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Although the feature has been available for some time for English speakers, Google Search (aka Google Now) will now respond to queries in Japanese, German and French. You'll need the latest Google Search app installed, but once that's done you'll be able to ask questions in the three new languages and receive spoken results in the same language.

Naturally Google can't guarantee that you'll receive spoken results for every voice query, but that's already the case for English as well. You can expect the app to speak back to you when receiving results from the "knowledge graph" that returns a card at the top of the results.

While this is a big deal for those living in Japan, Germany and France, it could certainly be of use when traveling to those countries as a non-native speaker as well. Pair this up with Google Translate and you may have an easier way finding things in a new place.

Source: Google Search Blog


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Latest Google Search app will return spoken results in Japanese, German and French


If this app stays as is, it's still fantastic and will be used all the time.

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I'm French and it's been a while since the answers are spoken in French, even if there are less answers spoken than in English. Let's hope we have the same soon...

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Agree. Spanish is spoken in so many more countries than any of these other languages and should come right after english in terms of support.

As much as Google's relationship with China is awkward at the moment I am learning Mandarin and I think it would be cool to be able to practice and use Google Now (Since I already use it all the time)

About time. This is wonderful. Been waiting for Japanese! :-)

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