If you're looking to fill out your comiXology comic collection you're in luck. Although we are admittedly a bit late to catch this, the folks from Image Comics and comiXology are giving away 193 free comics and today is the last day to grab them. Among those available you'll find The Walking Dead, Witchblade, Epic Kill, Fatale and many, many more.

All you need to do is open up the comiXology app and go to the Image Comics publisher page and make your selections. Alternatively, you can also visit the comiXology site where they offer up an awesome 'add all to cart button' that allows for them to be instantly available on your device after checkout. Thanks, Paunngaq!

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TomW093 says:

Didn't even know they had this deal going on. Thank you for the heads up!

FutureKix says:

I remember now you guys told us about this a fee weeks ago, I think because Amazon bought them, right? Also, I did all that I can't find the free ones. :(

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The category is 'IMAGE FREE FIRSTS'.

I had completely forgotten about this. Thanks for the reminder.

paragroth says:

Awesome! A total of 282 free comic books for free! Thanks for the heads up!

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I don't see 193 free comics on the website. However, on Comixology's website, I was able to download 66 free comics.

No complaints, here!! That's 66 more comics than I started the day with!! Thanks!!


Never mind, I found the link to the free comics!! (I didn't realize that the link was posted in the article, lol) Thanks!!

techitrucker says:

Nice find.

Armadillo, the other white meat.

dragonsamus says:

Sweet! Thanks!!

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zenihilist says:

Thanks for the reminder!

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Meir H says:

In addition to today's giveaway, you can get more free comics using the link below:


dextorboot says:

Must be dead. Every time I add one to the cart or all it tries to charge me for them.

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Techngro says:

Hey! I logged into my Comixology account and saw a $5 credit too. Sweet!!!!!

Edit: I am also having the same problem as Dextorboot. It's charging me a couple hundred dollars. I sent Comixology an email in the hopes that they can get it fixed.

mercado79 says:

Just gave this a shot. Saw they were free. Added all to cart. And the deal is dead. Too slow!

Looks like some kind of bug as lots of the comics still show as "free", but are not free once in the cart. Time to send a message to customer service, I guess.

jonallan says:

Got the same thing, but just tried one more time. Success!

Jon C1 says:

Still trying to charge me.... :(

DirkBelig says:

Aw darn. This must've cut off at midnight EST because they're all not free now. Drat.

Transmitted via sheer force of will.

Uncle Louie says:

I tried doing it at 11:30pm EST, and it still didn't work. :(

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rlbrooks says:

It cut off at 11 EST. I got mine around 10:30, so I just snuck in. It took forever for the shopping cart to stop spinning after purchase, but eventually it worked. Sorry you missed out, but thanks AC for the heads up. I would have missed it without this post.

rogue5 says:

saw this too late, i guess its over already :(

Amir47 says:

Nothing that I read
And already behind on the comics that I do read
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MarkSeven says:

Saw this too late too.. Oh well..

dextorboot says:

I was able to get about 12 of them for free. Adding all to the cart had them charging me. When I added 1 at a time I was able to get about 3 or 4 in for free then the 5th would make all of them $.99. After that I had to purchase 1 at a time for the rest. Adding any more and they would start charging for all of them. Oh well.

Techngro says:

Comixology emailed me back and said that their promo ended at 11pm (which is kinda weird), even though they showed that they were free at 11:20 or so when I tried to get them. So that's that.

Good job Comixology.

Bor Navas says:

Weird, as I've just downloaded those comics for free, minutes ago..

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