If you've been hoping to take some of those oddly-focused Lensbaby pictures with your Android phone, you're in luck. Lensbaby has added a $50 pledge level to their Kickstarter project for Android users, and your money gets you the lens itself and a full-featured application this coming October.

The folks at Lensbaby say Android development is starting soon, and folks using phones with Jelly Bean or KitKat should be fully supported. Give it a look at the link below.

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Lensbaby adds Android pledge level to their Kickstarter campaign


Why would an established, successful company need to use Kickstarter to create something like this? Notice I said need, maybe they didn't need to. I dunno, just seems weird. Cool, if limited, idea.

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Successful? Really?
I can't imagine anyone buying this piece of junk, nor can I imagine a single use for it.
At 50 dollars, I'd rather have my head examined.

Even Rene Richie doesn't take it seriously.

I don't know who Rene Richie is, while some might think I'm not cool for knowing, I personally think I'm cooler for not knowing because of the context clues she's probably some Kardashian type and I never have figured out why I am supposed to care about them either.

why bother,like everybody else that has wasted good money on lensbaby tat,you will use it about ten times and then wonder if you can get your money back somehow.
try finding someone who is still using theirs after a year,you will find two,probably.
£300 worth of tat,that if yer lucky,you might just get £80 back selling it,but nobody wants them.
dont waste your cash,if you want to take weird photos that you cannot repeat,break the bottoms out of a few bottles instead and just gaffer tape in front of lens,you have a lensbaby type system that will work just as well as the real thing.
before you put any cash down,look up reviews from folk that have actualy owned and used one.
or dont bother and take my word for it,lensbaby is a very pricey toy that you will use avfew times and then regret.
dont bother,they are bad enough on a dslr,on a phone,just stupid,the extra inserts and lenses must be at max 5-6 mm size,fun for dropping and losing at £20 a pop.

Ah...now I have a way of showing my young children what the world looks like when you are drunk. Other than that I don't see a use for such an effect.

You should just show them most of your posts. That is most relevant way to not only show them what drunk posting is like, but what an idiot you are as well

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Troll on you crazy diamond.

I wouldn't quit your day job to pursue life as an insult comic. You stink.

Naw. If I did swing that way I wouldn't want someone hung like an S-Pen. You didn't think his obsession with Samsung's stylus was just tech enthusiasm did you?

In looking at the effects of the lens I really don't see the point. Similar to the unfocus fixation of the latest round of phones. Lensbaby tilt or whatever for a dslr makes limited sense but who but a few buys dslrs now a days? Not enough to keep marginally important lens companies in business. I can understand the iphoneys thinking that their magical saffire lenses could use something to go along with the purple flare but I'm disappointed that Android users are dumb enough to waste money on a physical form of what is probably an instagram filter

Easy folks, someone wants to pay for it, someone likes it... it's all good. That's the awesome part of this game, if you don't like it, you don't have to buy it. Don't hate, just say "not for me, man"... Okay, this is the internet, hate a little.

I prefer not supporting vendors that treat Android devices as a second class citizen. It is not just a matter of principles, but more importantly, support for Android will always be an afterthought when what the developers use is that other old platform.