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Galaxy ​S4 could pass the 10 million mark twice as quickly as the S3

JK Shin has told the Korean press that he expects the Samsung Galaxy S4 to pass 10 million units sold next week. Speaking with the Korea Times, the Samsung co-CEO said he was "confident" the milestone would be met, adding "it is selling much faster than the previous model S3."

The Galaxy S4 benefits from having launched across three major U.S. carriers at the same time as the global launch. By contrast, the U.S. release of the S3 took place several months behind the initial European launch. That device passed the 10 million mark in late July 2012, having begun shipping a little under two months earlier. If the S4 hits 10 million next week, it'd mean S4s are being shifted twice as fast as last year's S3. It'd also make it Samsung's fastest-selling smartphone, the Korea Times notes.

The last set of shipment numbers reported in the Korean press suggested 6 million GS4s had shipped as of May 10. Today's Korea Times article refers to units sold, not units shipped, so it's possible the distinction may have been lost in translation. Either way, that's a lot of Galaxy S4s.

Source: Korea Times; via: Engadget


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JK Shin: Galaxy S4 to top 10 million sold next week


At this point I don't think it matters if those are sold or shipped as I don't think they'll be making twice as much as the S3 at that point unless they was selling...

I fined this hard to believe I know at my store we have sold 0 most people want the sgs3 they said and a quote "the sgs4 looks to much like the sgs3" not saying they haven't sold lots of the phones but that high just can't believe it

Why would people want last years model? I know when I got mine on launch day, I grabbed the last one. Pretty sure the S4 is selling like crazy.

Did you not read his comment? They look pretty similar. If I took my mom to buy a new phone and said "You can pay $200 for this phone or $100 for this phone," I know which one she'd pick.

My mom would do the same thing. But my friends and I, including two of my kids opted for the S4 instead. Oranges and tangerines look similar, until you taste them.

You can't possibly suggest that just because they look the same, that they are the same. I've had both, and they're two totally different experiences.

Cost and looks lol 40$ at most places for upgrade or new like... And again it's looks just about like the sgs3

The stores in my area are routinely sold out of S4s but always have S3s in stock. Reps say customers come in specifically asking to see the S4. A rep said in the Baltimore/DC/Richmond area said the reps constantly call each other to see if they have S4 stock.
So I guess depends on what area you are in. In my area they're continually sold out.

I'm not saying that your lying but it's kind of hard to believe that everybody would pick a S3 over the S4 just because of design. The Iphone sells plenty well and they all look the same.

kudos to Samsung and the South Koreans. growing up in the 80s it was the Japanese (like Sony) who dominated the gadget and electronics space. it seems like the South Koreans have come out of nowhere.

Then you're really going to get blindsided by the Chinese.

Do you hear me now Gekko??????????????

Shipped vs Sold argument is pointless. Samsung doesn't ship the s4s to their sales partners for free. They sell it to them.

That, and like any good business, no one is going to re up on their supply of S4's unless they're selling a lot. People don't understand, businesses don't just restock with products unless they're really selling. Plus it's a new device, this is expected.

Still apples to oranges based on comparable customer channels. The 6 month comparative will be the relevant information.

This is the stupidest thing I've read on the Internet in quite some time. And that's saying something. You really should wipe next time you want to spew diarrhea out of your mouth.

To me I doubt very much (other than maybe people who frequent sites like AC) that most people who have a GS3 are going to upgrade to the GS4. Most people in the US anyway are under contract for their GS3 and are not going to go to the trouble of selling it and buying outright the very next model. I would guess most people upgrading to this are the people who have GS2 or whatever other phones of that year.

I have the S3 and honestly I have no immediate intention of upgrading. The S3 still works wonderfully for me. I have spoken to people that have older phones that are looking at the S4, so I can imagine them selling a lot of these S4's.

Would be surprised if the numbers surpassed the S3 sales from last year.

You can count me as one of those who had an older phone and upgraded to the S4. I had the Samsung Droid Charge, so this is a big upgrade for me. Depends on how many people out there have older phones. It doesn't make sense to go from an S3 that you've only had for 1yr to an S4, I'm sure your still happy with your S3.

I had the SG1(Epic 4G on Sprint) and now have the SG3 and guess which phone will be my next and the next after that?! lol! Unless Samsung has a major collapse, I don't see myself straying away.

this phone reminds me of the iphone and the isheep
i was at the costco getting my sim card replaced, while i was there five random people walked up to the rep and asked "do you have the new samsung phone" two of them thought the S3 that was on display was the new phone. i thought to myself wow samsung advertising is brilliant, these people not even caring or knowing what the phone looks like or what it can do. not caring if its a dual or quad or how many mega pixels the camera has, not caring if the boot-loader is locked or unlocked. all they know its the latest and greatest. me personally i think its overrated. i am happy that we have all these company's and OS, i get to choose for my self and not be part of the mass mob of blind consumers.

Listen to this idiot. You really think people go to a store to buy phones and ask if the bootloader is unlocked? Right... they actually wont buy it cuase its plastic and doesn't have Cyanogenmod yet.... Retard.

@Alex Dobie

Thanks for the informative post.

it's easily we can guess that Samsung Galaxy S4 will sell more than S3 and S4 will make a high record in selling too. Population is growing more faster and these days people are attracted to Smartphone, specially on Android OS.

Thanks in Advance

Samsung need to hurry up and get 64GB Exynos S4 out there.
What is going to s#%@ me off is that the S5 will probably be available in a 64GB version at launch next year, after all the noise made this year, which means my S4 64gb will become 'obselete' sooner than the 16gb version that is already in hands.

If they keep on wasting time I'll just reject the 64gb when it comes and wait for the S5, naturally you want to get the most out of a product cycle.
Any later than a mid-June release and they can get lost, unless it comes with extra features over the 16, which in that case it damn well should.