Moto X+1

The still-unannounced Moto X+1 has been leaked in what are claimed to be new images of a "near-final prototype" from Motorola. It's alleged the photos show the Moto X successor in all its pre-launch glory, and by judging the overall look and design of the device in the photos, we can clearly see at least some resemblance to the Moto flagship. The wooden backplates that were previously rumored can be found on the rear of this handset, along with the trademark Moto logo. Also visible are what appear to be metallic sides, in contrast to the all-plastic nature of Moto's current lineup.

Moto X+1

The back itself is said to be non-removable, and available in a variety of options. Dual-LED flash also appears to be present, but supposedly there's no support for microSD cards. A notable alteration with this product is the location of the SIM card slot, which has been shifted to the top most part of the device. Other specifications haven't been confirmed, but reports suggest we could be looking at a 5.1-inch 1080p display, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage and a 2,900mAh battery.

We always recommend taking rumors and leaked photos with a grain of salt, but this sure looks like a strong candidate for Motorola's next flagship. As ever, hit the comments and let us know what you think.

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Leaked 'Moto X+1' shots show wooden back, metallic trim


Sure looks like it could be. That Moto logo on the back looks great too. Also looks like they have done their very best to keep the phone as small as possible while increasing the screen size. I am really excited to see what they bring for features on this new model.
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That was my first thought as well. I hope that this runs through all phones. It is about time the speakers got an upgrade all the way around.

I still don't get why anyone would put two speakers on the front tho, but at least Moto seems to have done it without increasing the size of the front face as much as HTC. If you know a little bit about audio reproduction you know it's entirely impossible to create any sort of usable stereo imaging with speakers that are 3-4" apart, so having two just seems like it's for show or extra loudness.

The Ones certainly have better speakers than any other phone, but it's NOT cause there's two of them, it's because they're front firing and HTC dedicated more space to them... Speakers are all physics and size does matter. Btw, the top strip on these images could very well just be the earpiece you know. 5.1" with even just one front firing speaker and a big battery sounds nice tho!

ya this seems like a pretty close to final product. it is very nice...just need to see how it fits in hand compared to my lg g3. moto x+1 and nexus 6 are the only phones i care about seeing right now. if moto has a deal when you buy the x+1 and the moto 360 together..i might just have to do it


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Ya I was thinking of holding out to see the actual moto x+1 and hope they have a deal with thr x+1 and 360 package together but I think I will have to pass. The 50% off sale at verizon right now is too tempting right now with the lg g3.

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The LG g3 is amazing. I have the tmobile version running on att. LTE is perfect and with the qi charging, unlocked bootloader. Once it's debloated the phone really scream and crazy battery life!

because it has an unlockable bootloader and is closer to the unlocked international version with how it works. also wireless charging! It has all the lte bands that the att version does just missing band 5 which is not used very much as it is. BTW i had the Oneplus One and i loved it...just a little to big compared to the lg g3

It is an awesome phone. I get crap for T mobile outside of the city so I cannot judge the LTE but the camera, battery and feel are nice!

That 50% off deal is a rip off. Total price of the phone at the end of your 2 year contract will be $700 ($25 x 24 months + $99.99). Right now you can get the phone from amazon for $600. Save yourself the contract and $100 and buy it from somewhere else.

I totally agree with you. We still have to see how it feels on hand. This Moto x looks pretty. I don't like the size of the cam on the back but if it takes good pictures it's all good.

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It's not really a ring flash if there's only two LED, tho their close location to the lens might work better for lighting up close-up stuff.

I don't like the way it looks. Those look like front facing speakers but I really don't like the silver bars that are there. It just doesn't fit right imo. The back moto dimple looks weird to me to. It just looks like it was cut through unlike the first moto x which was concave. The metal trim is a nice touch though.

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The dimple was rumored on the Moto X to be able to be pushed to access certain features, that didn't make it in the final release. This dimple does in fact look to be detached from the rest of the back and with a push should access some phone features.

Front facing speakers- CHECK
2900 mah battery- CHECK
Redesigned camera- CHECK
5.1" screen, smallest form factor- CHECK

All these are things I'm looking for in a phone to replace my Moto X, make it water proof also and it will be hard to beat. Oh yea and offer it BELOW what other Flagship devices cost, $500 tops for a 64gb, 450 for 32gb and it will sell itself.


Everyone hates physical buttons around here. If you say stuff like that too loud, they will start coming out of the woodwork to bash it.

Is that a Samsung chip on your shoulder? :p I wasn't aware there was a prevailing hate for physical buttons... I do dislike Samsung's physical home button a little but not because of the button itself, rather because of the wasted space it represents. I think LG and others have shown you can have a more compact frame going on screen.

