Stylus Week at Android Central

With the popularity of phone-tablet hybrids like the Samsung Galaxy Note -- to say nothing of actual tablets -- it's time to take a look at that long-controversial accessory -- the stylus. Back in the days of resistive touchscreens, these guys were all but necessary for making a smartphone useful. But things change, and the stylus found itself relegated to mostly accessory status. But that doesn't mean it's not still useful.

So this week you'll see a series of reviews on our favorite pen-like accessory, and we might even give away a few, with some help from our pals at Get your writing hand ready, folks. It's stylus time!


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It's stylus week at Android Central!


I haven't seen them reviewed here, but you might want to check out the NewTrent Stylus. Very nice with retractable soft mushy part (stylus head). I am looking forward to these reviews.

the asus padfone stylus is the best and it uses blutooth to answer and use as speakers for the phone so you can talk and still use phone at same time, all stylus need this option. i wish the padfone comes to the U.S. market and comes to all the big carriers/

I've tried the Targus with my tablet. I like the concept of a stylus but have found two problems that will keep me off them for the time being. 1) the tips are too big, it feels like i'm drawing with a crayon. 2) there is a tendency, for me at least, to rest my hand on the tablet while using the stylus - as you might imagine this doesn't play well with the touch sensitive surface.

I've used the Targus and the Wacom. The Targus gets the job done, but my one issue with it is it feels a bit too "grippy" on the screen.

The Wacom, on the other hand, glides smoothly, and the tip is also smaller, so it feels a bit more precise. The one big strength, and conversely also its weakness, is the replaceable tip. Mine split within the first couple months, and Wacom as well as other major retailers, did not have replacement tips available. I had to go third party market and pay a hefty markup to get some replacement tips.

I just got my Adonit Jot Pro in the mail last week and so far it's great. It's by far the most accurate stylus I've ever used. I can actually draw and write with it without issues and start drawing a line, pick the stylus up, and then continue the line in the exact same spot due to the clear design. The build quality is super high as well, all metal body, the cap screws off and then screws on the back - it's super well designed and slick. I also bought a replacement pack of "heads" because I kept reading they wear out or something so to be safe I grabbed them...we'll see.

Still, no stylus will be perfect unless it's the Galaxy Note (Wacom) designed variant because it has the pressure sensitivity that is integral in writing and drawing. That's what I really want, can't wait for the tablet to drop!

great! looking forward to it! this comes just in time so I know which kind I'll want to get when the asus pad 700 infinity comes out.
looking out for the finer tip kind.