Sprint Evo 4G

Sprint has just announced what we all were hoping for -- the Evo 4G will be getting Froyo starting August 3, making Sprint the first carrier to upgrade their devices to Android 2.2.  Hit our story HERE to see what's included with the update.  Sprint says that the OTA will roll out in stages, but they will be providing a manual download link for those of us who just can't wait.  (That's you and I )  Yes, we'll have a nice set of simplified instructions to make it as easy as possible, just as soon as we get the link and the method.  Check out the source link to see Sprint's official announcement.  [Sprint]


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It's official -- Evo to get Froyo starting Tuesday, August 3


What about it?

The Evo 4G is the best, most capable Android phone (or any smartphone) ever created. Why shouldn't it get Froyo first?!!!


because the droid has been out since November. and its seems like all these phones that came out more recently are getting froyo first. and go ahead and pay extra for a 4g phone when there isnt any 4g service anywhere. i think i read only like 5% of the country has 4g. so SUCK IT

Bitter is an understatement. You have to be gentle with these "Droid" users, they think they have the best devices because they pay the most per month. It looks like Motorola and Verizon are a litle sloooooooowww on this one. Haha, now suck THIS!

i dont think at all that the droid is the best device, but it has been out since november, so it should get froyo first. and my phone isnt the size of a Zack Morris phone from saved by the bell

Then by your ignorant logic, the G1 should have gotten 2.2 first, then Mytouch and so on. The Droid would still be one of the last phones to get the update. You are what I call a "genius".

The issue with the Droid is that Verizon and Motorola promised FROYO from day one. Now they are phasing the OG Droid out and no date of 2.2 in sight. The fragmentation will get worse as more and more Android phones come out. It's ridiculous.

Why do people always bring up the lame G1. That phone is a fossil. Apple should not be mentioned, and motorola droids are no longer made. Moto has to sell an udated versions (Droid-X & Droid 2)just to keep up with the evo. Now leave the raining king evo alone. For anyone wating to bring up the iphone 4; just remember "dont hold it like that" Steve Jobs.

Don't worry. I saw some speculation that droid should be getting theirs on the 6th. I don't really care about the carrier debate. I'm with sprint but I'm more pro android just because I hate steve jobs. Android > iOS!

It should? By what logic? You mean to tell me you think Sprint should delay the update for the Evo 4G just because an older phone on a different carrier "should" get it? I think you're complaint here is with Verizon Wireless. If you had an older Sprint phone that you thought deserved the update then maybe your "should" argument would be able to hold *some* water, but as is you've got an older phone, that still costs more per month to equal Sprint provides/what we pay even with the advanced data fee and no Froyo.

The Evo is currently Sprint's new hotness so they are going to do everything it takes to get new subscribers to purchase it, so why don't you calm down and let us bask in our glory and we'll try not to salt the wounds, okay?

I don't plan oN updating...I got cyanogen 6 and it has 2.2 with hotspot free...n stock android I am kinda liking right now, I hope htc leaves a choice between stock n sense...illl update when root is found

you drunk moron. you "read"?! dude, me and 60+ million other people are covered by Sprint 4G; 120+ million by December!! Paying extra huh? Sprint users pay $79/mo for unlimited everything whereas VZ users would have to pay $120 for the same service!! dumbass

The only things that the Evo has over the Dinc is the 720p video and a front facing camera. Screen size be damned as it has the same resolution as the Dinc. And seeing how Froyo for Dinc will upgrade the camera, the EVO really only has the front facing camera going for it then.

@p4trickh.. lol dude he was talkin bout the DInk.. which doesnt have the not-so-moto-blur (or better yet blur 2.0)the Droid X has it.. incredible has sense.. like Evo

Hello?! Have you heard of 4G wimax?! Covers 60+ million people nationwide, will cover over 120 million by years end. 5-10x faster than Sprint 3G, which is also faster than VZ 3G!

Pleeeeeeease do not mention ANY Droid when discussing the EVO. No Droid, or any other phone except MAYBE the iPhone 4 is in the same league. Not Hello-Moto... Hello-Froyo!!!

Yeah forget about the totally superior in every way Droid X, it may not have a front facing camera, but it has a battery that acutally lasts longer than 30 min......but hey video chat is......good???

