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Wondering how it actually charges? This might be the biggest clue yet

One of the as yet untold stories of the forthcoming Moto 360 Android Wear watch is how it's going to charge. Well, new images that have surfaced out in Italy show the watch without anything covering up its back, and docked into that super secret charger. While there's nothing to indicate exactly what type of wireless charging is going on here (FCC docs say it's the Qi standard) we can at least get a better look at how we'll be doing it.

The charger is unlike any that we've seen so far for a smartwatch. It appears to cradle the Moto 360 with the watch face pointing outwards – so, still looking at you while its charging – with the power cable plugging in round the back.

The images of the rear of the watch also show off what the retail units will likely look like round there, and there are a few more details than the ones we saw at Google I/O. Nothing out of the ordinary with things like "pedometer" and "water resistant IP67" or indeed that it is stainless steel. Check out the full gallery at the source link below.

What we actually, really, want now is to buy one. Please, Motorola? Pretty please?

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More: Can the Moto 360 save us from crappy smartwatch chargers?


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Latest Moto 360 images show off the secret charger for the first time


Did anyone notice that there's no sensor on the bottom of the watch screen? Maybe its being blocked by the glare.

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It looks like there is now an additional unusable black area on the screen. The original black area looks like it has changed positions, but it really hasen't. Screen orientation appears to change based upon the position of the watch.

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nah its soley because the watch is on its side instead of in regular position ( look at the straps).. the black part is in the same place.. its apparently physical and is a sensor etc so it can't be moved

The gentleman who made the initial posts/pictures stated that the watch band are standard size, and attach with standard pins. No mention on who easy/difficult removal would be, but you aren't likely to be enslaved to Moto's straps. Though, I'm certain some will look/work better than others, but that's true for any watch.

I gots to have it Pronto! $300 is my ceiling though, because to me it certainly is not a necessity and doesn't really add that much functionality. It's just a cool geeky gadget.

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After having the LG G watch for the last month or so I am looking forward to the slightly larger screen. But you are correct. It doesn't do very much so $300 is about my top as well. And I don't have to sell my G Watch for that. If it was $450 then I will.

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This is the best looking geek watch, so far. Geek = low adoption rate.

Will Apple introduce a game changer? Perhaps

it will only be a game changer because it's Apple, not because it's particularly compelling. This is not to say that they don't make nice machines, but I'm curious as to what will be a game changer in this space - except if they make one that is actually designed for women.

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I am going to bet it is north of to the LG Gwatch at 229, this watch looks more than 70 dollars better. Stainless steel, leather strap, Light sensor, Heart rate monitor, etc....round

Agreed. If it's south of $350, it'll be a miracle. And spending that much on a first-gen product is a little tough to bear.

I'm putting my money on <$300.

Motorola has proved that they can surprise us with pricing. They may even sell it break even or at a loss... especially if it is released with the X+1...

I hope we are wrong about pricing. Moto would look a little silly posting a $350 plus limited Android Wear device on their own website, right next to a $350 customizable Moto X

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Miniturization is expensive though. Nobody says that about tablet vs. phones. I'm thinking right around the $300 mark. A bit more for the steal band. Hoping for $270 for leather/$300 for steel. I'm surprisingly interested in this gadget, but may still wait for a fire sale or 2 gen.

I wonder if it'll also work on a tylt vu.. I just hope the AC adapter has two usb ports so it's less hassle for people travelling
also did you guys gloss over the heartbeat sensor? didn't even mention it

You could just buy a USB wall adapter with two or more usb ports. I use one that has 5... it's a bit bulky for travel, but it came in handy this weekend, when I realized there was ONE open outlet in my hotel room. I was able to charge my phone, wife's phone, g-watch, and e-cigs from that one outlet.

''The charger is unlike any that we've seen so far for a smartwatch.'' Really??

I can't help wonder if Qualcomm had a hand in this. Does no one else see the similarity to the charger for their Toq watch?

Ha I thought of my Qualcomm Toq watch charger too, the watch sits on its side and displays the time in the same manner, so it is similar (although the Toq is not Qi from what I understand). However this stand looks more compact compared to the giant box that is the Toq charger, so that's nice. Also looks like it would support leather straps that use center clasp mechanisms (similar to the Toq's center clasp), which I was wondering about when I heard the Moto 360 would use Qi charging (my internal question of "will it have to lay flat" has been answered).

