Less than two years after the original Google buyout, Motorola Mobility gets a new owner

In a surprise announcement this afternoon, Google has revealed that it's to sell Motorola Mobility, the smartphone maker it acquired along with other bits of Motorola in 2012, to Chinese firm Lenovo in a deal worth $2.91 billion. That total amount consists of $660 million in cash, $750 million Lenovo shares and a $1.5 billion promissory note.

Google says it'll retain "the vast majority" of the Motorola patent portfolio, to which Lenovo will receive a license; Lenovo will also receive more than 2,000 patent assets. And the company will take ownership of the "future Motorola product roadmap," as well as the Motorola Mobility brand and trademark.

Google CEO Larry Page said the deal would "devote our energy to driving innovation across the Android ecosystem, for the benefit of smartphone users everywhere," while Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside said Lenovo's "hardware expertise and global reach" would help it accelerate the momentum gained through the recent Moto X and Moto G launches.

The deal comes less than two years after Google purchased Motorola Mobility and its patents for $12 billion. Moto has only recently been rebranded as "a Google company," in conjunction with new product launches focused around a "pure Google" experience. While Motorola's smartphone roadmap for much of the next year or so is sure to already be in motion, it's unclear how the acquisition will affect Motorola's future priorities. There's no doubt, however, that the deal gives Lenovo in a key position in the smartphone world, particularly in the U.S., where Moto is ranked as the number 3 smartphone manufacture.

We're still digesting exactly what this means for the future of Motorola, Lenovo, Google and Android. We'll have more analysis later, so be sure to check back. In the meantime, share your reactions down in the comments!

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Lenovo to acquire Motorola Mobility from Google in $2.91 billion deal


wow. they paid $12.5B in 2011. ouch. hopefully they'll keep a few patents. it makes sense to dump it. GOOG doesn't need to be in the low margin hardware manufacturing business.


some patents. per AP - China's Lenovo Group is picking up about 2,000 Motorola patents in addition to the phone manufacturing operations.

I am sure that Google has a license on those 2K patents as well, so yeah they have most of them.

I agree. Motorola was just getting it all together with the Moto X and G. Now it's all going along with the US manufacturing plant to China..

Sounds like they'd decided to exit the hardware side awhile ago and were dressing up the company to show it had positive "mo'."

Also, everyone's saying they're taking a beating, but I'm not so sure.

First, Lenovo is definitely a better fit for Moto smart devices than Lenovo - and fills a relative gap in Lenovo's aspirations for a full product line with phones. NTM a full move into Android will lessen their dependence on Microsoft.

And remember that Lenovo's been one of the best companies at leveraging strategic acquisitions. Most notably, they've done well enough with IBM's ThinkPad line (and all the IBM PC tech they bought) to go from fairly obscure to poised on the verge of taking over the number one spot in world-wide personal computer sales.

Being acquired by Lenovo also will give Moto phones greater entry into Lenovo's well-established business market.

Ergo, I say Moto's in good hands and will benefit. (I wonder if they'll keep the Motorola name and operate it as "a Lenovo Company"? I would. And Moto is a more consumer facing brand than Lenovo itself - so maybe some reverse synergies here.)

[NOTE: BTW, who's reported that the operation's being moved to China - at least in the near term? I haven't read that. And frankly think it doesn't make sense if Lenovo values many of the human resources, teams, and some of the facilities) they're acquiring. But correct me if I'm wrong.]

As for Google, first, they still have the hoard of patents (and very likely outright ownership of all the likely key ones). Moto had some of the very early and basic ones underlying much that's come since - and were the prize in the purchase from the beginning in G's eyes - and they know exactly what they are and might be worth to them.

That's very arguably not $9-10B (or even close) - so in terms of current revenue over their net cost (however you count the original price plus Moto's losses since being acquired) a huge expense for what's likely mostly a passive asset (though some may be being employed in various ways). But in terms of suits never filed against them because people know their patent portfolio is deep and broad won't take them on, well, how do you place a dollar value on crises that never happen?

So I see the patents as an umbrella insurance policy over the entire Android ecosystem - protecting not only Google's assets, but those of the OEM's (as long as they stay within the umbrella's penumbra - e.g., some of Samsung's own excursions into bumping heads with Apple are just between those two companies). And if you amortize the nominal cost over, say, 10 years, the original purchase and subsequent divestment of Moto can still be considered somewhere between "worth it" and a "wise long-term strategic move."

And.... ....all those extra Moto phones running Android that Lenovo will likely move - beyond what they would have under Google's stewardship (moving decent, competitive products is what Lenovo does best - and is NOT what Google does best or even well) - will benefit Google as well. Each one is another Play Store customer, more eyeballs on ads, more analytics collected, and all the buyers will find it easier to have GMail and Google+ accounts, etc., etc.

Lenovo's Android entry in force will also likely place a check on Samsung with its own aspirations of forking or supplanting Android - or at least using the threat to gain greater leverage over GOOG as the dominant Android supplier. It will also grow the overall Android market and give it more respect as Lenovo is a top tier player. All of which is definitely in Google's best interest.

