Droid RAZR M

Although the Droid RAZR M hasn't been on store shelves for all that long, folks who picked one up may know there is an official Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update eventually coming to the device. Motorola hasn't said when, exactly yet but If you're looking to tinker around with it, there is now a leaked version of Jelly Bean available for download.

The file, designated as 'Blur Version.77.111.10.XT907.Verizon.en.US' can be flashed in stock recovery and comes in weighing 255MB but carries the typical warnings. If you flash it -- you do so at your own risk and there may be plenty of dragons ahead.

If you give it a go, drop by the Android Central forums and let us know how it's all working out for you. By the way, Motorola, now would be a good time to go ahead and add the Droid RAZR M to your Android Software Upgrade page as well.

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Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for the Droid RAZR M leaks out


One more clock. I'm using it now and like it. I how long it stays is another but works great for now

I saw this phone for the first time this week and I thought it looked really well built. All of the people looking for a "small" phone with good specs should really look at this phone. I held it next to an iPhone 5 and they are right about the same size. They really did a good job of getting a 4.3" display in as small a case as possible.

Ok, listen, I'm a burned and bitter Moto Photon owner.

Please look at recent history with Motorola & upgrades and do not buy this phone UNTIL Jelly Bean is actually on the phone. I believe JB is coming, but I also believed Moto's promise that ICS was coming to the Photon.

An upgrade promise from Motorola is just that...words...and if you do buy it, you need to be happy with ICS, because you may have it for the next 2 years.

So...you've fixed the fact that 4G doesn't work on a rooted Photon then? How about unlocking the bootloader as well? The modders are great, but without Moto's help JB isn't going to be stable for a while. (Although the leaked Atrix ICS image has helped move things along as of late.)

Let me know when you have 4G working.

The locked bootloaders on moto devices really limi what you can do. Yeah you can usually get root, but since the bootloader is locked a exploit must first be found. Which it usually happens eventually, but I'm pretty sure new moto devices have yet to be rooted. (Raze m, atrox hd etc). Most moto devices have gotten a bootstrap recover, since a full blown regular cwm recovery is not possible. But since the bootloader is locked flashing a custom Kernel is close to impossible (if kexec development continues,it may be a valuable workaround). With a custom kernel aosp Roms are hard to.get working and stable.