Yeah except it is made by Motorola and they take about a thousand years to update their phones, especially when combined with Verizon... but hey that weak ass moto-blur UI is... good?

Boy you totally zinged everyone there with that. Yesiree longer than 30 minutes. Yup. Except of course that's just a non factual statement for when you run out of valid points. That crap belongs at TiPB.

even with that $10 extra sprint is still cheaper than verizon and att and sprint doesnt have caps and when 4g gets to verizon in a WHILE, you guys will be paying through the nose. sprint has unlimited mobile to mobile and included in the price turn by turn navigation.

so lets recap, sprint customers pay less and get more voice/3g coverage than att and comparable to verizon, about the same 3g speed in most places to att and verizon...we have the best and nicest looking phones first and get upgrades first because sprint's IT department are not a bunch of old farts like verizon.

So yea, verizon and att customers should be real happy with their decision to stay there.

Your Droid isn't getting froyo yet because of crap ass Verizon! We may pay $10.00 a month extra for 4g, but the irony is that we STILL pay much less and get much more than you get from Verizon, and our evo's are packed with a hell of a lot more than your Droid. So, while we are enjoying froyo, YOU can SUCK IT!

You would think if you where going to be an ignorant douche that you would at least get it right. The Nexus One was the first and will continue to be the first. Oh and the EVO is a great phone and very capable but far from the best out there.

Everybody calm down. Sprint has to go all on evo its all they have. Evo is great but droid x has much better hardware so get off the high horse. And moto is gunna roll out froyo soon for the x and d1 so u dnt hav to wait long man. And i dnt kno where the guy down there got his info but i pay 120 for unlimited everything on verizon for 2 lines. And sprint service is crap hence the reason they are a proven 2nd tier provider. Verizon also has top notch android devices how many does sprint offer? How's that 30fps cap working for you guys? Im pushin 60 on neocore . But besides all that its us vs steve jobs let's not hav a civil war while we are fightin a world was against apple.

Ya calling Sprint service crap in an EVOcentric article and then saying let's not have a civil war is like invading Iraq and then saying let's all be friends.

The Droid X should have been released in 2009. It's not even worthy of a response to its owners/defenders (but some things are too ez to pass on) who are too lazy to drop VZ so they're stuck with a butt ugly phone without FFC, HDMI, 4G, Capacitive touch buttons, kickstand, Froyo, less expensive bills, etc... They do have better commercials if that's worth anything.?.?.? Anyone?

The X has hdmi. FFC is overrated and finding anywhere supports 4g is like finding a needle in a haystack. Plus I'd like to play a game without it looking like a slideshow. HTC skimped on almost every aspect of the EVO.

The Droid has:
-24 bit screen that's clearer, sharper,and more color accurate than the EVO.
-more memory for apps, way more!
-better processor and GPU.
-better built: It doesn't feel like it's put together by Fisher Price.
-they share the same camera sensor but the X's pics has better color.
-smoother video with much better color.
-Superior Bluetooth Stack

The X is clearly superior to the EVO where it matters. Don't get wrong the EVO is a nice phone but the X is simply better all around.

With all that said, nice to see Froyo actually rolling out.

The Evo's design is smooth and sleek, the X is the ROSY O'DONNELL of phones! You've listed items that are either subjective or are very nominally superior to the EVO and none of which would make a smart person opt for the X over the EVO considering the glaring adavantages of the EVO and the Sprint Network. Again, the lack of an FFC (acknowledged by Motorola as an oversight that will from this point forward not be repeated - can you say "I bought a dinosaraus X") doesn't make up for two nominal processing and storage advantages, not to mention everything else second class about the X.

They sure did. I guess this means they actually care about not wasting money and losing customers! I dont have the EVO (prolly gonna get the EPIC) and am a current, happy (and anxious!) WEBOS user but the EVO is staying HOTTTTT!!!

this could backfire by people demanding even more EVOs from the already sold out inventory and it could back fire by sprint getting back its good reputation again. SARCASM in case you didnt notice.

AAAAMMMMMAAAZING! Ok, stop with all these awesome news lol, this is just great. I can't wait to get Froyo on the Evo and see all this juicy stuff people be saying bout speed increase and what not features of Froyo :D. Thank you Sprint for the rapid Release!

possible that the rumors of Droid getting Froyo might just be true for tomorrow....I just can't see the Evo getting it BEFORE the Incredible or D1. But then again, Verizon has been known to drag its feet on the best possible stuff.