So, all in all I don't think they're feeling all that bad in Mountain View tonight.

"Most notably, they've done well enough with IBM's ThinkPad line"

I can see somebody never owned a IBM ThinkPad and then a Lenovo ThinkPad. Lenovo to the best (and yes expensive) computer brand and just drove it into the ground. ThinkPads used to be the best laptops in the world on quality and added software features and Lenovo just ruined it. ThinkPads used to rule the corporate market but Dell took a huge chunk for that after Lenovo took over.

I for one is fearing they will do the same with Motorola...

I'm sad too, and I wonder if the fact that Samsung leaking the ZEQ 9000 running Tizen OS had anything to do with this.

Maybe Google was put in a position of a growing revolt among Android manufacturers and it was either lose the manufacturing arm, or risk wrecking the Android alliance?

I doubt it, Tizen is like Ubuntu. Nice theory, could make it on some cheap stuff, but never will be a player.

agreed, I liked what I was seeing and the X was the first phone since saying I'd only own Nexus phones and never look back that made me.. look back. I liked what I was seeing, optimized Android with some really neat extras. I guess we'll just have to see what they do with it before passing judgment.

I could honestly care less about Google's financial assets, it's not like they're hurting financially in any way, shape, or form.

This hurts consumers in the long run, two amazing products pumped out of Motorola post Google, the X and the G. It was a punctual high-note before a long drawn out lull that'll eventually lead to death in what we know as Motorola Mobility on this very day.

Yeah, I am quite sad to hear this as well. This was where I considered my future purchases to go. Now, I am unsure. Lenovo hasn't been putting together a great portfolio as I have seen. I don't know where this will end up. I will possibly still get a Moto X or Moto G, but if Moto stays separate from Lenovo and they just want patents as well...then I guess it still means that the back-up from Google could mean less of a product later. But I am sure they have learned some things since being there the past couple years.

They also sold the set top box unit that they acquired in the Motorola deal to Arris for $2.4 billion and keep the 17,000+ patents.

For those of us who like the Motorola hardware there is.

There's also something to be said for yet another American business being bought by China. The Moto X will be my last Motorola phone.

I'll be going to a phone from a non-chinese company. There are no American Manufactured phones. There's only one American-owned hardware company and I'm not buying their shite. It's impossible to completely avoid Chinese products, but it can at least be minimized by buying something not owned by a chinese company.

Not sure what his beef is, but my beef is Chinese companies tend to build garbage, Lenova laptops are garbage (we had them at work for two years and we dropped then and went back to Dell, failure rate was ludicrous), and Chinese like to poison dogs (yes no dogs in phones, but still).
I'll stay with Japanese or Korean phones.
Now, if an American, Japanese, Korean, German, etc. company runs a plant in China using their quality control, I consider it a different scenario. Problem I have seen is that Chinese companies do not have any worthwhile quality control.
But, my next phone WILL NOT BE a motorola. And I have had Moto phones since 1992 when there were just phones.

I really don't know what you're talking about, man. I have the Lenovo Y410p notebook and its a beast with a pretty good build, incredible hardware for the price, and handles anything I do with ease. Not quite Macbook Pro quality, but what else is other than maybe Asus.. Anyways, Lenovo makes pretty good products. I'd say one of the better Chinese manufacturers. I'm just interested as to what will happen to Moto after everything shifts over.

My main problem with it is they'll probably fork android and take months or years for an update. I usually update my phone yearly but I want to see new software on it.

Posted via Android Central App

Well, if Chinese poison dogs, the Koreans eat dogs on Tuesday. Obviously, they're bred for food like chickens, but you're really gonna have to be more open minded. Yes, China doesn't abide by copyrights, but eventually when they've caught up to the major global players, they will. Japan and Korea went through their knock-off stage too.

Ultimately, it has everything to do with race. People are paranoid racist assholes here, they're afraid of China, so they instantly make China seem like the ultimate evil in some way.

Unfortunately Google's moves with Moto is not about you phone consumers, the Moto X phone sales were a very small part of a much larger game

Posted via Android Central App

Actually, it's not quite that simple, rookiegenius.

I hate to be a "kill joy" as I'm ordinarily a huge fan of Google, despite them having to outsource much of Motorola Mobility's manufacturing operations and reduce Motorola Mobility's workforce from 20,000+ to 3,800. They've done some great work with the higher-end Moto X smartphone and lower-end/emerging market-focused smartphone the Moto G (the one I'm really interested in myself!), but the fact is these phones seek to cannibalize their Nexus line of Android smartphones and devices that are sort of the "pure play" as you can get in terms of Android (although, the new Moto X and Moto G sure came close).

Lenovo Group is looking really good - they've surprised everyone at their handling of IBM's PC business. The quality has remained, if not improved, with new Lenovo branded PCs. They were smart to let the "bidding war" (at the time, due to Motorola Mobility's patents) subside and now have the entire device business (less the cable modem business divested to Arris), have gained 2,000+ of the roughly 17,000 patents (which they presumably had to license back to Google) and, I believe, licensed the rest of the patents from Google.

