HTC Thunderbolt Best Buy

So about that HTC ThunderBolt release date ... We don't know when the hell it's finally going to be released. And at this point, we're not entirely sure who does. The Feb. 14 in-stock date at Best Buy didn't happen. And obviously that rumored Feb. 24 date has come and gone. We're still confident in the sources that brought us those bits of news. But you know what? Things change.

Now there's this image that appears in the Android Central Forums (among other places) that shows a March 10 launch. No telling how old it is, though, but at least it's something. And  that we've seen it distributed to a half-dozen sources at this point is making it smell like a coordinated effort, so maybe this one's the real deal, folks. [Android Central Forums]

By the way: That Best Buy store in Roseville, Calif., that tweeted a March 4 date has since killed said tweet. Maybe that means it's real -- maybe that means a single store doesn't know what it's talking about and doesn't speak for an entire launch. You decide.


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Latest leak shows possible March 10 launch for the HTC Thunderbolt


Everytime a device gets delayed this close to launch the same ? 's always goes through my head. What can they be changing this late in the game? haven't a large amount of devices already been manufactured? Isnt it to late to change the launch software? The hardware has been set in stone at this point?

Seriously. Why is everyone posting this as news? At best it is the targeted date for the Thunderbolt from back in November otherwise they wouldn't be showing the release date for phones as 11/23/2010! Surely things have changed since then with even Verizon sayings to expect it earlier than initially thought.

I thought the same thing when I looked at this. If this was current I doubt they would have a phone that came out November of last year on the list. Doesn't make much sense.

The best part of all of this is that everyone was fine with a mid march release back when the phone was previewed in january. Now because of "rumors" everyones in a tizzy. How about we wait until Verizon just says "THIS IS WHEN ITS COMING OUT". I don't want a phone i have to return the next day because it sucks and it wasn't ready. Quality control is huge for VZW's first 4G phone.

This makes since considering it's exactly a month to the day 3/10/11 that the iPhone came out on VZW 2/10/11 so i can agree with this but still it's ridiculous, not got a big problem with Apple, but this is obviously Apple's fault.

Delays are stupid but in this age half of the internet info we get is bunk. The release date is mostly like a movie release day, its about money. In this case they prolly had a software problem and are now waiting for the next day sales says will sell the most phones. Its always money and profit people, Verizon is king because they know this.

Its almost Q2 & the Thunderbolt isn't out ! Maybe People should start considering the Droid Bionic

The question is : Will the ThunderBolt lives up to the Hype ?

Sorry, replied to the wrong post.

I'll try again....What makes you think the bionic will be released on time? :-)

And, will the Bionic live up to IT'S hype?

Epic fail.... The Roseville store is two minutes away. I apologize for them. Lol. I got my xoom from them today and when I asked them about the Thunderbolt, they were just as frustrated. I meant to grab a brochure from there that has the Thunderbolt on it but I forgot. I will say this much. Some of their employees seem to be lacking in the give a damn department but, there is at least one who cares.

I work at a very busy airport restaurant and happened to meet a Verizon Network Engineer. He didn't give me a release date but he did say it was delayed due to 4g network connectivity issues and they were just about all worked out. We also talked about some other cool phones scheduled to come out throughout the year. My money is on mid March. I'm ok with waiting as long as it's not released like the BB Storm.

I think I'll just wait for the Incredible-S, which is a world phone (unlike the T-bolt) or just wait till the end of the year where everything will be multi-core processing, better video output, front and rear cameras... and so on. This is just stupid, ridiculous and nerve racking to those people, like me, who wanted a great phone but are waiting due to VZW's incompetence, lack of understanding or whatever the issue is this week.

Here we go again.Its March now.I dont know about this Verizon has not put out a release date yet.They have do this before any thing can happenat BB or any were else Verizon rules. They have the say.

Verizon will not release the Thunderbolt until they have sold at least 10 iPhones..... March 10th should be about right.

Booo.... I'll stick with my Incredible for now. maybe see what the next big 4G phone. Thunderbolt = Fail

I hope my local best buy is correct. They called on the 24th and said my preordered Thunderbolt will be in on Monday the 28th. My Eris is about running out of breath! SW Michigan

i was at my local best buy yesterday and the Verizon guy told me he was 100% sure the phone was coming out on the 28th. I told him i was hearing the 4th or later and he said nope, the 28th.

hope he is right. if not, thats bs and employee can say that if he really has no clue.

To those considering the Bionic, here's my reasoning as to why (for me) the Thunderbolt is the only option right now...

Here's what I have learned from the life of my original Droid. It was fast and snappy when I got it, but one year on, after upgrading the device to newer Android releases, it became slow, buggier and even more battery hungry. I installed Cyanogen Mod, and things are as good as new (actually better). That experience has made me a big CM fan, as I was able to put off making another purchase until I saw fit.

Whatever phone I get next, I realize that over time, that it will probably slow down and become buggier with future Android releases (which at some point will stop coming for the device altogether). And while these new beefier devices will probably have a longer shelf life than the original Droid, I imagine I will need to lean on CyanogenMod again in the future as my next device ages. As I look ahead and consider retiring my Droid, there is only one manufacturer that dominates Cyanogen availability, and that's HTC. Motorola's locking down of their subsequent Droid models prevents one from using CyanogenMod.

As much as I've loved my OG Droid, when the time comes to retire it (and if it weren't for my wanting a front-facing camera, I'm confident it could make it year or two), I will go with the best HTC device that is available for Verizon (the only carrier besides AT&T in my area, and they don't have 3G). That looks like it's going to be the Thunderbolt--if in fact the thing actually exists.

Two things:
1. Makes sense, its a Thursday
2. How exactly was this delayed? Wasn't it originally announced for March? Then rumors claimed earlier..