However I doubt Qualcomm has anything to do with this product or its charging mechanism/design :)

They are using the side button to activate charging I guess.. that's probably why the design has changed from the images we saw for the first time in march.

If they were able to charge that kinetically, they would have unlocked an amazing power source that would have solved much of the world's power needs. Kinetic energy in watches wouldn't even supply 1/4 of the power needed for a day.

That's something you shouldn't hold your breath for on a smartwatch. It's pretty much impossible to produce enough energy that way to keep one going.

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Why are people STILL talking about kinetic charging?! You'd have to be a freaking idiot to believe that'd provide a sufficient amount of charge for a watch as battery intensive as a smartwatch, plus this has been talked about over and over! Use your brains, people! Or at least do some research before you post such idiotic, redundant comments...

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Nah, don't need to calm down, I wasn't that angry to begin with. Just baffled people are STILL on this kinetic charging in a smartwatch crap by now... Don't be so sensitive...

Posted via Android Central App

You don't have to be so brash either, not everyone's read previous comment sections, done any research, or applied a little bit of physics before suggesting kinetic/solar; but that doesn't make them an idiot...

Just naive/uniformed. You were at the same point once and I'm sure you wouldn't appreciate being repeatedly called an idiot over it, cause it wasn't just once either.

You're right, I was uninformed at one point, which is why I choose to educate myself before making any comments on any particular subject, whatever it may be. In my opinion, only an idiot comments on something they know nothing about. What's the point of commenting at all if you know nothing about the subject... But, if you want we can argue about this all night long ;-)

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Yea what I said seemed to bother you enough to tell me to "calm down", when really I wasn't nearly mad enough to necessitate calming down... so yea, you seem a little sensitive. If you sensitive nerds get all butthurt over a little comment like the one I made, you need to grow a pair. Wouldn't last a day in the service, that's for sure.

Posted via Android Central App

It's hilarious and downright embarrassing that you, a serviceman, can't see the utter hypocrisy in your comments, lol. You are telling someone they are too sensitive because they responded to your comment, while the comment they responded to was one in which you completely overreacted (i.e was too sensitive) in response to someone else's comment.

I wasn't going to bother involving myself in this thread until I saw your cute little "wouldn't last a day in the service, that's for sure" comment. Ha! You are a hoot, sir.

We're laughing at you, not with you. I do thank you for your service tho, but it doesn't give you a right to be an ass regardless.

Boy you're just making dumb comments everywhere, eh? Looks like EVERYONE agrees that you arent too bright ;) Quit while you're behind.

Where's the dumb comments? I don't see any... and 4 people somehow equates to "everyone"? Very interesting...

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Well since you dragged our armed forces into this, I feel compelled to respond. I did serve, proudly. While there I learned honor and discipline. An honorable man doesn't have to belittle and disrespect others to make his point. A disciplined man doesn't lose control over another individuals innocent mistake, especially a comment on tech blog. Perhaps you should re-up to regain these valuable principles.

Meh, no room for idiots in my unit... while we do practice patience, understanding, and serve with honor and discipline, we do not tolerate incompetence and we do not tolerate talking out of turn and out of ones ass. Learn first, talk later. No respect and no tolerance for those who speak about what they do not know. Tech blog or not, I can't stand someone who speaks out of their ass. You do with this what you will, I won't lose sleep over your opinions, or anyone else's.

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Yea not really buddy... in each and every one of these posts about the moto 360 there's always some idiot that talks about hopes of kinetic charging. This has been discussed over and over and over again. Do some research. It boggles my mind people are still thinking about this for a battery sucking smartwatch such as this, or any of the android wear smartwatches. Like I said before, try using your brain before posting. Not that difficult.

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Sometimes the capacity to do the otherwise impossible is what has projected the human race thus far. We have managed to travel beyond our own planet , redesigned a computer from an industrial device to being as small as a pound coin we even managed to design nuclear weapons than can destroy continents .

Time to think big my friend , that's what some of the greatest inventors had to do different.

