphone jack (I swear LG is using some kind of sound compression software for sound being outputted through the headphone jack!), I will likely purchase one.

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