However, the financial price Google paid to gain these patents was huge. You can't even say this 2.9 billion Lenovo is paying will reduce their initial 12.5 billion purchase price as Motorola Mobility has sustained 1.9 billion in cumulative losses since Google took over (so now Google's invested some 14.4 billion for Motorola Mobility). Net of Lenovo's purchase price, and the sale of non-core assets to Arris for approximately 2.5 billion, which is 5.4 billion, you get a net cost to Google of 9 billion - for patents! Some of them, I'd assume, are OLD patents too. I'm certain technology patents would expire at some point, just like drug patents.

It's too bad - I would've loved to see Google stay in the hardware business. That said, I don't think they could've picked a better buyer. Asus and Acer seem a bit too "cheap" for me. HTC might've been OK. Samsung would've been fine, but their "bloat" would've ensured they bloated up the Motorola hardware with Samsung's own ecosystem. Lenovo doesn't seem to have an ecosystem, leaving me to believe they'll keep the "pure play" in tact. :)

Doug M.

And with Google selling off Motos set top box division for 2.5 billion, getting 3 billion in cash from Moto plus the recent sales, the acquiring of Motos numerous mobile patents + one of their tech research divisions (which they are keeping) all that intellectual property cost them closer to $5 billion when all is said and done. Looks like they pulled off a complicated shell game

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Glad to see GOOGLE DUMP that ZERO after losing money hand over fist.

Guess those that jumped on the bandwagon looking for group discounts and price breaks will have to look some places else for another device.

Plain and simple Samsung is android period nothing else matters.

Posted from my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

Too bad it seems Google did not lose money "hand over fist" like you claim here, as you have commented on the AC article showing/proving otherwise. What a delusional, sad little man you are.
androidcentral dot com/motorola-may-not-have-hurt-google-s-bottom-line-quite-badly-it-seems#comment-878262

I just cried with tears at hearing this. I just receive my Moto X today.

Lenovo will send them back to their pre-2011 days with bloatware, crap OS updates, and boring deisgn.

Yeah no shit right? There's no way this phone is going to be supported well. I mean....oh shit..they are going to ruin my phone.

Maybe for a short time, but if you were Lenovo and had or could cheaply build the factories to build phones would you do that for long?

There is no way that Lenovo will be manufacturing in the US, those folks in Texas will be out of work before the Summer, probably a lot earlier.

Not quite they still have to get approval from both the US and China. That could take months, perhaps even years.

Aren't they already planning a PC plant in the U.S.? Why would they not leave the moto plant in Texas?

Posted via Android Central App using an LG G2.

I actually live about 3 or 4 miles from that plant and its actually not that big of a plant. All they really do there is the final assembly. All the components are manufactured in various locations around the globe. So shifting that final aspect of production wouldnt be that earth shattering

That's not gonna happen and that's part of the reason I won't buy Motorola phones again.

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Yeah, there goes all of the awesome and timely software updates that I was counting on when I made the purchase.

Yeah, there goes all of the awesome and timely software updates that I was counting on when I made the purchase.

I'm supposed to get mine tomorrow. I might just return it and use my HTC One. Only reason why I got the moto X was cause of the price and I got to use it last year and liked it. Rather save my money for the next htc one.

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I love my Moto X, but I would not buy one now... one big advantage was the promise of great support and fast updates from MotoGoogle.

Lenovo's going to screw up the moto product line just like they did with the thinkpads

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Yup. Every bank employee I know here in Canada (including competitors) runs Lenovo using WinXP of course.

Posted via Android Central App on BlackBerry Z30

Cheap is what shareholders like to hear. With that said, my 3 year old Lenovo isn't too shabby.

Posted via Android Central App on BlackBerry Z30

The ThinkPad 8 is probably the best tablet coming out in the 8 inch category. You crazy. I just ordered one today.

Motorola is officially "dead" for me... The good thing about it is it's made in the US. now the chinese bought it *sighs*. not interested in Chinese branded products..

What's with the hatred and prejudice against china? Blame bush 1 and bill Clinton for selling the American worker out with NAFTA.

Posted via Android Central App

Why would someone have a problem with a country that uses child and prison labor, allows no personal freedoms and is the most oppressive regime on the planet? Hard to say...

Well considering most things are made in China i guess you should stop buying all gadgets, what phone do you have? Did have, don't be surprised if parts if not all was made in China like most things in the world.. You will be shocked to know how many American companies use china's labour so these American companies in my book are even worse, as they are seeking these cheap labour where as companies in China are using what's available in there country.

Posted via Android Central App

The most oppressive regime? Have you heard of North Korea? Ease up on the hyperbole.

Posted via Android Central App

Hmmm. Lets rephrase that using your biased mentality.

