You can't help people sometimes. Sometimes, they're just resistant to change. When discussing the two HTC product chains--Android and Windows Mobile--HTC chief executive for France stated that HTC "will always have more flagship products on Windows Mobile". It's interesting that HTC said that because Android is the hot, new operating system that garners so much media attention while Windows Mobile is old, creaky and well, un-exciting (except to these guys).

We're not sure if HTC is betting on the right horse. But what can you do? If the market reacts positively to more HTC Android devices, maybe they'll change their stance. In the meantime, le sigh.



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Le Sigh: HTC France Says They'll Always Have More Flagship Products on WinMob


Geesh, why all the hate. I came via "those guys". You're sounding like an iSheep. HTC is doing what is making them money right now. That doesn't mean that they will continue to make those funny looking phones for Android. I'll enjoy my Fuze and TP2; you enjoy your G1 and Magic. Let the chips fall where they may.

Man this site needs an editor bad. Someone really needs to control all the propaganda post that Casey Chan does these days....this is a Android OS site, but dude you need to calm down, you're an writer, but almost every post you write makes you sound like a fan boy.

I am not sure why people feel the need to take such strong emotional stands on technologies such as android and windows mobile. That is likely a science project within itself. However, I would offer the following perspective. I am grateful that we have so many choices (e.g., windows mobile, android, iPhone, symbian, etc). The competition is what makes these organizations keep pushing and developing new features and technologies. Imagine if the only choice we had as one of these. Do you really think we would have the level of high-end devices that we enjoy today? I seriously doubt it. So, in my humble opinion the free market is what drives innovation, creativity and wonderful gadgets that you and I get to use for work and at home. As a software developer I have developed for all of these major mobile operating systems and while there is some overlap each one has its own unique and positive attributes that it brings to the table.