Tie a Tie

Ever find yourself getting ready for a big date, or an important dinner, only to realize you have no idea how to tie your tie? Now you need to grab some ties, run across the house, hop on the computer and hope that YouTube has a good video for you to follow, right? Well, wrong. Grab your Android device, download a free app and boom -- learn how to tie one of many knots while on the go. Whether you want a Kelvin, a Windsor, or maybe just a Simple Double, you can learn with ease all from one free application.

The application itself is quite simple, launch it, check out the pictures to see which kind of knot you prefer, and then click on that one. Once you have opened a knot it will then teach you in a few simple pictures how to properly tie it, and then you are ready to go. If you are unsure of which type of knot to use for which occasion, clicking on the knot will bring a quick summary of when it is ideal to tie that type, and that will help you decide.

As far as options go you won't find many of them here. From the main page you can access a small menu that allows you to view the pictures normal, or as you would view them in a mirror. This can be a huge help since many will probably be attempting this in front of a mirror, and with the pictures showing as such it will make it easier to understand. The application is free, and ad supported, and while you won't use this type of thing regularly throughout your day, it could definitely come in handy. Grab the application from the download link provided, and challenge yourself to a new knot today!

Download: How to Tie a Tie


Reader comments

Let your Android device teach you how to tie your tie


The sad fact is,I am a grown man who rarely wears ties. I still can not tie one without help. Thank you Jared, downloaded.

Don't sweat it Hand_O_Death... The grass is always greener: Been wearing a tie most of my adult life. It's the first thing I'd toss. Especially in the summer when it's 90 and 90 outside (temp and humidity).

I knew there were more ways to tie a tie than I care to learn how to tie. I only use three.

Cool app though.

It's not too late to learn. I learned to tie a tie when I was 34, watching YouTube videos.

Since you don't use a tie every day, you might forget how it gets tied by the time you actually need to wear one. At least with an app like this, you have a refresher handy whenever you need it.

when i got my promotion at work, i had to learn to tie a tie(i'm 31)...the makers of this app also have a website that you can go to, and view the same stuff the app shows

I really wish this had the how-to animations that the iOS versions have. I really don't see why they haven't done this yet..?

I only know how to tie a tie one way (and I have no idea what knot it is). This will be helpful to mix it up on those occasions (a couple times each month) that I need to wear a tie.

Sweet. Now I'll get all the chicks. _All_ of them. Even the fat ones.

I had this application in iOS and really found it useful. It has clear diagrams on how to do certain knots. Highly recommend it for anyone to have as a reference.

I have known how to tie a full Windsor knot for about 10 years but i always wanted to know how to tie a nice skinny knot so thanks for the app.

I stumbled upon this app during the weekend and my first thought was: "Have we gotten so app-addicted that we even need an app for this?!" Then I gave it a second look and the fact it teaches you different knot styles makes it worth a place in our app storage partitions. By the way, they also have a paid version for those of us who can't stand ads.

Not going to lie..totally downloaded this app while in a changing room so I didn't have to look like an idiot to my girlfriend at the time.

I already cant tie a basic tie, but now all these other options of other knots! jeez lol ! Ill download it and geve it a few more tries.