Why would someone buy products from a county that invades other countries to steal oil, spy's on everyone to limit freedom under the disguise of democracy and homeland security, refused black people any human rights for over 400 years, f'd up Rodney King and so many more black people every damn day, are extremely loud, make the worst damn cars in the world etc.. You won't catch me buying American... ever! So damn crap at manufacturing they couldn't even save Motorola but are quick to jump up and insult Canadian's when it comes to BlackBerry. I see the inbred culture of deep rooted bias and unfounded racism is still alive and kicking in some folk in America. (P.S.: THE VAST MAJORITY OF AMERICANS ARE NOTHING LIKE THAT).

BTW.. I actually have nothing against the US and could give a rats a$$ what it does. Please note this post was just to mimic Brendilon's mentality.

NAFTA doesn't have anything to do with our trade with China. Clinton's strong push for the WTO to grant most favored nation status to China is what opened the floodgates of cheap plastic and pressed metal crap in big box stores across the US.

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You didn't think about it very hard. Google is not a holding company for hardware. This was for patents and to save a valuable partner, not a long term strategy. I doubt any loss on this is far from what they expected. Mission accomplished - Moto is now on its own to succeed or fail.

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First Google will end the Nexus line of smartphones in 2015, now this? Google getting out of cell phone business?

Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7105

Nexus line not finishing, no official announcement. If anything this announcement makes the nexus line more important to Google.

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...and playing devils advocate.

it shows Google getting out of the hardware business altogether in favor of other OEMs

All Nexus devices are made by other OEMs, so that fits perfectly with them keeping the Nexus line.

...and Google wants the GPe editions to fill that gap. That way Google does not have to spec anything out, worry about distribution, subsidize the price (at an overall loss).

You are making my point

The getting out of Nexus is a rumor with no source from a Tweet from a Russian guy. Take that with a huge grain of salt.

Sent from my Nexus 5 :-D

Wait, what? Isn't that less than a quarter of what they paid for it just a few years ago?

Larry Page is going to drink himself to sleep tonight for sure.

Are they worth much though?

I thought I remember something like Google using Moto's patents to sue Microsoft or something and it only amounted to a tiny amount of money. I don't think they're worth as much as Google thought they would have been when they purchased Motorola.

Purchased for 12 billion, selling for 3 billion. I don't believe that was a good purchase on Google's part.

If acquiring Motorola was such a great deal and beneficial to Google, they wouldn't be selling it to Lenovo. Simple as that.

Yes, the patents ARE worth that much. Selling off Motorola's hardware division also helps reduce any antagonism other OEMs may have had about Moto/Google and preferential treatment.

Call it a hunch, but I suspect the folks at Google know a LITTLE bit more than you do and are slightly better at business.

That is correct, NOTHING.

If it did, they would want to strengthen their position by keeping Moto, not weaken it.

Are the patents worth $9 billion difference between the purchase price and sale price? I don't think so. I think Google purchased Motorola as a reactionary acquisition to Apple v Samsung case. I think they quickly wanted to secure patents to fight off Apple and protect Android from legal battles. Turns out the snap decision was a big bust.

And as I recalled, Google tried suing Microsoft and got a pittance, and I was right. Moto's patents aren't worth much at all:

Google wanted $4 billion a year from Microsoft using Moto's patent royalties. The court ruled 1.8 million - that's 0.045% of what Google were asking for per year.

Turns out the Moto acquisition was a complete dud. The patents aren't worth what Google had hoped, and now they're trying to keep the board members/investors happy by ridding themselves from their 2 year old mistake.

If buying Motorola were such a good acquisition, then they wouldn't be selling it off in two years and sell off 2000 of those patents to Lenovo.

“Larry Page doesn’t care. He’s probably somewhere right now taking a bath in hundred dollar bills and eating caviar with his bare hands.”

Not quite, they sold off a part of moto last year for 2 billion i think, so combined they have recouped 5 billion. so they paid 7 billion for those patents, not to mentioned the money theyve have lost quarter on quarter.

I love my Moto X and have been very impressed with the company lately (fast updates, great prices, etc.) and I hope this continues. However, I'm skeptical this will keep up under Lenovo.

I wouldn't worry, Motorola will remain separate from Lenovo for the time being, and I think Lenovo is smart enough to realize that one of the reasons people love and are buying the moto x is due to the timely updates and I don't think they are going to want to screw that up

Explains the firesale lately on moto X. Get rid of the stock fast.

Posted via Android Central App via bad azz VZW LG G2 ROOTED!

This is the most disheartening tech news I've seen in quite a while. I was very hopeful for Motorola; that hope just dissipated entirely.

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It doesn't even matter to me if Google would make a profit on lenovo :-( this just sucks!

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I am deeply saddened by this news. I was hoping to see the Project Ara modular phones become a reality, but now I can see them being dumped prematurely as failed R&D by Google.

I was so excited at the prospect of getting a Motorola phone when my awful Verizon contract was up, but I do not care for Lenovo's quality in the hardware business.

Well, here is to hoping Samsung and HTC keep pumping out Google Edition phones with an aluminum chasis.

