Droid X Froyo

Remember that leaked build of Android 2.2 for the Droid X that was teased yesterdayP3droid at My Droid World has set it free in the wild, for those of you who want to give it a go. Unless you've got a really bad jones for the JIT, you might just wanna stay patient and wait out the official over-the-air update. And you're going to have to be back at stock to get things to work, so be sure to follow the instructions, m'kay? [My Droid World]


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Leaked Froyo for the Droid X emerges


I checked for an OTA and it just sits there checking for an update. I wonder if something is in the works.

what about froyo for my droid1. supposed to get it between the 3rd through the 18th. seems like everyone got there's except for mine.

Remember what happened to the evo leak for froyo, id advise not taking the leak, if your rooted then don't take it anyways.

Pretty sure he's talking about the new Voice Search nothing's changed in Google Voice from what I can tell. Update is working great and still rooted.

The site is down but the download links are not. Use google cache on the website and a text only version and the links are still there with instructions, just downloaded right now and working great!

Upgraded.. works great! Just scored a 1385 on Quadrant. Lock screen lags here and there, but thats it so far.

site worked fine about an hour ago... Anyone able to find flash 10.1 in the market? Is it built in, or just not unlocked by Verizon for the DX yet?

It say's place the file you downloaded on the root of your SD Card, can someone explain to me where that is on the SD card?

Is anyone else having a problem with the lock screen as far as the slide to unlock won't work without the security lock being enabled?