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And there you have it: Microsoft put out the press release this morning that it indeed is buying Skype, the leading video and VoIP client. The price? $8.5 billion. (We'll let that sink in for a minute.) The reason?

The acquisition will increase the accessibility of real-time video and voice communications, bringing benefits to both consumers and enterprise users and generating significant new business and revenue opportunities. The combination will extend Skype’s world-class brand and the reach of its networked platform, while enhancing Microsoft’s existing portfolio of real-time communications products and services.

Now before you freak out and worry that in order to use Skype in the future you'll have to jump to Windows Phone 7 or sell your soul to Bing or something, Microsoft in the press release ensures us that Skype will continue to be supported on other platforms. Granted, it doesn't say which platforms.

Skype will support Microsoft devices like Xbox and Kinect, Windows Phone and a wide array of Windows devices, and Microsoft will connect Skype users with Lync, Outlook, Xbox Live and other communities. Microsoft will continue to invest in and support Skype clients on non-Microsoft platforms.

So what's that mean for the future of Skype on Android? Hopefully business as usual. We'll just have to see.

Source: Microsoft


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It's official, folks: Microsoft's buying Skype


I say who cares? Now that google has video and voice chat working smoothly in 2.3 devices, it's only a matter of time before the majority of android phones support it.

That being said, I know there are a lot of faithful Skype users out there, but I don't see what's to be gained using skype vs. google chat.

As long as Google steps up google chat to include video Skype will become obsolete for a lot of people anyway.

Zuckerburg must be pissed. He has been in hot and heavy negotiations for the last few days hoping to buy them. Oh Well, he can buy Fring and save a lot of $$$ and inegrate that into Facebook.

Skype bought Qik. Now will Manufacturers hurry up with GB because I'm using qik on Atrix and friends have GalaxyS4g. Neither sporting any form of GB

If Facebook did that, the whole Skype thing would be pretty much dead. You wouldn't even need to add or search for contacts. The only thing that sucks about Google products is that you need a Google account to use them, and not all of my friends and family have converted.

He might would rather own Skype outright but I am sure he is not too upset. Microsoft was an early investor in facebook and still owns some stock. They also have had a good working relationship so I think they will be fine.

He might would rather own Skype outright but I am sure he is not too upset. Microsoft was an early investor in facebook and still owns some stock. They also have had a good working relationship so I think they will be fine.

yea hopefully it continues to be supported on android though I dont use skype anywho but on the upside Im a huge xbox live fan so its good i will have on my xbobx!!
Lets hope google gets their ball rolling too

Knowing Microsoft, it will be supported on Windows Phone 7, Blackberry, and probably HPalm. Is Skype even available on iPhone/iPad?

Yes Skype is available for iPhone users, not sure about iPad users though. The good thing about Skype for iPhone users is that it can be used over 3G not just WiFi Microsoft overpaid by almost 100%. Granted if they turned Skype into a WP7/Facebook/Xbox Live social powerhouse it would still be a good bye in the long run...but I imagine most of the important people at Skype are already polishing up their resumes, and I have severe doubts as to MSFTs ability to do this on their own.

Severe. Doubts.

I've seen Apple and Google portrayed as losers here, but honestly they'll be huge winners if all Microsoft manages to do is kill their brand/user base. Cisco should be concerned though, as given MSFT's corporate DNA I can see them making a huge push into the enterprise now (and the road to monetization is much more clear through the enterprise as well).

As a fast follow up; if you want to see how badly Microsoft got hosed in these negotiations - last night (erm, early this morning?) it was leaked that the deal was at $7 billion, but "wasn't finalized" and "could still fall apart". Obviously that was a legit leak (especially given the sources), but people already noted that Facebook and Google were looking at deals of 4-5 billion for Skype. Yet despite already bidding at 30%+ over those deals, Microsoft somehow had to increase their bid by an extra $1.5 billion in the next hour or two. WTF???

It's almost like Balmer was willing to pay anything just to get the announcement done before I/O. Which I'll grant them is pretty sweet timing for Microsoft, but it isn't 2-3 billion dollars worth of timing.

I wonder if this is the REAL reason that Skype was not available for the Thunderbolt?? I hope they can make it work. I'd love to be able to video chat for the first time on my first android.

You can try several others. Oovoo, Fring, Qik, Yahoo and Tango all offer video chat.

I would also like to see Skype with video for my phone but at least there are some other options.

Eff you Microsoft. Now we know that they were just trying to kill off Skype slowly...... This is just not good at all!

Someone at Microsoft must have heard of that huge security hole in Skype and thought to themselves, "We have GOT to make this a Microsoft product." ;)

This deal made a lot more sense about 5 years ago!

I just don't see how Skype is that valuable of a commodity given all of the other options for video chatting & VoIP that are available these days. They've already been losing people to these other options due to the way their app performs on most android (as well as other mobile) devices.

Swing & a miss IMO...