It is certainly possible that they would never make it out of R&D. However, for those of us consumers who are in the think-tank for the Ara phones, this is really disheartening. The creative director of Project Ara said a huge announcement was coming out in the next couple of weeks just a few days ago.

I sent a request for a comment on how this affects Project Ara to their creative director about 15 minutes ago. I will update if I get a response. My suspicion is that this acquisition spells the end of the project, though.

I received a response from Motorola Mobility's creative director who is spearheading Project Ara; He said-- "Don't worry [my name redacted]. Project Ara is still full steam ahead. [W]ill share some more news next week on what it means."

I guess I will wait to hear the news before I start to worry more than I already have.

Thanks for the info.

I still do think it is a non starter (at least in its current form) but would love to see where it heads.

Thanks for the link! I really appreciate that. I am glad that Project Ara is staying with Google and getting wrapped into the Android team.

Play with one lenovo phone and tell me they aren't going to ruin things

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This isn't a good week for Android news. First possibly Nexus RIP, now this? What the F am I supposed to buy? TouchWhiz? Sense? almost makes an iPhone seem like the next best thing.

It seems like the deal is done, with Google keeping the patents an getting some $. Hopefully Lenovo can make Moto successful like their computers (They seem to be the only computer OEM to make money)

Like most things you do, you wrote this without actually, you know, knowing what your talking about. I responded awhile ago.


Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.


Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

Its a good move for Google because of the pattens Moto's name isn't as crediable as it was back in the day. I am hoping that Google doesn't kill the nexus line

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And in the category of News That Surprise No One, the interwebs are already bitching about this move before even seeing what, if any, effect this will have on Moto going forward.
Relax people. Take a look at where Moto was 2 years ago and where they are now. Lenovo might make very minimal changes to Moto's operation. In the words of the brilliant Axel Rose "All we need is just a little patience"

Also, in the words of a great philospher "There is a time for patience, and a time for action. The time for action is now"

Posted via Android Central App

This, thank you. I was shocked when I first read this, but upon reflection my initial "oh no" has turned into "hmm." We don't know what Lenovo will do with Moto's phone business. Most likely this will have zero impact on the Moto X successor; remember, it took almost two years before Google's influence on Moto appeared with the X. Everyone needs to just breathe and relax.

Besides, it's not like Google sold Moto to HP.

Yeah but would you buy a Moto X2 not knowing if the company would keep going with what Google started or if they would go the route that Lenovo already has gone with Android phones?

I am betting more that they will go the Lenovo route. Cheap phones with poor specs and 0 updates.

We shall see in a year or so...

I think Woodside is the key to the whole thing. He genuinely seems to want to make a product that enhances the user experience in every way possible. If he ends up not staying with Moto then I might be worried.

We can hope, but even he can only do so much when you have to run to the parent company for money every quarter

If Punit Soni stays, my next phone will be made by Motorola.

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Google put some good people over Motorola, I am going to wait to pass judgment until after I see what Lenovo does with that leadership.

Posted via Android Central App

WOW. This was a surprise.I genuinely thought Google was interested in using Moto to help build its android vision. I see why Lenovo would be interested but I don't know why Google gave up moto so quickly.

Well I am certainly glad I did not purchase a Motorola X now. I was considering getting a Motorola G as a backup device for my HTC One but I will not be doing that now.

I think we need to play taps in honor of what could've been the best android smartphone line ever.

Lenevo is supposed to hokd a press conference tommorow to explain what happened.



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I want to be hopeful here...I do like Lenovo's laptops a lot. But this is still pretty sad. I fear greatly for future support for the Moto X and I have doubts about Lenovo's ability to maintain the brand momentum Motorola has been enjoying lately. I suppose time will tell. But this still seems sad.

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Google shows that kids have great ideas but their leadership team is terrible at management and business.

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So it looks like the end of the moto x line, considering what lenovo has done to the thinkpads

Posted via Android Central App

First casualty: Ft Worth assembly plant
2nd casualty: Woodside the CEO

Posted via Android Central App

Yup, probably will be handing out pink slips next week. I guess the X is my last Motorola phone, sad I was just thinking how content I am with it.

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Yeah....the fact it was made in Texas was a big selling point for this native Texan.

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i wouldn't worry about Woody. he'll parachute out a rich man and right into another sweetheart deal.

I'm not, he's a long time Googler. He'll probably be reabsorbed into the fold in Mountain View. As for that nice new Chicago office they remodeled... anyone know a good Realtor?

Yep. That's what saddens me the most. I really liked the idea of putting at least SOME of the manufacturing in the US, but it would be financially absurd for Lenovo to keep that up. I had hoped that it would catch on.

Does this count as a Spring cleaning?

Google bought Motorola for the patents but the patents ended up not being as strong as they initially thought. I bet Google keeps some/all of the Motorola patents and has a licensing deal with Lenovo.

I wonder if there was any pressure from Samsung on Google to dump their competing business, since there's rumors Samsung is supposedly scaling their UI back.

I will not be a Lenovorola customer if they stray from their software strategy (1. Ensure that we build on a foundation of pure Android, 2. Build experiences that compliment Android and Google services, not compete with them, and 3. Ensure that we can build software that gives value back to the user).

