As is prone to happen this time of year, Google's got a bunch of holiday deals in order on Google Play. The savings spans across just about every category, from Kanye West's "Yeezus" album free for a limited time. The Star Wars: Tiny Death Star game has an exclusive  Google Play bundle available, Asphalt 8 has an exclusive Google Play Cup challenge, Despicable Me is free (in standard definition), and so on.

Hit the link to check 'em all out.


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Kanye West's 'Yeezus' leads Google's holiday deals


So TOTALLY agree! When he commented that he puts his life on the line every time he goes on stage, like a police officer or a soldier in war, he became LOWER than whale Sh!t. He can't disappear from existence soon enough.

I feel ya, I'm not downloading that album, he's errogant, loud mouthed, and narcissistic. All he cares about is himself and doing / saying anything that puts him in the spotlight.

Thank everyone for saying exactly what I was thinking when I saw this free in GPS screw it, I'm not downloading that!!

I see the Despicable Me game for free, which it already was, but the movie still appears to cost money.

Don't worry, the offer is probably only available in USA. It's not in UK on Play Music, as usual.

We get 90% off Disney apps. (All of which are lame) Haven't seen any other offers this year from google.

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Chvrches album is also free. It is well worth getting, especially since it's free. I paid for it and have no regrets.

CHVRCHES is incredible. They're currently playing on the radio in my office. I also saw them live at the Metro in Chicago. Spectacular!

Rock Chalk Deegan!!!

Please keep that crap out of my news feed.. AC seems classy enough let's just keep it tech news and such.

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Slow news day.....

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Agreed. Keep it to tech news and such. For example, if google had a promotion where they were giving away something for free... Oh... Wait...

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Phil is just doing his doing his job and Yeezus is the top promotion. Comments and free speech aside, a bunch of yall sound like straight haters.

Amen, some people really just need to learn to STFU and let others enjoy the "free" things Google is providing.

Imma let you finish but he sucks. Not a hater, just someone who recognizes good music, in all categories

Happy Holiday's from my phone to yours...

Imma let you finish but your opinions on good music differ from everyone elses'. Not saying the album was incredible but I did enjoy it and other people did too. Kanye is the only one pushing boundaries in hip hop right now.

Agreed. I'm sure hardly any of them even listened to the album. As for me, some of it is not really my cup of tea but certain songs and other aspects of it were great. He experimented alot on this one.

His name is Jesus not Yeezus,please get it right.

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Actually, he calls himself Yeezy sometimes (taken from the ye in Kanye), so he is actually calling himself Jesus by saying Yeezus.

Now I don't care at all, mainly because I'm not religious by any means.

But this does offend a lot of people. I just think it's funny, really.

Act 19:15 And the evil spirit answered and said, “Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are you?” (NKJV)
Good luck with that Kanye.

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It doesn't offend me because he can call himself jesus all he wants but I will only worship the true Son of God,Jesus savior of the world,the reason for the season.Nuff said.....

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Yo kanye, you did do some some musid, and imma let you finish, but Jesus Christ had the best sacrifice ever!

I find your lack of faith in android disturbing.

Personally, I love free downloads, and I'm glad these promotions are posted on AC.

/Kanye told me it's OK to talk about myself

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Awesome Google,giving away explicit content on HIS Birthday.Keep up the good work.

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Who's birthday? You mean the winter solstice celebration that was co-opted by the Christians? By the way, pronouns such as "his" shouldn't be capitalized unless starting a sentence.

Isn't his birthday in the spring or something? Did we time warp?

Happy Holiday's from my phone to yours...

Yeah, Christmas should really be in the spring to be historically accurate, but it makes for a nice and cheerful winter holiday.

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You're a funny guy.Ever thought about being a comedian?You should try it,you definitely got jokes.

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By the way,when we Christians refer to our savior,we address HIM in all caps because HE'S worthy of our praises.Just thought you'd like to know this.

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...and no, the official writings of the Church do not capitalize he, him and the like. God, Christ and things like that sure.

It does depend on the version you are using, some interpretations of the bible do, some do not. The official versions do not.

One of the top of my head that does not for certain is the Catechism

Out of all of the free stuff,Tetris Blitz interested me the most,so you already know what I'm doing.

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Overreaction much?

I must have missed the track by track analysis review somewhere in those three sentences about what Google Play is doing.

That's ur opinion. REAL Hip Hop doesn't suck, never has and never will. I'm a Hip Hop artist and my music doesn't suck.

Ur mom sucked at one time and no one complained and that was probably free too..

My favourite hip hop artist is J Cole but hip hop as a whole isn't the best genre of music. As for 'Yeezus' bollocks it is.

Season Greetings!

But, AC isn't arguing the popularity of Hip-hop. They were just informing us of a promotion, one that probably very few of us knew about.

His album is free. Big woop, lol. Personally, I downloaded it because it was free. But, my preference for music is rock and country.

Carry on, lol.

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It isn't like they did it for Jay - Z or anything!

Wait, what?

