Epic 4G Froyo update

We broke the news of the Epic 4G's impending Android 2.2 update yesterday. But for you doubters, Phone Area got a screen shot of the same internal Sprint memo detailing the changes. And, lo and behold, it's just as we said. The update will start rolling out to some users on Dec. 26, and continue for a four-day period. In other words, not everyone will get the update at the same time. But fear not, as the manual download location should be found in due time, and we can all update post haste. [Phone Arena] More on the Epic 4G's Froyo update in the Android Central Forums

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Finally I'll be able to move apps to the sd card and do some yahoo video chat. Just hope it doesn't brick my phone

Goodeye says:

Couldn't users just load up Kies mini (if they are able to get it to work mind you) if the OTA isn't loading up for them?

Downloading the update.zip and manually booting into the bootloader is MUCH easier than Kies. MUCH EASIER. :p

terrycanfly says:

wtf where is my update for the vibrant. I hear tmobile has had it for a long time and that they are just sitting on it. Just release it already

uranidiot says:

Sell it and buy a nexus s, its what the vibrant should had been.

SlappyMcgee says:

:( this makes my captivate sad :(

p1eric says:

It's official: Samsung is slower than Christmas with their updates.

Garindan says:

I just registered for this site to tell you that your comment is hilarious.

derryj3 says:



deaofly says:

This is sad, I mean, I'm glad froyo is Finally coming to the Epic, but once they get that a week later my Evo will get gingerbread. The Epic should have had froyo upon release, now Samsung has no idea if gingerbread will come to the epic. I don't know who's to blame, Samsung I suppose.

dskwerl says:

Phil, I could kiss you. This excites me extremely. Coming from a Palm Pre, I can say that waiting for this update took much less time than waiting for a significant update for my Pre took. And I'll ACTUALLY be getting Flash, instead of hoping I get it. This is exciting, indeed.

Paul627g says:

Just gonna sit back and wait for the update.zip :-)

difrent7 says:

Ah let the fun begin!

messiah143 says:

Awesome! This is really exciting to here. Finally, before the year is over. Now we have to wait for gingerbread which I heard all of the galaxy s phones are getting.

fooflam says:

This is just conjecture, but maybe you're not using certain features of your phone as much as others. I for one have been looking forward to viewing various flash trailers directly vs having to download them. There are also some games/apps I've wanted that only function with froyo.

I've gotten to the point where I use my phone more than my home PC, especially when I can use that PC on my phone!

*shrugs* everyone has their reasons.

fooflam says:

Ok, that's weird...my reply was added to someone else's comment. The original commenter said they didn't understand why people were so impatient about the update.

dchawk81 says:

I think it was my post. Sounds like it anyway. Perhaps I'm not using certain features, but I do use my phone a helluva lot. Like you, often times it's in lieu of my laptop. I dont have any problems with it though.

dchawk81 says:

I'm not really all that disappointed in the performance of 2.1 so I don't understand all the impatience.

cheburashka says:

Finally! :)

Mobius360 says:

Looking forward to this for sure..... update.zip please work with no issues from DK28.

ChuckG73 says:

What about the Fascinate??????????

Tonio21 says:

I'm not even really excited for Froyo. Flash support is cool and so is Apps to SD, but from the beta build I tried, 270 degree rotation is basically forced into the OS instead of being in the build prop file where you can disable/enable it. Oh and GPS didn't want to work, but worked fine on 2.1, but then again that was a beta of 2.2 so I won't mind trying the official one. Besides that, I didn't notice any big changes.
Also for the people complaing about gingerbread, from what android central has learned and posted so far, it's not even adding anything big, it's more of a maintenance update than anything. There was an article on the front page about it a couple weeks ago I believe.

scottmc129 says:

Who Froyo'd in the Mens Room??!

edr1983 says:

i hope the gps enhancements actually does something. Mine is currently accurate up to 2200 meters by data and 80 meters by gps..while my brothers evo is accurate by 30 meters with data and 4 by gps in the same household. everything else will be a plus. If it doesnt, bye bye epic...hello anything HTC.

Nilla says:

I've been running the leaked build for a while now and my GPS location right now is accurate up to 20 meters.

rogeratm says:

I did the manual update to DK28. Will it also be possible to upgrade to this newer DL 11 in a similar manner? It seems that I should be able to download DI11 and install it.

mikey_t#AC says:

Today is the 26th... has anyone received the OTA update?

jmartinbsu says:

Nope... El Vaporware... :\