Good bye proyect ara.

Goodbye touchless control

Good bye fast updates

Good bye almost stock skin.

Well, i'll make sure to enjoy the moto X, but i don't think i'll buy another phone from motorola.

In fact, i hope the commissions that need to approve this, won't do that.

Probably, Samsung put pressure, they made the deal with google to make touchwiz moreas stock, and share their pattents,but google had to sell motorola.

See my post above on Project Ara. I received a response that the project is still "full steam ahead" and that an announcement about the acquisition's affect will be made next week.

Not shedding a tear for Motofail. After that ICS rug-pulling that they did to many of us (former Photon owner), they can now resume tanking.

Posted via Xperia Z

That was horrible - had a photon too. The worst OEM support ever. Combined w Sprint - the biggest nightmare.

Posted via Android Central App

I'm with you on this. I had an Atrix that was a great phone until Motorola backed out on promised updates after being purchased by Google. Lenovo will probably have the same attitude and want to move forward with their own strategy and abandon any current devices.

I feel bad for the current device owners...but not for the ones who swore that the 'New Moto' would NEVER, NEVER ever do that again. Also a former Photon owner...glad I stuck to my guns and didn't get another Moto device.

Oh well, on the bright side - performance wise, I don't really feel my Moto X needs updates (gave up using Camera long ago :)) so I might be able to stay happy with it for another year or two. :)

Posted via Android Central App

Well, I truly hope Lenovo follows through for you. And...maybe Moto will do the right thing for once and keep supporting them.

I never felt the Photon needed updating until core Google apps started requiring ICS. Couldn't use the new gmail version, couldn't load Chrome browser, etc...that's when you start feeling jilted.

I give motorola 6 months to see what direction they will go.

However, if google uses the extra cash to enhance the nexus line with some extra and open source moto features, then this sale may not be in vain.

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A year, not 6 months

And the lastest rumors is that Nexus is going to be killed off after this year.

Do you REALLY think google would do that!

The nexus line is one of the most popular tech brands in the world, makes Google money,and allows for direct deposit of new code into the android ecosystem. People may cry, but this is the fact: Google's smartphone business is what allowed them to deal with apple directly and at a great PR stance as well. And for a company that doesn't meet with many people face to face often, this is huge for them. Plus, they are the devices which are capable of allowing devs, tweakers and hackers to do their work the most efficient way. Its a way for google to force huge competition by creating great devices at low prices and great hardware. The nexus line is what allows the idea of android to flourish and grow in its least modded form.

Much like the google motorola created distinct devices that were relatively affordable and run by google mostly, the nexus line is even purer than that. The play edition devices line is a supplement, not the replacement of the nexus line. If Google does end the enxus line they will lose their star player in the tech market, and will simply go back to being a software and service provider.

This rant is not meant to be rude, it is just that i am tired of people spewing that same old news at me.

They will literally be shooting themselves in the foot.

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I can't even begin to start going in to how wrong this post is. There is almost nothing at all that you just wrote that is actually accurate. Wow.

Yes they would

Nexus is not a big brand name. If they sold 5M units of all Nexus Combined I would be surprised

It costs Google money on every phone

THey are putting code into the ecosystem anyway. It benefits them. Lately they have been keeping a bunch of features to themselves for their "skin"

They do not deal with Apple directly, except on search related items.

If they have another outlet (GPe editions) then they can still let devs do their thing without getting their hands dirty

The Nexus is competition to no one, let alone hude.

Android does not flourish because of Nexus, the OEMs that bring features to the barebones stock OS doe

there is nothing "distinct" about the Nexus line except it ran stock and got updated.

GPe is the replacement if the rumor is true

again, Nexus is not a player in the Android market. It is popular with "our crowd" but the everyday consumer wants Samsung, HTC, Sony, even LG. They want their phone to "do things" right out of the box.

Your not being rude. Your comment is well thought out, but flawed in your thinking that the Nexus has an impact on anything, and that is the basis for most of it.

Bottom line: Google is not hardware. They are search and ads. If they can get someone else to provide the "stock" experience and they have nothing to do with it, they will in a heartbeat. The Nexus line is what they call a loss leader. They practically gave the phone away hoping they would get it back on ads and ecosystem.


That edge is something that the likes of Samsung, HTC, and LG are going to have to consider very carefully. They'll need to either accept that Google is getting a bigger place on their home screens, try to compete directly with Google's services, or simply offer a version of Android that many will consider stripped down when compared to the Nexus experience. We don't know what each of these companies will do yet, but it won't be an easy choice.

The Nexus 5 competes directly with every other Android phone on software features, not just on hardware and price. Lockheimer tells us that Google doesn't consider the Nexus to be "a hobby, we take it really seriously, and there's a growing number of people who are actually buying these." For the first time, the rest of the Android ecosystem might have to start taking the Nexus seriously, too. Google's services truly do give the Nexus 5 an edge, and the thing about edges is that they can cut.