Happy Holiday's from my phone to yours...

Shame, how something free gets so much hate.

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I wouldn't take Kanye's album if you paid me to take it and it included a date with his talent free paramour.

I really think the Chvrches album should be the main promotion considering they're a new artist who is gaining a lot of attention for actually being good. But a lot of people on here don't seem to realize that, musically, Kanye is sort of a respected artist. I'm not going to talk about how much I love his music (I like some of it), but I will point out that it is constantly well-reviewed by credible sources. That's all I'll say. That being said, if you're going to choose one, pick the Chvrches album. It really is one of the best of the year.

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I just downloaded the Chvrches' album. I'll be sure to give it a listen. Thanks!!

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Maybe Phil should have posted Josh Groban so everyone could be happy. I mean, everyone likes Josh Groban......right?

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No...Neil Diamond would have been a much better choice. Of course, Neil still sells more albums than Kanye, and he sells out his concerts, too.

Ohhhh...Look at me, imma stirrin' the pot.

Some days I really do wonder if we should go back to completely moderated or irritating-as-all-get-out CAPTCHA comments...that's pretty sad.

Some of kanyes best work! I already have it but will Dl it again!

its something that is normally 10 or 11 bucks for free thanks for letting us know!

.. man all you cell phone heads are such haters... its entertainment.. you have to be a huge music buff or a musician to understand the melody's and genus of this album. Its not for everyone.. but everyone has something to say.. if you're musically stuck in the pre 90s era you wont like it and probably don't like any new rap or pop

thank you Phill for being one of the coolest people online and keeping your site non biased and keeping an open mind..

I don't like Kanye or this album, but I would have to agree with your point. There is no reason to hate on Phil for posting a GOOGLE promotion, or on anyone because they like this album.

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I would rather look at Paula Deen's least she can cook, other than breath and blink her eyes.

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That's because Kanye sucks and nobody would buy it at regular price when it came out not long ago at all.

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it sold 327,000 in the first week with no promotion or radio single what so ever. considering most of the younger generations steal their music.. thats pretty good

I have been plucking free tracks for the past week or so....I came across Yeezus for free.....and passed it up immediately. i listened to it when it first came out and it was absolutely horrible. i like a couple songs by Kanye, but anything outside of that i have an absolute hatred for that guy's music....not only that, but the guy is a total tool bag

He used to make some decent music, but he let the fame get to his head. And, he was a complete asshat to Taylor Swift, who didn't deserve (and certainly wasn't prepared for) what he put her through.

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He did make an incredible performance/apology the year after that happened with Runaway. Not saying he wasn't a douche for doing that though but he admitted as much lol.

Why complain about a free album? Either you want it or you don't. And there are a bunch of other free songs from various genres.

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I love the diversity of the comments about a album that is so polarizing.
Makes me laugh, even when I interject my opinion of it. Of course it's free, from google, that's the news worthy part, being an android site.
But- in the famous words of Ron Bennington referring to the single:
" this song sounds like I left 4 windows open on my pc, each playing a different song at the same time". Classic lol.

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How the majority of people mis-read and mis-understood this article:

"Blah blah blah blah KANYE WEST!!!!1!! blah blah blah"

Now I feel so bad for using some of my 600 google play credit that I got from samsung , i should waited but you never know

Really, who gives a rat's ass what Kanye West thinks about any thing, including that skank he's shaking up with?

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Wow, you just mention Kanye and AC commentators turn into a bunch of angry redneck grandpa's.......?!

I am a fan of hip-hop, R&B, and rap music. That said, I still wouldn't take Yeezus even for free. After hearing enough of the album from a friend and listening to a few samples, this, sadly, may be Kanye's worst. I miss Graduation and College Dropout Kanye.

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I bought it Yeezus when it came out and do not regret it, its probably the most criticized album of the year because of his hip hop background but the new album pushing the genre further. I love that AC is promoting it just for the fact that its worth a listen. People should even leave out their opinions of Kanye and form their own opinion of the actual album. Love it or hate it least you can listen to it for free.

I think the album was great. Definitely not his best work, but it was very refreshing and different compared to his last album. Top 5 Hip-hop album of 2013

My OCD consists of constantly washing my hands even though they're already clean and "buying" all free Google Play music offerings even though I dislike them.

Kanye West is a recovering gay fish, engaged to a hobbit. That's why they have to give this away.

Seriously, I don't care how good his music may or may not be. The fact that he is a self-idolizing douche means I will not listen to it. Same with Chris Brown. He's a woman beating punk, not interested in listening to anything he has to say, musical or otherwise. Same with Tom Cruise. I've really wanted to see a few of his movies lately, but he's just an insane cultist, so I haven't watched any of them.

A lot of people will say that you shouldn't judge someone's work based on the person, if it's good, enjoy it. I say I'm not about to knowingly support the work of someone who should be locked up in a mental ward, in prison, or worse.

Free is kind of expensive for a Kanye West album...
No but seriously nothing after College Dropout is worth actual money.

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