Yeah, just like it took a month after Sprint released Webos 1.4 before Verizon released it Palm Pre plus owners.

Ecoteric, let's remember who got 2.0 legitimately FIRST. It was the DROID. Sure, the EVO has a front-facing camera and a Times Square monitor-sized screen, but let's not get carazy. Droid still DOES, just not as fast as Sprint. -___-

It's awesome, but is anyone else disappointed Sense still seems to have the same lame 3 button layout at the bottom of the screen? And nothing about better landscape support (w/ home screen, etc.) Guess I was just hoping they'd work on some of the basics rather than throwing in the flashlight app. :)

I think Google is more worried about catching up with iOS in terms of a sheer number of physical attributes in Android compared to really settling down and tweeking those little annoyances, like HTC Sense and its integration with Android. My opinion.

And there were *SO* many naysayers about Sprint when they got the Pre, I'm very happy that I switched from my 9 years with AT&T, I didn't realize how bad it was on AT&T until I got out.

OMG!!!! I'm so excited I feel like a kid n I'm 35 yrs old is this normal??? Lmao....that new caught me by surprise I wasn't even waiting for it n now that is coming I can't wait

dont count vzw out they still could drop 2.2 at midnight. i do feel bad the droid should have had the 2.2 back in june. it was nothing but lies from google and motorola about droid having flash. poor thing is at the end of its run and still no flash.

Good news for the EVO owners. Good news for the Android platform too ... I think we will soon have an avalanche of devices hitting Froyo. Still no joy over the pond for the Desire, no matter how many times I hit the "Check Now" button, but I can sense it is coming ;).

What a pleasant surprise...just in time for my birthday! Thank you Sprint. I am sooo loving being an Evo owner...since I'm one of the lucky ones not experiencing any issues, definitely looking fwd to my experience being even better.

Great news. I really liked the work cyanogen did but it was killing my battery. Can't wait for the official release.

Hmm excuse me you sprint evo owners. Dont go dissing the droid or verizion cuz ive had froyo way before your crappy ota update that aint going to fix that crappy sense exprience. So dont go talkin crappy when your still wet behind the ears when it come to android os in general... d1 ftw!!

Wow blanket statement that people are wet behind the ears if they own an EVO. Commentary that Sense is a crappy user experience. I kneel before your superior well thought out post and it's onslaught of supporting evidence.

If-IF- that was just intended for the posters saying suck it verizon, fine. That isn't conducive to android unity. The Droid was and is a great phone and if people really try and act otherwise then they're almost as bad as ignorant morons who wave their droid flag around just cuz.


pardon me, rooted that is but I've been rooted since dec with my phone and will never go back so who cares if your getting a the ota version its all bloat ware any lol. Let's face it the droid can do everything the evo can do expect video chat

Is it me, or does next Tuesday feel WAY too far away? I'm sick of waiting! First, the wait for Evo to be announced, then the wait for it to be available, then the wait for Froyo, and then the wait for 4G to launch in my area (SF), and THEN the wait for Gingerbread... WHY AM I NEVER SATISFIED??? ...I blame websites like this one

But seriously, that beautiful 4.3" screen running on 2.2 and 4G...once that happens, I could die knowing I'd truly lived!

Great news for not only Evo owners, but all HTC and Android phone owners. What's w/ all the fuckin' hate? Stop talking shit and get on board. This is a great day for ALL Android users!

This is great news for HTC mainly. They demonstrated that the can adapt Sense UI quickly to a new version of Android!!!

Edit: I have a Droid Incredible.

funny how droid owners are coming here talking shit get over it its no big deal if you know what your doing you already have froyo same with the evo. its all android enough of the fanboy bs already. have too much of that crap in video game land

There's really only 3 phones you could put up against the EVO right now: the Droid X, the iPhone 4 and your choice of Galaxy S.

That being said, between not being steve jobs bitch, not being motobricked, and being available here and now, it is the best phone in the world. Respect to all the others though. If we agree on nothing else in this run of posts, I think we can all agree it's a great time to be a smartphone enthusiast.

thank you sprint and htc...keep on making this ultimate phone even better....hope you guys keep supporting it beyond this update.

