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Just a couple logos shy of a NASCAR uniform ...


People make such a big deal out of this. Yes it is unnecessary but doesnt it really take that much away from the phone?

Thanks Verizon, this is exactly what your consumers want, a stupid ass logo on their home button! So glad I'm not with Verizon!

well, if the moon was owned by a company that took several hundred dollars off of the price of the moon, then yes we probably should.

everybody needs to quit whining so much about things like this!

it is what it is, that is the phone that big red has decided to offer to you, everybody and their mother is going to be showing everybody they know their sweet new phone (even the few people who wont be showing it off, still wont be able to hide that 50" plasma TV in their pocket from everybody around them)it sure makes more sense to them if they put the logo on the side that everybody looks at the most.

also why is this surprising everybody, I dont remember the last phone other than my SG3 that hasn't had a big verizon logo on the front (DInc, DInc 2, Bionic)

if it bothers you that bad, dont buy the phone!

I don't know that seems like a sketchy deal to me. Maybe if they offered the moon as a bundle package with the sun and the stars subsidized it with a 2 year contr... wait? what? Why am I paying for the moon again?

Haven't you read the Consumer Reports opinion about Verizon?

Having that logo on the button is one of the things that caused Consumer Reports to rate Verizon better than all the other carriers. This is apparently a big selling point with Ma and Pa Polyester.

People make a big deal out of it because everyone has different tastes. I for one, do not want a Verizon button on my phone. If I spend so much money for a device, I do not want it to look ridiculous. If it was the only version of the Note 2 it would be different. But since there is 3 other version, and this is the only one with carrier branding on the front it is a joke. This would honestly be a deal breaker for me. I am leaving Verizon soon anyway, but if I wanted this phone I would get it through any of the other 3 and switch carriers. I do not have to accept a slap in the face from Verizon.

Having the GNex with the all black front and then looking at that, it looks like verizon popped a squat over the note 2 and took a dump on it. It used to bother me a little bit, but now it just irritates the hell out of me.

Yeah, I think it is a big deal. I know who my service is through, I don't want to be a walking advertisement for them as well as handing over that much money.

People, search in Jerry's post for the sticker option that covers up the Verizon GNote 2 home button.

Then take your GNote 2 in for service and watch the store rep tell you how you're not on their network.

Call me crazy but if I were looking for a new phone right now this would seriously make me not get a Note II on VZW.

Why can't Samsung pull the same stuff as apple and tell the Carriers to F-off... It really confounds me.

thats one reason not to get the phone. I refused to buy my car till they took the dealer decal off the back... I would do the same with this phone

I've made the same demand years back, when the decal was especially gaudy.

This is the same. Really clutters up the bottom of the phone to me. I have a Note 2 on Sprint and, when the capacitive lights turn off after a few seconds, it just a slab with a screen. I find this logo on the Verizon version very distracting.

The ONLY nice thing I can say about this is at least it's only a button that you can replace cheaply instead of having to replace a complete housing to rid yourself of a logo. If the logo was printed on the housing then you would really be stuck with it.

Its the battery door, and can be replaced cheaply, or case it as most others do, even if it didn't have a logo. Yes, I think its ugly, but if I was on VZW and wanted a Note 2, it wouldn't be a deal breaker, I would live with it, or buy the button decal for a few bucks off of Ebay.

Its the battery door, and can be replaced cheaply, or case it as most others do, even if it didn't have a logo. Yes, I think its ugly, but if I was on VZW and wanted a Note 2, it wouldn't be a deal breaker, I would live with it, or buy the button decal for a few bucks off of Ebay.

LOL Seriously? Another post about the home button logo? C'Mon Man! It's no where near close to being a Nascar uniform and you know it! This entire thing is so blown out of proportion, it has truly jumped the shark. ;P

If I'm not mistaken, that logo is somewhat etched into the cover, whereas this is only printed on the surface. I remember seeing the talk/end keys on people's HTC Hero's (CDMA) worn off over time because it was nothing more than surface paint.

Yeah, its fugly but its there but what can you do about it. I am not taking my phone apart to replace it and not going to ruin my phone trying to remove it (unless there is a simple method that won't ruin the button).

Got my Marble White home button sticker in the mail today. Covered it up without even complaining about it once. Wish more people would do this. Seems like the real reason people like the home button logo is for something to cry about.

I have the phone and it doesn't bother me at all. I understand people not liking the principle of the logo, but those who say they would not get the phone because of it are crazy. This is an amazing phone and best on VZW. I have shown tons of people the phone and not one says what is that button or why is that logo there.

It most definitely would not keep me from getting the phone. I would go into AT&T or Sprint and get it from them. Or I would run it on straight talk. But I would not deal with a hideous button on my phone. I don't care if other people don't notice, it's my phone and it would bother me. Doesn't make me crazy, just particular.

"It most definitely would not keep me from getting the phone. I would go into AT&T or Sprint and get it from them."

