Fennec for Android

For those of you following the development of Mozilla's Firefox browser for Android -- also known as Fennec -- you'll be happy to learn that basic multitouch has been added in a development build. This build isn't as polished as the other nightly builds we've been using, and you'll need to uninstall it when switching from a signed build. But it's great to see work progress, and great to see the addition of multitouch. You can download the development build here. [Fennec Google Group via Matt Brubeck]

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Cool... It already force closed

jd914 says:

constantly crashes and doesn't work worst build so far

swimrage says:

the bookmarks are very cool, the usability is not

ah yea this does not work on my INC

ulnek says:

has this one gone down in size yet? last one was 30mb. no way i'd use that.

kicko says:

This browser will be kickin when it finally gets works out.

FC's on my INC