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We’re just over two days away from Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 announcement at IFA 2012, but we still know almost nothing about the upcoming phone/tablet hybrid. Nevertheless, some small details are starting to leak out as the public unveiling approaches. The latest of these comes from SamMobile, which has a pretty good track record with Samsung leaks.

The report, which seems to have come from a retailer spreadsheet, lists the official branding as “GALAXY Note II,” alongside the model number GT-N7100 (the original note was GT-N7000). Also reported are two color variations -- “ceramic white” and another marked as TBD (to be determined), though black would be a good bet in our opinion.

According to the site’s sources, the Note 2 will appear during week 40 (Oct. 1-7), alongside a new “titan grey” Galaxy S3. This also coincides with when we’re expecting to see the elusive black Galaxy S3 land on store shelves, so it’s possible that “titan grey” is the official marketing name for this new S3 color.

Of course, we’re still operating within rumor territory here, so we’ll maintain a healthy skepticism until we see the Galaxy Note 2 for ourselves later this week. Keep it locked to AC for live coverage from Berlin as it happens!

Source: SamMobile


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Latest Galaxy Note 2 leakage suggests two colors at launch, early October release


i would like to see the Note 2 simultaneously launched on all 4 major U.S. carriers at the same time.

GS3 is a Lead Device. That's the reason it gets onto all carriers... the NOTE is still a niche device.... no matter how much it sells its still only a fraction of what the GS3 sells. I wouldn't expect that at all.

i have sprint. If this releases in october only on ATT i'm switching to them. If it comes to all 4 im sticking with sprint....if it doesn't release in october than I think I'm going to get the Photon Q or the Galaxy note if it's more than 5 months out till it releases

The only carrier I've heard rumored was Sprint and that was a few months ago when word of the Note2 started to circulate. I had the original Note on ATT and I loved it.. Prior to getting my first bill lol. . . I guess we just have to wait and see :)

Me too...I like this phone so much that I may actually jump to AT&T; and that's saying something! The LG phablet is a joke compared to the Note 2 and, while HTC's may be nice, it's still 1/2" smaller, and that is a lot when you are reading on the screen. Why Verizon would choose LG over Samsung is beyond me!

Colors don't matter to me as I always buy a rugged case for the expensive mini computers. Cases that have a wide variety in colors.

Yea like tankmech says colors don't matter but would like to see or get a yellow back cover for mine since I'm on Sprint. If sprint gets it. I I do hope it is released on all at the same time. Been waiting for my upgrade si if it comes in October for Sprint then ill wait. GSIII is on my list but I will get it for my wife and the note 10.1. Ill be happy with the note 2. with the announcement of the 5.8 player I'm wondering if the note will rock the same size screen.

My only hope is that the Note II will land on Sprint. I own the Note 5.3, and I switched from Sprint to At&t to get it. I don't regret the device one bit, but the cost of service on At&t is outrageous.

I just purchased the Note 10.1, and the two devices work great together. However, because the 10.1 is wifi only, and my building at work does not have wifi, I can't access the web on the 10.1 while at work.

If the Note II comes to Sprint I will switch back, get the Note II, and activate the hotspot feature so I can tether with the 10.1. My monthly cost would be $60 less expensive than having the one device on At&t.

have you thought of buying an unlocked phone and going to T-Mobile Monthly 4G for $60/month unlimited?

i have a G-Nex on Sprint now and i'm toying with that idea for when my contract is up.

@Gekko: I like this idea. My only concern is will it offer me the ability to use the "baby" (5.3) Note as a hotspot for the "Papa" (10.1) Note.

Now that I think about it, Sprint charges $30(month-to-month) to turn on the hotspot, and so I'd have to check to see what T-Mo's cost would be?

In either case both carriers are a lot less expensive than At&t.

Just install FoxFi (root free tethering app) on your Note to gain wifi access on the Note 10.1. I use it daily (AT&T) and have never had any problems.