What does Samsung currently do when an old app needs menu? Is it a long press or some sorta pop up bar like HTC was doing? With on screen buttons the phone most squeezes it in next to the other three. Physical home button does make it easier to wake the phone on a flat surface tho, like the iPhone.

A back button would be an interesting mimic of LG's buttons... These are highly subjective things tho. I've found with my Nexus 5 I'm always putting my finger over the camera or avoiding it (using it left handed), so a central camera is appealing, possibly something most people couldn't care less about.

Yeah you long press the multi-tasking key to get to the old menu button.

I really do not see how the physical buttons (I count all 3 buttons as physical) take up that much space. Heck not only does the M8 have all that blank space on the bottom, they use the on screen buttons that take up more space. i will take the S5 buttons over that anytime. I do like the LG build. It is pretty nice. I still cannot get used to the back buttons though.

M8 is obviously a terrible example of how on screen buttons help with form factor. The M8 is a terrible phone all around as far as ergonomics IMO (and I like their designs), HTC really needs to let the top power button go.

G2, G3, Nexus 5, and Moto X are great examples IMO. It just makes more sense in the long run IMO, specially now that apps can hide them easily. Samsung manages to keep bezels under control but there's denying those buttons and their circuitry take up space.

At this point Samsung's gonna keep the physical buttons as long as they can tho, because (if nothing else) they're a core part of their design langue. Not that Samsung has a really strong core design... But shoot, the damn button got dragged into court!

Agreed. My first thought was that it's a little ugly, compared to the current dimple but if it's a new quick acess thing... I would be intersted in that.

Hmm interesting. If the back button is pushable that'd be really cool. Use it to open up like the camera while the screen is locked would be great and using it as a dedicated camera button. Yea yea i motorola has the wrist flick thing going on with the moto x but to me that just looks stupid. I tried it before and it just didnt feel right. Like i had to violently shake my wrist to open the camera pft...

I certainly hope so, I am pretty much never a fan of that chrome stuff. I think it is ugly, finger-prints easily, and scratches like nobodies business.

We may see them making the device prettier. It still not finished. I don't like those buttons either lol

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Agreed. It looks nice, but that won't mean anything if the camera is like last year's.

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Hmmm....looks interesting. If they can keep it a little smaller than a Nexus 5 but with a slightly larger screen, I'll look into it.
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Hard to judge where it falls size wise, but if it's Nexus 5 size or smaller it's gonna be a big deal for some, not cause of the marginal screen size difference but cause of the battery size. It'll be the only phone at that size with a battery that large I believe.

Everyone knocks the Nexus 5's battery life but it's actually pretty solid when compared to last year's phones with similar battery/body sizes (e.g. SGS4). Shoot, it gets better battery life than the Moto X in controlled tests despite all the anecdotal evidence to the contrary.

This year's flagships (and last year's G2) all get better battery life but they all have much larger batteries and are physically larger (G2 might be marginally smaller I think? than M8/G3 I mean). Moto was putting (relatively) large batteries into smaller phones years ago with the Maxx & Atrix tho.

Unf. I'm throwing money at the screen and nothing is happening.

My only fear is that the coolest options in Moto Maker won't be available for the first couple months, or that Moto Maker will only work for certain carriers at launch, or something dumb like that.

that would be absolutely stupid on motorolas part to play that game again. they royally screwed up marketing this phone properly the first time around.

when some friends of mine heard about moto x (before it was released) they were all intrigued about the moto maker, esp with the wooden backs until they found out it was att exclusive only. they obvi didnt wait and bought iphones.

Admittedly it looks really nice, but I probably wouldn't be interested even if I was in the market right now. As long as I can help it, I will not buy another smartphone without a removable back/battery. My last phone was a RAZR maxx and while the battery life was great for a while, it completely tanked after a year or so. It got to the point where I couldn't get through a day of light-moderate use on a single charge.

Motorola completely changed their phone strategy starting with the introduction of the Moto X. Now, for Motorola phones, it's all about the overall phone experience and not about a spec war or spec race. That is the main reason I bought my Moto X. And that is the main reason why I'm looking forward so much to the new Moto X and the Moto 360.

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If the deal with Lenovo goes through, we'll see what happens. But their strategy may change.

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Oh it most certainly will change. Lenovo is interested in selling lots of devices and making money. Google made/makes money in lots of other ways.