I have been saying it for a bit now that Nexus is not AOSP (not long but a month or so)

If they took the Nexus as serious as all that, then they would have kept MOTO as their OEM.

You cannot have a consistent product if you change manufacturers every 2 years.

And again, the Nexus 5 does not compete on any level as far as software features go.

The nexus 7 sold pretty hugely...

This time last year people asked me "is that a Samsung galaxy" now they said "is that the new nexus phone" (not the new one but it's close enough) and I'm able to show it off, mahogany back and all without someone claiming it is Samsung kit kat 4.4.

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NoNexus. I'm genuinely impressed with your measured, thoughtful, we'll written response. This reminds me that on occasion you've contibuted insightful, intelligent, reasoned comments rather than your usual arrogant jokester self important irrelevant provocative banter.

Except for the obvious joke posts, I always contribute intelligent and reasoned comments.

Some do not like what is said is all.

Google doesn't profit from selling g them it costs google to make them

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You do know the Nexus 5 isn't "pure" Android right?

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Yeah..I don't see the Nexus line surviving much longer. GPE will take over that roll, which I'm fine with except for how much phones will start costing me.

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Hmmm. So when will Vegas be taking bets on Google making a bid for Lenovo by 2016?

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I was gonna give Moto some love but now,I guess I'll stick with my "Nothing beats Samsung products."

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Guys, Lenovo just bought IBM server business as well. Lenovo looks like it wants to become a hardware giant.

For those of you saying you are not buying a X or G now, why? Not like it is going to change. In fact, the next 1.5 year cycle of hardware will still be what Moto/Goggle wanted. It will take at least that long before you see what Lenovo will do with the brand.

Lastly, anyone who thinks this takes Money away from America, please go learn how a global economy works. This is actually a foreign company investing in American, so dollars are being put into the American Market. With Tax laws now days, most companies move very little money from one shore to the other. It is better if they build plants here to help invest in the American workforce. Look at what Honda has done, they are now a net exporter from the US. Lenovo similarly has very large presence in North Carolina and I doubt they move the Manufacturing plant out of Texas as long as they have demand for product built.

Spot on.

No one understands the global economy. Our US government taxes at an obscene rate any money made over seas when if a company would try to bring in back to US soil. Instead of paying the government to waste it (my opinion), these companies invest in infrastructure, R&D and people in foreign counties.

This is a major investment for Lenovo and the US. Lenovo will spend more money here in the states creating jobs.

All foreign companies are not some evil corporation bent on destroying our way of life. They just want to make profit like any other US company.

As for their products, my company still utilizes Lenovo for our entire organization. About 10,000 associates. I have not had one problem with there thinkpad brand and look forward to see what they do with the talent at Motorola.

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Finally, some sense in this one-sided argument all above here. Everytime a company gets bought people always think the parent company is going to ruin them. We should give this amazing hardware company a chance to build upon.

Take this like Google holding the handlebars for Lenovo riding a Motorola bicycle, and is now going to let go.. and I think its going to keep pedalling just fine.

You do realize that those companies pay less than what the law says they should be paying righy?look at the loopholes they use to avoid taxes and you say that America taxes them too much to bring that money back into the United States?...keep believing the republican party line.

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What loopholes exactly are you talking about? That gets thrown around a lot to demerit big business but no one actually points out these "loopholes".

Also, how do you know if they're not paying them what they're suppose to be paid? Where are you getting your information? Do you realize those are just generalizations?

Sounds like you've been listening to the Democratic party line...

Google uses loopholes to pay less than what they could be spending on taxes.

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Do you find it the last bit odd that they made their biggest acquisitions american companies? IBM and Motorola?
Not sure if coincidence, or something else.

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Jeez what a shocker, at least this is likely to mean the nexus range of devices are to continue for the foreseeable future.

I'm still loving my Nexus 4 :-)

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Why do you think this?

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Can someone please point me to the part of the press release where they talk about getting rid of everything Moto has done over the last year and eliminating the features that made the X such a great phone? And if you could show me where they say the phones are immediately going back to Jelly Bean because they don't like fast updates, that would be appreciated as well.

The issues isn't with what was already done or what currently is. It is with the lost trust in future updates based on either not knowing much about Levano's history with support compared to Google's or knowing the history and not trusting the company that takes over. I know updates and future support is not a God given right but it was something that was expected with Google in charge of Motorola. Also their are some people who just don't trust a Chinese company(I am not one of those).

I did not realize that your opinions and sarcastic remarks made you superior then me based off of my username. I was just trying to make a valid point about how some people not wanting to purchase these devices now was not as crazy and irrational ass others were trying to make it out to be.

I stated in the comment I was not one of the people that distrusted Chinese companies I was stating that that was why some people did not want to purchase the Motorola phones now. I also never stated that I personally trusted a company based on their geographic location. I was just trying to expain why people may not want to buy an existing product based on changes in future ownership so why not actually read my comment again and not make assumptions about me.

If we don't know, wouldn't that mean "wait and see" rather than "jump to conclusions"?

