We went over the strengths and weaknesses of LauncherPro recently, and if there was one thing really holding it back from taking the number one spot, it had to be the lack of customization – especially when it comes to the dock bar. The author must have heard our prayers, because he released an update that enables us to do just that.  With a simple long press on the icons you can replace them with whatever application you fancy.  You can also change the shortcut to your favorite browser bookmarks – something Helix doesn’t do. Put simply, LauncherPro is a big time contender now, and let’s hope the improvements and features keep on coming. [Market link]

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houserhythm says:

Don't think the heard your prayers... more like the million comments to his app asking for this. Also the change log on his site said customizing the buttons has been in the works from before AC reviewed it :)
Nonetheless - awesome launcher, very fast.

PS: You guys should also give ADW.Launcher a try. Very similar to this, but ALOT more options (like # of rows/columns in app drawer, screen scroll speed etc.)

xvenom89 says:

ADW Launcher is still an overall better choice than LauncherPro.

icebike says:

Not so sure about that.

ADW author is a self professed newbie, with less than 3 months of android programming experience. He has a tiny number of downloads.
The app hasn't withstood the test of time. It has speed issues.

Read for yourself:



mnguyea says:

I have tried both. I am using ADW at the moment which I like. Have no stability issues and lag on the N1 2.2. I also like the additional 6 shortcuts swipe at the app drawer button. It has allows for a lot of customization. My fav is still Helix2 launcher but it lags behind all these new launchers these day.

That said I like both really. It is getting hard to decided with this homereplace war.

xvenom89 says:

Just because someone is new to programming doesn't mean they won't do well. The author did an excellent job bringing the capabilities I and many others have dreamed of into reality and did a damn good job with it. It may be personal preference as to which is 'better', but this one has so much more customization to it and I don't experience ANY lag whatsoever. NONE. I'm using an HTC Incredible. We'll see what happens. This one is open source, so it will remain free. I have a hunch that LauncherPro's author will charge for it once it leaves beta.

oak25 says:

yea ADW is my favorite... sadly like it better than my sense!

moosc says:

Still loving my helix2 launcher. The rest are copy cats

MissMe says:

I have Helix 1. How does this compare?

m4ryv says:

ADW is customizable but the lag, stuttering and force closes makes it unacceptable as a default home launcher. I love it, and still use it sometimes, but Launcher Pro will stay my default. The customizable dock bar cinches it.

Spork1673 says:

strange i have no lag no FC's and No shuttering ?

qst4 says:

Well. Regardless of what everyone else has said, I'm a big fan of Launcher Pro and this is a very nice update. Its feels like a nice mix between some elements of sense, WebOS, and stock.

m109rider says:

Can you put this on an evo or incredible with sense, or does the phone have to be rooted?

m4ryv says:

All phones with Sense can use alternate launchers. There's an app called Home Switcher that let's you very easily set default home apps. For now, to disable Sense, go to applications, manage applications, then go to HTC Sense and clear defaults. It's much easier to download Home Switcher and use it though.

commander 4 says:

ok does ADW get you 7 screens like Launcherpro?

Spork1673 says:


bduschel says:

I use this along with Beautiful Widgets. Gives me that Incredible feel with a physical keyboard!! Very happy with this launcher!!

eljoker says:

So when will this be out? I don't see the update and I'm still running the old one.

qst4 says:

lol, I didn't notice either. If you applied the last update a few days ago you should have the latest. You just have to long press the icons in the dock bar and it will bring up new choices for dock bar icons. At the top of your choices press applications, and that will allow you to select from all your applications.

pastapapa50 says:

Does this new version work in landscape rotation? Does Beautiful Widgets work in landscape on it?

qst4 says:


tortuous801 says:

Can anyone tell me what weather app is used above?

AndyH_STi says:

Google's "News and Weather" widget, set for weather only display. It can also be set for News only, or News and Weather.

Rated_R#AC says:

I prefer adw. no lag. more customizable. more features. just as fast. no force closes. lp just seems like a helix copy. not dogging it. It's good just don't like it as much as adw.

I didn't notice either. If you applied the last update a few days ago you should have the latest. You just have to long press the icons in the dock bar and it will bring up new choices for dock bar icons. At the top of your choices press applications, and that will allow you to select from all your applications.

anyone else not getting the updated version in the market?

The update happened last week. Android central is just slow on the uptake.

Just long press on the grey icons at the bottom. It should bring up a menu allowing you to change it to anything from bookmarks to applications to contacts. Basically anything that isn't a widget :)

threepio says:

I like launcher pro, but cant seem to make the swap from my HTC sense.

And after all, launcher pro is still in beta.

UHF3 says:

LauncherPro is nice, I really like the transitions and quick launch bar. But, on any HTC phone you lose all Sense widgets. And frankly those widgets absolutely rock; Bookmarks, Favorites, Messages and email. Can't live without them, I'll stick with HTC Sense.

Is there any way to set the default messenger icon to Handcent without actually changing the shortcut? I like the look of the grey default icons. I already use Handcent exclusively, and have all the notifications off on the stock messenger. And for some reason when I go to manage applications, the "clear defaults" button is grayed out for the messenger app. Any ideas?

darreno1 says:

Best launcher by far. Fast, smooth and stable.

I have a question on the image used in this post.

Can you tell me which widgets/apps this home screen is using for the weather and also the battery indicator on the notification bar?

TvTechGuru says:

The weather wideget is the NEW and free widget that came with Android 2.1. It's called "News & Weather". You can add a widget with both News and Weather or a widget with only weather or news. Of course you are seeing just the weather widget. It works great and will automatically update to a fixed location or follow you. I have used it before and I like it.

I can't help you on the battery indicator.

app = Battery Indicator. Shows numerical data and you can set color alerts based on charge left. For Example:
Green until 40% charge
Amber at 30% charge
Red at 10% charge

TvTechGuru says:

LauncherPro is definitely the best launcher right now. I currently only see the need for 5 screens, but it's awesome to know I can expand to 7 if I want! I love the feature when I pinch the screen it brings up all 5 of my screens. This app is the smoothest and fastest I have seen run on the Droid.

kelechiea says:

whats up with the limited widgets? im on the evo