Well most pre production prototypes do tend to have carrier logos on them... smdh

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I am guessing he is saying it is bad because other OEMs are going to 1440. I have no issue with 1080p but you know how spec whores can be

Maybe not but that would have been going too far backwards for anyone. It would have gotten laughed/bashed/trashed all the way to kingdom come.

Given what Moto did with the "outdated" specs on the X, I have no problem with these reported specs. At all.

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gonna depend on the processor to be honest. if they go with an S600, then we have an issue. an S800 is fine. I am not spec whoring just saying they need to keep up with the demand (games/apps)

Well as vividrich said, they really did some impressive stuff with the specs on the last one. I've had Moto X since it came out for verizon and am happy with the speed to this day.

Oh it is a great phone to this day but you need to move ahead some on the spec. Games are getting more intensive and an 800 would still be "low end" (everything coming with 801/805 now) and they could do a lot with it.

Yeah, I'd rather they work on accurate color rendering and brightness rather than just shoving a crazy amount of pixels in a screen.

Not to mention that battery life is going to be crazy better on a 1080 display than on a 4K display

Accurate color rendering is all down to calibration rather than hardware, which just takes more time but some OEMs still put the effort in. I wish Android allowed fine tuned calibration (like any PC display, most anyway, weird Korean imports aside).

I get that it would take some driver work since it'd have to be done at the GPU level, but common, it's like almost all Qualcomm at this point. They can let it slide on phones, but it's gonna be important for critical work on tablets and Chromebooks sooner rather than later...

Specially with RAW shooting coming and more emphasis on photography.

I run lots of different color profiles. Root and kernel swap. Agree it should just be a changable stock setting, though.

A 5.1 1080p display will be awesome. Sharp without the battery drain or strain on the GPU. Remember that Moto is all about maximizing the experience, not pushing boundaries. If you want bleeding edge specs, you're looking at the wrong phone.

I like this comment. I'm also excited to see if those are truly dual front-side speakers, which should simply be standard for ALL phones going forward. I don't care what else they'd do to the X+1 since I'm already in love with it. I just hope they get the camera right. The cam inside the Moto X gets the job done and under the right light and certain conditions, I've taken some amazing shots to rival even iPhone pics. But hoping for a better camera, though.

Dual speakers is a big waste of space IMO, one good front firing speaker is more than enough. Two will never create any sort of true stereo imaging (because, physics) so it's just for show or extra loudness.

Not that I think the front of the phone in this leak wastes much space mind you, that top grill could also be the earpiece tho. It'd be curious to see an M8 image superimposed on it.

Can't wait to buy if it is the final product. Nothing is official until its announced but I'm pumped up for this.

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I Like it. I always felt like the Moto X was missing something in design but it looks like they stepped it up here. Can't wait to see it in black.

My Body Is Ready...

Stock UI + Ergo Design with 1080p 5.1" screen + Front facing speaker + Moto software extras

O yes my body is very ready. Add in an unlockable bootloader on carrier versions and you can take my money all year long...

I hope it's available through T-Mobile this time, so I can buy it through the jump program. If not, then I guess I'll keep my m8 for a bit longer.

Please start making 32gb standard. Yes, there's the cloud, but apps are getting bigger, add video and music will quickly fill 16gb.

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That was my first thought, too. Given that the front is white, the back is wood, and the sides (and camera ring) are silver, it looks like it may be part of the customization available through Moto Maker. That pretty much would require plastic if Moto wants to keep costs down. Frankly I don't care, just as long as the final product looks good.

Not necessarily, it comes down to the design and assembly more so than the cost of a little bit of metal... Lots of plastic phones have had a metal frame inside for rigidity. If it were ALL metal the machining and material cost would add up, but a frame (or just a trim) isn't that significant.

Shoot maybe they went metal on the sides cause thin plastic would've made it feel flimsier, who knows. I do hope that if it's faux metal/painted plastic they give you other options under Maker tho, faux metal almost always looks tacky.

There's a side picture that shows ridges/grooves on the power button. What's up with that?

'M' logo looks really bad. Should be a homogenous part of the backplate, they do it right currently with the wood models. Still has the dimple and everything.

Metal sides seems to be a waste, doesn't add anything except to price. Don't like the seams in it either.

Wouldn't mind the dual speaker grills if they were like BoomSound and black (white and metal don't work together IMO), but they won't be.

The only thing I don't like about this is the look of the speakers. They just look terrible. I hope they'll change them to look more like the HTC One line of front speakers before final release.

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the metal casing on the sides look kinda.....tacky.

also, the author stated: "A notable alteration with this product is the location of the SIM card slot, which has been shifted to the top most part of the device" really?? how can you tell from front facing pictures??? do you have pics that shows the actual sides?