And the phone would have an AT&T home button, or a Sprint home button. It seems to me that the reason they put the logo on the button was so they wouldn't have to do too much engineering to put a different logo on the phone when they make it available to other carriers. All they have to do is put a different button into the device, and it would be ready to go.

All this fuss over a button. I pity you and your little first world problems.

got the phone from t-mobile - left verizon not for the logo but for their pricing - paying about half now.

IMHO it is FUGLY. Really defaces the phone, and it doesn't look right... Wanna brand the phone? Do it on the back with the rest of the branding! It's like having a zit right on your nose when you're trying to go on TV... it's just nasty.

What's that Verizon button there for? When I press it, will the 'can you hear me now?' guy magically appear along with the network technicians in the background?

I don't like the way looks either but still it wouldn't stop me from getting it. The only thing that would stop me would be Verizon charging so much for service. Thats the real crime.

Is the print on top of the button or under some sort of clear coat? If it's on top I bet a razor on its edge at like a 45 degree angle would take it off without damaging the button if you go slow.

Verizon decided to put their logo on the gamepad of the Xperia Play. I bought an Xperia Play on ebay just as an emulator (Playstation, SNES, GBA etc..) player. I don't even have Verizon. Anyway, the print was on top of the paint and a razor on its edge took it right off.

I remember hearing that people managed to scrape the Verizon logo off of the Bionic very easily with a penny.

I remember someone saying that this wasn't silk screened like the Bionic, but rather plastered under the acrylic on the home button. I hope you're right Phil.

For as much as you pay for the phone and then you are paying on it for a two year contract I find it completely unacceptable.

Damn straight buddy.

You buy a new Ford F-150 and it has "Ford" and "F-150" plastered all over it...but that is the make and model of the truck. But what if you bought it at Billy Bubba's Backwoods Thumper Trucks and "Billy Bubba's Backwoods Thumper Trucks" was plastered on your windshield backwards so only you could read it?? Would you like that? Huh? Yeah? What? Can't hear you now......

while it would REALLY bother me seeing that on the front of my phone every day....its not a deal breaker. if i did't need unlimited data, and wanted a phone that big, this wouldn't stop me from getting it.

I just hate how verizon throws its numbers around and can get whatever it wants where ever it wants on a phone. no one else has their logo plastered on the home button....Just verizon.

I am also bothered by this. I hate carrier branding when it is obnoxious. Apple has a clean device with no carrier logos. I am fine with the logo on the back of my GS3..but putting it on the button just looks silly to me

I can understand the frustration and annoyance of that button however let's b all adults its just a button . Chances r most of us will put a case ,cover or some sort of protection on it .. all one has to do is spend an extra $4-$8 more and buy either a vinyl or metal cover for the home button .. just like many people have done for their iPhones and just like many did for the S2 . I know aesthetically its a bit of a eyesore but to leave a carrier or not get a device for such a easily fixed reason . I'm in northern nj & Verizon's service is incomparable. I wish I could get this phone .

Its only over blown on this sight. No big deal if it wasn't on the button it would be on there some where.

So let me understand this. You all wear Nike, Adidas, Reebok, etc sneakers that are branded in EVERY way.

You all have Nike, Levis, Columbia, Northface, FUBU, LiveStrong, Jockey, Hilfiger, clothing that is branded with logo and name.

You all drive cars..

You drink Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks or 7Eleven coffee in cups that everyone knows....

But your bothered by a phone with a logo on the button that is covered by your hand 90% of the time?

You are a walking billboard for corporate america every moment of your lives...

I'm lost!

That is not the same thing. Nike is the manufacturer not the distributor. If had a pair of Nike shoes that had Shoe Carnival stickers on them, that would make sense.

I guess you could compare it to Toyota Cars that have a Ricks Toyota dealership sticker on the back.

If Samsung was putting their logo on the menu button instead of Verizon, you argument would weigh much more. I hear you completely though.

All those brands actually make the products they are branding.
You're comparing apples to oranges.

Would you want FedEx to stamp their logo on your shoes any time a factory shipped them to a retailer? What about if Footlocker then stamped THEIR logo on them as well when they sold you the shoe?
Now you've got a Nike shoe with a FedEx logo on the back and a Footlocker logo on the toe. Would anyone buy that?

That's essentially what you're getting from Verizon here.

Actually, your comment is apples to oranges as well.

Verizon doesn't just distribute the phones like FedEX, they sell the phone, maintain the service, deal with the customer in the event of an issue and replace the device if necessary.

Look, I am as frustrated with Verizon as anyone, but the complaining about a 1/2" logo has gotten to the point where people can no longer be taken seriously.

But VZW didn't design, make, and/or distribute the phone. They just sell it to thier customers for use on thier network. So by analogy, they ARE distibutors in a way. Look at it this buy a new 1500 buck Samsung laptop at best buy, you expect Samsung's logo to be on it. But what if you take it out of the box and "Best Buy" was painted in bright yellow on the lid? Would you be ok with that? I wouldn't.