Posed via Nokia 3310 smartphone

Yea, I get all that, but looking at it for what it is, kinetic charging as the sole charging method for a device like this will never happen. Maybe it could be implemented to slow down discharge over the course of use, but that's about the only impact kinetic charging in a smartwatch would ever have. If that. I hope one day in the far off future I'm proven wrong somehow, but from what we know about it now, I highly doubt it.

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You were hoping for kinetic charging... That pretty much proves you're dumber than a sack of hammers.

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Are people actually keen on this device specifically BECAUSE they can't have one yet? The enforced delay may be a marketing move.

Awesome AC.

Have to agree with you...I was excited for this watch months ago when it was announced and more and more was revealed. But as time went on I'm starting to lose interest...not because it's not a beautiful smart watch or a step above the others but mainly because no one knows when it's even coming out or the price point. The other post I saw on G+ where a guy ran into someone in Chicago who worked at Moto and was wearing one. But still couldn't say when it will be available for the masses. All he could say was "summer"....I mean really SUMMER?!

Yes, summer.As in 6/21/14 to 9/22/14 which is not very long. Ask any kid on summer break. Plus, it gives them a buffer for unforseen delays and keeps potential customers from screaming bloody murder for missing a deadline. The only reason we know about it officially (Google I/O) is so that people don't buy the available smartwatches and to pressure Apple. Google knows Apple's design is likely to make any available smartwatch look like garbage and they know Moto (Googlrola?) hit a homerun for a first gen design.

The Moto X worked by getting the ballance of features, size and feel just right. Lots of people still love it. The Moto G has been a serious hit in Europe, especially in the UK; for broadly similar reasons.

I think the Moto 360 will be popular. But the crucial point for wearables will be next year, once Apple have made thier move. Then the true relevance of Android Wear will become clearer. As the ecosystem and Gen 2 hardware prove this sector has a point - a true reason to be.

I don't think wearables have to feel like shiny stainless watches to be accepted; provided they deliver benifits enough people choose to embrace. Pebble proved they CAN be useful. Now they need to become desirable for what they add to the mobile experience. I think they can.

Awesome AC.

No. When the G and 360 were announced talk was all about the 360. What it comes down to is aesthetics, the 360 simply looks like a better device. If anything the wait has hurt it.

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Look I just need a price for this damn think and a release date I've been sold a long time ago

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From the looks of things, this is also a multi position charger, ie you can have the watch charging facing upwards as well, LG G Watch style. But, we'll see...

Edit: having checked out the source I'm pretty sure it isn't (I could only see the one image when I posted that comment) and it appears that the other side of the charger is curved and so it would be impossible to lie the watch flat. It would have been a cool concept though.

I would hope it's much less than that if bundled with a Moto X2 (enough of the +1 sh*t already lol...too many OEMs doing it).

Another proprietary charger. Hoping you can just use it with a standard mat. I will be sleeping when I charge it so really don't care for a pretty cradle.

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So that's what those plastic bands were hiding. Nice work Moto. I'm getting one. Have my info queued up and everything.

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Yes, definitely. Let's just hope it's Qi since I have two orbs and a plate already. Funny how many people are amazed by the orb on my desk at work, just like using gWallet. If Apple would just do it already it'd be standard. Sad, but true.

To anyone hoping this will charge with a standard Qi charging mat, I think you'll have to wait for the newer ones to come out (or maybe the one that came out around the time of the Nexus 4. Getting the watch to lie completely flat on its back would probably not be an easy task, and current mats require direct contact with the device.

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Not with a leather band or similar band that completely unhooks. Metal bands would be kinda SOL there, but not the leather.

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Interesting that although they used the Qi standard for charging, many types of watch bands will necessitate the use of this particular charger. Motorola accidentally invented the proprietary standardized charger.

Current mats can charge thru a case and stuff like that, and it's wayyy too early for Moto to have adopted a new Qi standard that was JUST announced IMO... So this is either standard Qi with some tweaks, or proprietary. Honestly, there's only two impediments to it being standard Qi:

First, we've never seen it work thru a metal case, but it's not outside of the realm of possibility (we were saying the same thing about NFC before the One). That visible back could just be a very thin cover that just hides the coil and the watch band connection, with the rest of the watch under another cover.