Thanks for the correction lol, I'm Canadian so I don't know your imperial shortcuts very well. But I'm also a perfectionist and always wondered if it was ' or " :P

Nice, but I'd like to see some shots of a non-wooden version. There's a lot going on with the light wood, silver trim, and white front; however, a silver or black back and front would likely be appealing to me. And I'm glad to see 700mAh added to the battery.

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Nothing pretty about this moto-maker combo but the design of this device is pretty good. Excited to see the final design of this.

Perfect size, perfect resolution, and perfect battery.. I might just switch my nexus 5 for this.. only if my nexus 5 can utilize battery better..

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I'm liking what I'm seeing, but haven't really found any reason to dump my Nexus 5. OTOH if you're having a lot of trouble making it thru the day on one charge I could see why you'd wanna upgrade... The question you gotta ask yourself is whether 25-30% more battery would do trick (rough guesstimate based on the extra 600mAh and assuming the X+1 is a little more efficient).

If it wouldn't be enough, maybe a phone with a removable battery or USB battery pack would be a better idea. My 6000mAh Anker is good for 2 full charges, $35, built in cable, and same size as phone. On many a day it lives in my other pocket, tho I find I'm charging way more often after I tossed wireless chargers all over the house/office. Still gotta find a cheap one for the car but I like my custom rigged mount too much...

Am I the only one that finds ugly the contrast between the wood cover and the metal edge?? I can't even imagine having a white front cover, metal edge and wood backplate.

No, I find it pretty tacky as well. I'm sure the metal works for other configurations. I hope they make it optional though.

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I don't find metal + wood tacky at all, plenty of non phone products feature a similar aesthetic (including rifles for a few decades)... The white does mess it all up for me tho but I can picture it in black easily so I'm not too bothered. Personally, I wouldn't pay an extra $100 for a wood back anyway, and the metal sides might also address some of their initial reception issues with wood. If wood backs are a clear indicator Maker is back then I'm all for that tho, as I thought the concept was pretty neat. Dunno how well it'll work after they closed down their US assembly center tho...

+ 1 million.. LOVE this.. first design that really gets it.. I love the current Moto X but it's kinda small compared to my GS3.. At 5.1" along with the rest of the specs mentioned AND if it runs a similar version of Android with the 'always listening' feature, it's a lock.. Am out of my AT&T contract now, so the hunt for the next best thing is on! Kewl!

It sounds like they're close to release. Looks like my wallet will be hurting come August.

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Ugly, and what's with the bezel? This is coming from a someone with a G3. Motorola may have just killed the "x+1"

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Why did like half a dozen commenters just assume there are dual front speakers? Looks like one speaker plus the earpiece, something that Moto already did once with the Moto E (as the source leak mentions). It makes more sense anyway, the second one is totally unnecessary unless you need it for loudness (4" of separation will NOT get you true stereo sound).

It looks kinda thick from the side (see source link) but it's nicely contoured, a little bit extra thickness might be one of the tradeoffs they accepted in order to cram a (600mAh) larger battery into what's probably a body the size of a Nexus 5 (5.1" display would be like 3mm more diagonally). Bezels look relatively under control, it's no G2/G3 but they aren't One-like either.

I think the biggest question is, if they're going ahead with Moto Maker how will the whole process work? Source link talks about plastic, wood, AND leather backs; which is nice and all, but didn't Moto close their US assembly plant? The logistics of ordering a custom built phone from overseas will be interesting. I don't see them keeping a low off contract price if they go that route... Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Maybe they'll offer cheaper non-custom built models off contract? Would make sense IMO.

Honestly, I think this prototype looks kindof ugly. Maybe it will grow on me, but it's far from the sleek, beautiful moto X I've come to know and love. I just find those chrome bars and the Moto logo on the back to be unattractive.

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if the wood back is real, hope its just an option. I really prefer soft touch plastic with Qi charging. i can deal with no sd card, but would like a removable battery. haven't had either for a while (bought a nexus)
Don't like the big home button looking thing, then i thought OMG moto boom sound! ok add boom sound to the moto x features, sounds like a winner.

So I'm not allowed to think the phone is ugly? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. And as far as saying I'm clueless, god forbid someone buys a phone that's been on the market for a year, right? Whatever. If there's nothing wrong with the current software why not buy a phone that has been out for a year? People are still buying samsung galaxy note 3 phones, oh no! That phone is too old! Get a life

definitely got Moto on the radar for my next phone, just need to wait and see what it really is and what Google does with Nexus and Android Silver.