SGS3 Leak SGS3 Leak

A mere two days away from the huge Galaxy S III announcement, we’re getting yet another sneak peek at what Samsung is hiding up its sleeve. This leak comes courtesy of Sammobile, and appears to show the “next Galaxy” running Android 4.0.4 out of the box. This device looks to be the GT-I9300, the same phone leaked by Gizmodo Brazil and promptly confirmed by The Verge to be nowhere near the final build.  Sammobile's anonymous tipster claims that whatever this pans out to be, it'll have a 12 megapixel camera, a spec all but confirmed for the GS3. 

Does this mean that the GT-I9800 that got its Wifi certification last week will be the actual Galaxy S III, or are these different model numbers perhaps a continuation of Samsung’s tradition of different Galaxies for different carriers? Is the device above ready to ship, or is it just another dummy casing? Who knows, but one thing’s for certain: we can all say adios to renders and prototypes in just 48 hours, when we'll all unravel the GS3 mystery together.

Source: Sammobile


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Latest SGS3 leak makes us happy that May 3 is just two days away


I just really hope that this time the international version is pentaband and works on T-Mobile's 3G. I really hate having to wait for the carrier version and then the slower updates that come along with that.

That still looks like the phone itself is inside a fake square edged shell ? I would hope the real phone is the round curved part you see that looks like it is sitting inside the shell, that would make the top and bezel very small, and very sleek looking device.

The first photo clearly shows either a dummy shell or a case on the unit. It makes the corners look much more square than expected of the final design.

Agreed, I sure hope the real phone is the rounded corner looking device, just sitting inside a squared off shell. If so, then that will be a very slick looking device. But if the true design is just that, with the squared edges, then it just looks bad, with that rounded screen almost looking like a poor screen protector or something ?

Maybe a release date this time and confirm or deny the rumor about a delay for changing out processors? My dream would be they throw in a smaller form factor one like a 7.0" Note or whatever sizes they are doing now.

I hope they just forget about the note 10.1 and put a rush on the "flagship" Galaxy Tab 2 11.6 ... or whatever it will end up being called

Would be funny if that part that looks like a case is actually part of the phone.

Without it the look is very Nexus S/Galaxy Nexus.

I hope it looks like the galaxy nexus but not plastic crap I wish they would but the on screen buttons on this phone and not put there name on the screen of the device I hate seeing Samsung and at&t on my screen it drives me crazy

i really hope that left button is NOT a freaking MENU button.
but it seems like it is. that will be a total fail. like... WTF samsung.
jeez. it's ICS NOW!!!