Pick up nine games for a steal of a price

Just a quick message for those who enjoy picking up games from the Humble Bundle — three more games have just been added to the deal. As is often the case with the Humble Bundle, mid-way through the sale additional games are added to pick up some more donations. The new games are available to anyone who donated above average at any point in the sale, before or after the offerings were expanded:

  • Solar 2
  • The Bard's Tale
  • Bad Hotel

That means you'll now receive nine games in total if you donate over the average, which is currently set at just $4.31. It's a great deal for some DRM-free games that also benefits charity.

Source: Humble Bundle


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Latest Humble Bundle adds 3 more games for above-average donors


FIRST off let me say this is an awesome idea. Glad to see them continue on. I love when AC posts them up

Happy Holiday's from my phone to yours...

That's why your next phone will be a Nexus 6. YesNexus.lol!!!

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Glad I saw the post. I just bought a bunch for Christmas presents

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Do apps purchased through humble bundle get updated when their play store counterparts do?

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