Amen brother, talk about making something out of nothing. After a few months the logo will likely fade off anyway. Besides I like NASCAR

After coming from AT&T and Sprint, I for one love Verizon for their amazing service and do not mind showing that I use the number 1 rated network in the nation that will have their 4G rollout finished by the middle of 2013.

Also I respect Verizon for being a company that invests in itself. Verizon is months/years ahead of all of its competition. Not all of us live in a city and have choices. I can either have crap service from other carriers or amazing service from Verizon. Their customer service is way better than AT&T and Sprint ever thought of being also.

I guess I am saying that I am proud to have that Verizon logo on my phone because they dominate everyone else in service and customer service and I enjoy using them. I guess you get what you pay for, the cost being a Verizon logo on your phone. Not that big of a deal to me.

Wow AC couldn't find anything better to headline? I'm more annoyed by the incessant whining over something so trivial than I could ever be about that logo. LET IT GO.

(Sigh).....again with this?

Do you all think this is new that Verizon likes manufacturers to put their logo on the front?:

The Motorola Droids 1-4 & the Droid Bionic *all* have a Verizon logo up front under the capacative buttons.

The Motorola Droid X & X2 have a Verizon logo up front above the physical buttons.

The HTC Droid Incredible 1, 2, 4G LTE, Eris, Thunderbolt, Rezound, DNA, & Samsung Fascinate *all* have a Verizon logo up front between the screen & ear-piece.

Why wasn't a big deal about the logo made about any of those other phones? If you want a Verizon phone but don't want a Verizon logo, buy an iPhone, Galaxy Nexus, or a Galaxy S3 because those are the only ones that I am aware of that don't have a logo.

If you really want a Note 2, quit crying & get one on Verizon or move on already.

There's a difference between slapping a logo on the front and slapping a logo on the front in an ugly and ridiculous looking way. As consumers, we kvetch when manufacturers do something stupid or ugly with hardware, the same standard applies to the network providers. I don't mind some branding. I HATE bad design and this is worse than bad, it's hideous and stupid looking.

Only reason I don't like it is because it just looks stupid how it's squashed into that tiny little space. Every device I've owned on vzw before the sgs3 had a much larger verizon logo on the front, so how is this such a big deal?

The bottom line is I find Verizon's logo on this beautiful piece of hardware just flat-out ugly. I used to have HTC Evo 4G with Sprint and their logo didn't look bad in the upper right corner. But to have this shining, pretty look, smooth glass and a fine subtle button in the middle and a big ole ugly-ass logo on top of that button is just flat-out ugly as hell!!!

Verizon has had their logo on the front of every phone I've ever had with them, and this is actually the smallest and least visible of the bunch. So it's on a button, who cares, how much time do you spend looking at the button, certainly can't see it when your pressing it.

Funny Phil how you keep pounding on this logo in article after article, though it doesn't impact the effectiveness of the phone, but you tended to gloss over the DNA's crippling lack of storage. You asked the other day for people to point out when you were showing bias, well I'm pointing it out. This isn't journalism. It's pimping comments.

I've got no problem with comment bait, but you need to keep it in mind when you get indignant over claims of bias.

If we could still rate comments, I would give this a big fat "thumbs up" because it is spot on.

As I also put in my comment above, the Droid DNA also has a Verizon logo up front.

OMG....the horror!!

Again, the presence of a VZW logo isn't the real issue... it's that it's really, really badly done. Folks raised hell when they saw the first views of the Nexus4's back because it looked fugly. This is fugly too.

I didn't think corporate branding mattered much and for the most part it still doesn't, but since I got my Nexus I've grown to love the clutter free front-facing presentation. It just makes the phone feel a more "mine".

I'm sorry but it's an abomination. I don't mind the Verizon,4G LTE,and Galaxy Note II logos on the battery door but enough is enough.Just looks way too tacky. Holding out hope the Home button can be cleaned up.If the Verizon logo is so important why isn't it on the SGS III's Home key?

The logo is there so you know you pay $1 every time you press it - since verizon does not offer any longer there unlimited data plan. Moved to T-mobile and now pay half (without the logo on the button)

At least the Nexus line is heading in the right direction. With Nexus 4, there are no T-Mobile branding, even though it is sold at Tmobile.

I love how people say that apple has the balls to keep a Verizon logo off the phones....however Verizon is in the status bar of iPhones just like at&t and sprint and so on....let it go.....

The logo being there isn't a big deal. What is a big deal is Verizon removing functionality for whatever reason with regards to certain apps and multi-window, as well as releasing this device only after their Droid branded DNA was released.
Then again, at least they don't lock the SIM card in the device like Sprint.

Old news and all but I'm just catching up... my DInc has a Verizon logo on the front but I don't remember people freaking out over it. It also has HTC and "with Google" on it. My GS3 has Verizon stamped on it as well.

What's the big deal?