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It's the eve of Google I/O, and we've been promised a taste of the next version of Android during tomorrow's keynote address. (You've got our liveblog bookmarked, right?) So let's have a little fun. What do you think the "L" version of Android will be? Lollipop? Licorice? Lemon? Lima Bean?

Give us your guess in the comments. If a new nickname is announced tomorrow — and that's not a given, folks — then we'll round up those who guessed right and pick two at random to receive a little something something from us. Given that it's I/O, figure it'll be a Nexus of some sort. (Hell, we'll even let you choose — phone or tablet.) If no name is announced, then we'll pick three people at random to win a device.

Just because we can.

Good guessing, and good luck!


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Last-minute contest: What's the L version of Android going to be called?



Lady Fingers
Laffy Taffy,
Life Savers
Lindor Balls

Life Savers would be good since they could float around the screen and have all the Colors of Google

It is time to turn attention to the Chinese lychee is a good guess. But no...

The new name will be Lo Mein!

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never thought of that! why not make money off corporations like nestle (kit kat) or whomever owns lifesavers

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Life Savers would continue with the cross-marketing strategy that started with KitKat.

However.... Hershey makes KitKat in the USA and Life Savers is a Wrigley product that is owned by Mars. This could be a problem. Kinda like choosing Coke right after using Pepsi.

BTW... Lemonheads is owned by the Ferrara Candy Company. Probably not the big name conflict that would be Hershey vs. Mars.

How about "Lowrey's Meat Snacks?" Would vegetarians skip this version of Android?

I'm guessing that Google is using the Roman numeral "L", which means 50, as a hint that Android 5.0 will be announced.

It's "L" only because it's in alphabetical order.
Froyo, Gbread, ICS, JB, KitKat.

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If there's one thing I've noticed is the last 4 Android versions have been 2 or 3 words long. Gingerbread (Ginger Bread), Honeycomb (Honey Comb), Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, KitKat (Kit Kat). So logically speaking, Laffy Taffy makes sense.
That would be too awesome!

I'm also going with Laffy Taffy. Lemon Head and Life Saver(s) don't sound like candy out of context. Latch Taffy totally still sounds like a sweet, and I'm banking they'll do another brand.

I'm not so sure.. One of the reasons they went with KitKat because it was internationally recognised. Most of the suggestions appear to be local US brands.

I suspect lollypop.. But something completely out of left field like Lego would be cool.

I've hesitated to make an account for over a year. What was I thinking? These contests are fun. I believe in

Hmm... Lollipop? Lemon tart? Lemonade? Lime pie?

Or if they are going to partner with another snacks company again... Lindor? Lotte?

Lima Bean
Just kidding nobody likes Lima beans right? How about we go with Lollipop.
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Lemon Meringue Pie aka LMP
Lollipop aka LP

Or curve ball we jump to 5.0 and actually skip L and it goes to Android M for Marshmellow ~

I gotta go with licorice. .just sounds right for the line would make an awesome front lawn mockup

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Looks like we can only choose one name - I'm going to roll with Lemon Head - I've cracked the code.

L = 50 = 1964 (50 years ago) = LemonHeads were VERY popular in that year.. There you have it, folks.

I'm gonna say licorice... but I'll add a twist and go "Licorice Whip" cuz that's more fun than just plain ol licorice. it sounds more like what we've had before, which are more two part names - jelly bean, kit kat, dough nut, honey comb, ginger bread, fro yo (ok that's a stretch. heh) but you see the pattern.

I'm thinking Lemon Drop for some reason. There's something very Googley about that to me for no specific reason.

LSP (Lumpy Space Princess) - I saw this one at PocketNow lol. Not a sweets name, but still "Admit it, no one can resist those lumps" lol ew.

or laffy taffy, but that makes me think of that song, shake your laffy taffy haha

and yes, I searched this on Google

I'm not expecting a name change but my money's on lollipop whenever it does come.

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I think that it will be called Lifesaver, because they are going to try and incorporate fitness and living a healthier lifestyle.

I believe they will team up again like kit Kat and call it Laffy taffy if not then lava cake, licorice, or lollipop

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Hmm I hope it's something like Lemon Pie or Liquorice...because I can envision now all the titles involving "lollipop" and "suck".

I'm really thinking Lollipop sounds great and would make an awesome lawn ornament, but, I'm going with:


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