Weather sealing might get more complicated tho. Second, the ergonomics of a steel band are a minor inconvenience but a custom stand charger like this would solve that... It's kind of impressive that it isn't any thicker than LG's while having a charging coil and using more metal tho.

The size is perfect for me, the only thing that would stop me from instantly getting it at this point are abysmal battery life/capacity (compared to Samsung/LG) or a price point over $350... I do hope if it's $350 it comes with a nice steel band tho, that'd easily justify a higher price for me.

Assuming this pans out to be true, I'm worried about the effect this will have on heavier watch bands such as steel ones. Standard gravity is going to pull the strap down and over time, that could potentially put some tension damage on the top/left (while charging / while not charging) of the watch.

Frankly, I'm growing tired of all of this teasing. They have 1 month to release this watch until my interests move on... Its been almost a 6 month tease! They are making the same mistake that Palm made with the Palm Pre, or Motorola, itself with the Bionic. You can't announce something, create HUGE excitement, then drag out the release for half a year! So, they got one month, or I'm taking my $$ to buy a real fashionable watch....

Sure you can, you just have to live up to the hype. The Palm Pre suffered from the delay, a tiny app store, an exclusive launch partner (that was third in market share) and poor build quality. Right now the only knock on the 360 is the long buildup, however they've managed to retain mindshare through the long buildup.

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Guys, in one of the photos you can c clearly read "optical heart rate sensor" printed on the watch. So Thera another confirmed feature!

It's massive in comparison to my LG though! Gonna need big arms and wrists to pull that off

The_ape on an N9005

That picture sold me on it definitely, I was still hesitant about the size but if it's not any thicker/larger I think it'll look quite nice on me. I tried the LG at AT&T and I thought thickness and overall size was fine, the rectangular shape just made it look a little dorky (I think that shape just instantly reminds many of us of calculator watches).

I think if you're making a square watch you should actually make it a proper square, not a rectangle with larger bezels on two sides, just looks more symmetrical which fits better design-wise for a watch. Anyway, slightly shorter, with less corners, and about as thick as the LG looks perfect to me!

It's barely any larger than the type of watch I already wear (occasionally), and slightly smaller than the type of men's watches that are actually in style lately.

My max is $300...

One thing I noticed is that since the sensor is apparently here to stay, they could have made better use of it visually by having the charging indicator go from one end of it to the other instead of acting as if it's not there...

I know this may not be final but that's one thing I noticed...

Good idea! That said the way it's shown doesn't bother me and there will custom roms and such to change it if you can't do it out of the box.

Looks great but that black bar is really bugging me. I know it's there for a reason but wish they could have put it maybe in the side of the device rather than the front

Posted via Android Central App using galaxy s4

It looks expensive. Which isn't a bad thing unless it is actually expensive.
I may be willing to trade up to the Moto360 (especially since I'm now on Gear Live number 2 after the first simply stopped working).
However I'm not going to shell out a ton of cash for what amounts to Google Now cards on my wrist.
If the watch had a speaker and could take calls I may pay a bit more. But the 1st gen items really don't seem to warrant more then $250 for what they do.
And yes, I know a really nice watch comes with a price. But we aren't talking about time proven (no pun intended) time pieces here. We are talking about 1st gen items that complement our phones.

My only wish is this watch would have a optional stainless steel link bracelet and thicker bezel. Now that would be a true game changer. Hell make the charger stainless steel also.

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That's clever. Eliminates the shuffling around to line everything up. Will there be a travel size charger though?

The LG actually snaps on pretty easily unto it's base since it's magnetic, but I still prefer Qi too... Hopefully it'll work on regular Qi pads as well.

Looks super cool. Love how it serves as a desk clock...kinda. Reminds me of Palm's wireless charging dock too!

All I wanna do is give Motorola my money, but they won't let me! They won't even tell me when the damn thing is coming out. Jerks.

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The watch will look great in silver with a metal band :)  Hoping that the charger comes with the watch and they don't try and upsell it for another $50-$100.  Ugh.  But looking at it, I don't see any other way to charge.