Apparently, Instagram finally making its way to Android was a good business move. At least Facebook thinks so, and they bought out the photo-sharing company for a cool billion dollars. Congrats to all the folks working at Instagram, and I hope you enjoy your stocks and Zuckerbucks! 

But anytime big changes come along, some of us aren't going to be OK with them. Now that Instagram is soon to be under Facebook's control, many are expecting privacy woes and leaving the service for greener pastures. I'm not here to judge -- each of us should do what we feel is right -- I'm only here to help. If you're going to leave Instagram, might as well do it right, and take all your stuff with you.

This is easy. Fire up your computer, and head to Instaport. It's a website whose sole purpose is to suck your pictures out of Instagram, and drop them into another account or save them to your computer hard drive. Follow the instructions, and you'll end up with all your Instagram pics bundled neatly wherever you want to keep them. Fair warning -- they are under some "heavy traffic" right now, so you may have to wait a bit. I got it to work on the third try, but your mileage may vary.

Bye Bye!When you're done there, just head over to this link and delete your Instagram account. This way your account is deactivated, but your username still exists so nobody can snatch it up. 

See you guys on Lightbox!


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Leaving Instagram? Here's how to do it and save all your pictures


Heavy traffic probably made up for the most part of iPhone snobs running away from anything Android.

I have a instagram folder on my phone with all the pictures, even the originals (unretouched) are in the camera folder...

great!!! Now how's about a guide on how to COMPLETELY delete all our facebook information/uploads to go along with this one?

"Apparently, Instagram finally making its way to Android was a good business move. At least Facebook thinks so..."

Facebook didn't buy Instgram because of their recent expansion into Android (a move which was likely forced on them by their second injection of venture capital funds in which their VC equity partners wanted a larger return on their investment by doubling their user base). Besides, nobody at Facebook is dumb enough to pay a billion dollars for 2 dozen hipster filters which are available for FREE across teh internetz.

It's that a) Instagram was chipping away at Facebook's page views (and, therefore, advertising-based revenue stream), and b) Facebook is shamelessly trying to buy users.

This is silly journalism, and just spreading the premature panic that Facebook is going to ruin Instagram, or whatever it's called.. I'm really NOT a FB fanboy.. Much of their service annoys me, but until someone builds a "better Facebook", I'm fine with what it is.

Look at when Google bought Youtube.. Did THEY ruin Youtube? Depends on who you ask, but if you ask me, it was already on its current path before Google came along. I think the same is true for Instagram.

Stop panicking and give the new service a shot before kicking and screaming.

I just wonder why you found it so important to show everyone how to quit Instagram, that's all. Imho just making a small fire bigger.

Most likely because there are a lot of people that don't like facebook and their privacy policy issues and feel that it will transfer over to instagram.

Maybe some people just don't see the point of instagram after trying it out.

He's just showing people options. I know I want to delete my instagram account and am glad for this article. I didn't find instagram amusing.

or maybe, some men just want to watch the world burn.

Exactly. I dont trust fb at all. I like how ac and I more have explained how to do this. Mark Z is a snake and, in my opinion and don't want him to even know what state I live in. Bad enough Google, Samsung, and Verizon knows everything about me. I just chuckle how every company wants me to give my whole identity to them. Or just use Facebook. Yea right. :p

Both of the pictures I uploaded to Instagram in its short life on my Android phone were, of course, auto-uploaded to Google+ as all my pictures are.

Gotta agree with jeffrok. Why the IG and facebook hate? Doesn't Android Central have. FB page. If u feel like this you should delete AC's FB page. I feel like you guys are getting just as bad as iPhone users whining about nonsensical bullshit. In my opinion IG rules and I love using it on my razr maxx.

This is pathetic, an over valued company (facebook), buying a company (instagram) with no revenue, for an over valued price. This is a clear sign the bubble is near.

I don't understand this, either. I don't like Microsoft. But if Microsoft bought Instagram, I wouldn't necessarily delete it and purge my account and burn my phone in a bonfire.

It just seems a little premature... probably because it IS premature. Until -- and IF -- the terms of service change, why panic?

I know this was supposed to be written as a neutral, judgement-free article. I just don't feel it came off that way. (Sorry, Jerry, I usually love everything you write. I'm sure you'll lose sleep for days over this.)

ALL of that said, I got Instagram the day it came out for Android. I knew what it was going in, just as we all did. (AC's own article on it was great!) And yes, it's the social networking aspect of it that's appealing, not the filters.

I wish everyone would leave Instagram and go to Lightbox, which I think is superior. But that's not going to happen, at least not anytime soon.

In the same vein, I wish everyone would leave Facebook and go to Google+, but that's not happening, either, at least not yet.

And now I'm just kind of rambling!

But my point -- and I do have one -- is, this seems silly. That's my opinion. :) (Yeah, opinions are like...)


Since that was so well thought out and informative, I'll give you some inside baseball here.

Every since FB first started changing/adding services, and opted users in, I've had a big problem with them. The latest gaffe where Farmville gets a copy o your contact's details is a great example. A lot of people know this, 'cause I'm loud and have a soapbox here to holler from.

Because people do know this, they started asking me how to get photos sucked out of Instagram without downloading them from the web one at a time. Remember, some people switch phones, some delete things like photos from their storage, and some just don't wanna dick with the file system. Some even are using an iDevice. These folks decided to quit Instagram all on their own.

When i get the same question more than twice, I usually toss out a quick how-to versus typing it out over and over. That was the case here. A lot of people are quitting Instagram over this. I'm one of them, but I'm not suggesting anyone else run and do it. But if you are, here's an easy way to get it done.

Here, here. Didn't think you needed to reply Jerry. I thought your post was very clear, giving people the choice. There was no fire poking going on at all. AC really provides a valued service and if some of your readers are concerned then it makes sense to make information widely available. Although new to IG with only one photo but also in the FB bed I'm not too concerned with the latest news, but it's great to know this information if needed in the future.

Keep up the great work.

Just because to have to read the in flight emergency sheet doesn't mean you're going to crash and burn...but it sure helps if you do :)


Hopefully after reading some of Jerry's comments above some of you guys who are thinking this is hate towards Facebook or Instagram will finally understand. For those who still had the whole point of this thing flying over your heads. This is just an article with a how to quit something. I for one was one of the people not wanting to be on Instagram any more, this was even before the purchase yesterday. Jerry just pointed out a way to do something that's all. You have to make your mind up this wasn't a "follow me" or "do as I do post".

What is the deal with all the Instagram posts on this site?
Every day there's another post about it, I've never seen so many posts related to one app..