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Yes but some people who do not own a Motorola device yet might want to wait and see what Levano does first before they jump. I would think it is silly to jump ship if you already own the Moto X or G but if you already have a device that works for you and we're just considering picking one up, it would be reasonable if one would want to wait and see what happens before making a purchase from a brand about to go through a change of ownership.

I would point to proven history of how devices are maintained once a acquisition is made. Moto Atrix, Photon ring a bell?

Google bought Moto, killed off ICS updates to 'Empty their contractually obligated support obligations'. Why would this move be any different? You hope it will, but history says otherwise.

I understand the possible business reasons why Motorola essentially only supported the Verizon devices too Jelly Bean.

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Sort of makes sense now doesn't it. They got them 'close enough' and now they'll be cut loose to languish in the abandoned purgatory of countless other devices.

Don't they though,"MY GOD,THE WORLD IS ENDING!!! "

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*picks jaw off of floor* WTF Google?!?! Moto was awesome under your command. I only hope Lenovo can do somewhere close to as good work.

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Hey jobiwan. Personal question. Do you know how to receive a LTE signal? With my EVO LTE, when I switch to "LTE / CDMA" network mode, data disconnects entirely.

BTW, I'm looking forward to learning what's up imminently with the HTC One 2014 if I don't bail to T-Mobile, out of climatic frustration before then.

You have sprint, no such thing as an LTE signal

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As a moto customer this concerns me. Part of the appeal of their devices is googles ownership. But here are two things to think about.
1.) This deal will take a long time to get through the regulatory verification process, as mentioned in the announcement. So nothing is changing anytime soon.
2.) By the time anything changes at moto my contract and yours will be over. So if you're not happy with the new owners, you'll be able swap to another manufacturer.

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What regulations?

The FTC is not going to say squat and the Chinese will be glad to have it back.

This will go through faster than prunes through a 9 month old

Didn't see that coming...but I knew something was up when the Dept of Defense refused to look at Moto's bid for a peice of Fed smartphone market...

Haha, I would be disappointed if I had bought an X. Probably going to go from getting updates before the Nexus phones to maybe getting updates at some point in the future. Maybe.

Edit: So I wonder if the X will still be made in Fort Worth?

Here's a code for the Motorola X was thinking of buying one but not now. With Leveno buying Motorola no thanks.

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Lenovo makes a damn good laptop.
Their phones are decent and now we'll see if they can make phones equally as good as their laptops


I love my Droid Maxx (even with its Verizon branding/crapware [that will be remedied soon]), and I've been with Motorola since the OG Droid, but I'm just not sure if Motorola will make it anymore.

In Google's hands, anything is possible for Motorola. Google is a cash cow.
Lenovo on the other hand is probably way more interested in extreme profits for its new purchase, so expect bloatware and lesser quality.


Wait what?? Your device means you never really even got to experience the great things Google broought to Motorola. This literally affects you as much as it affects an iPhone user.

Goodbye Moto. :(

Very shocking. I hope this doesn't hurt my Moto X in the near term. I was really liking what Motorola was doing.

Damn... They had to pull this on a humpday? How the hell am I supposed to make it through the rest of the week now? Just... Wow!

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Well...and that just scraps Motorola out of my list of potential future OEM providers.
I'm not getting near a Lenovo machine. Actually, I'm not getting near any Chinese owned company machine.

I'm trying to think about the logic behind this a moment where Apple keeps thriving and Microsoft is trying to build a devices division, Google SELLS its devices division?

Unless Google is eyeing Nokia, I don't see how this could benefit Android at all.

Because google is no where near the hardware business. They could have been, but I am guessing they figured "why bother"

MS and Apple are.

The issue is this, there is basically two options:

1. Invest in making Motorola stronger, leave what is working alone.

2. Gut the company, keep the best talent and move in another direction.

The sad thing is usually with buyouts it's option #2.

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So when Google buys a company, its the end of the world for that company(see Nest) and when Google sells a company its the end of the world for that company. Interesting

Personally, I disagree. I think them buying is a strong point, and was one of the reason's I was excited to get the Moto X. Selling, on the other hand, a huge negative.

Could Google be divesting in advance of another acquisition? Blackberry or HTC maybe???

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Well, this blows. Lenovo is surely going to kill this. If I had known this, I definitely would not have bought the Moto X the other day.

I bought the Moto X specifically because it was made by a Google owned company, expecting all the great knock down effects that come with that. Evidenced by the very quick 4.4 roll-out last year. Now it's just another OEC Android phone... Such a shame.

This...Exactly this. People didn't buy the Moto X because of Motorola, they bought it because Google was behind it. Now that it's Lenovo, it's just another run of the mill company delaying updates and putting out crappy hardware.

Ouch. No more from Motorola. I guess no more made in the US phones and the new Motorola phones will be made in China. That stinks. Loved where Motorola was going, now the Chinese are buying everything.

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I missed the part where they said they are shutting down the Texas plant. I really need to pay more attention to the imaginary paragraphs that you guys are all seeing.