Hmm wait a week and get froyo on my x and have verizon or get froyo a week early and have to deal with sprints garbage network. Hmm i will wait lol.

So you know, I've NEVER had an issue with Sprint's network, not to mention the fact that I'll be getting WiMax 4G in the next couple months... Why don't all us Android fanboys just get along and hate on AT&T like usual?

ive had sprint for 6 yrs and never had problem with network and i travel alot, is that hate i hear, terrible thing is i was hoping some one got it first cuz now it will start being released on all the phones so dont be mad yours is coming

yeah i actually had verizon for 5 years so glad i switched to sprint late last year. Getting just as good service for almost half the price. Anyways cant wait to get an official update to froyo. Cm6 hads been straight love for me.

Phone jealousy much, Professor? Sprint roams and Verizon's network and has 4G in my city. Why pay more for less with VZ?

And you know what? If Verizon is a better fit for you stick with the DX. You're right, you'll get youre official froyo soon enough. Everyone wins.

what about the touch screen sensitivity issue HTC mentioned in June.....how the bottom half had that grounding issue etc? Did that get fixed?

that was fixed with the last update a couple of weeks ago. no grounding issues after that update

what about the touch screen sensitivity issue HTC mentioned in June.....how the bottom half had that grounding issue etc? Did that get fixed?

Sprint and HTC Wow! You guys did it and I was thinking I'd have to wait until Christmas! I wonder who's ne"X"t???

Sprint / evo users make me laugh. That phone has had more issues than any superphone has in the last six months, but they seem to be totally blind to every one of them. Be careful, your startingto look like i*phone fans.

NON Sprint / evo users make me laugh.

Even though there are hundreds of satisfied users posting on this website (and others), they still want to hate us for purchasing a phone. Really?

There's probably no phone that doesn't have issues. Even yours. But there still can only be one FIRST... and Evo is it. Face it, dude. Kill the hating. I'm sure your phone will get a Froyo update.........


i have had the EVO since 7 am on day one and havent had any problems at all, i love this phone and its the best phone i have even owned and played with. I have played with iphone 4, droid x, incredible, droid , etc....

It's because NONE OF US HAVE EVER HAD ANY ISSUES... this phone has had less "issues" than any Moto or iPhone product released. It's freakin' sick... you've gotta get with the program.

Now, if we can only get a confirmation on if the Froyo update will be "root"able... I can't lose my Wifi Tether. LOL

The Evo is a great device. I have an incredible obviously because I'm with Verizon and quite honestly, I prefer the smaller seeker just as powerful incredible. I'm not one to jump carriers just to get a new phone because long ago I learned that there's always going to be a better piece of technology just around the corner. After I went on HTC.com and clicked the compare phones, I set the evo against the incredible and really, they're basically neck and neck. As I said, the evo is an amazing HTC Android powered device and if I were with Sprint i'd get it... but I'm not and having said all that I just can't wait until ALL capable Android devices are rocking 2.2.....

A well thought out comment in this thread?!? are you hiding a leprachaun at the end of that rainbow?

Thank you for an honest and respectful (and accurate) explanation of your stance.

Funny all you evo guys dogging the d1 guys... droid phones are more capable than your evo any day. Root and oc the droid and its processor will smoke your snapdragon. Oh and same goes for the droid x in stock mode. All you have is a front facing camera. Guess that's good you can video chat with the iphone guys as long as they're holding their phone right. Lol. Yea i pay more for verizon but in 7 years all aross the states I've NEVER dropped a call which is why i'm still with them. Anyway i'm stoked froyo is finally rolling out regardless of who's first. And fyi in six months all our phones will be obsolete at this rate lol.

*WARNING* The envy, hate, and insecurity presented in this post is meant for readers to get a nice laugh.

What delusional world have you been living in? I've had mine since launch and haven't had one issue.

"Sprint / evo users make me laugh. That phone has had more issues than any superphone has in the last six months, but they seem to be totally blind to every one of them. Be careful, your startingto look like i*phone fans.

Yea I seem to remember within 24 hours of the Evo's release...I don't think people ever ignored anything the support for the phone is just plain good. If your version of support is a carrier or manufacturer doing everything YOU want them to do as it seems with alot of people these days maybe you should start making your own phones. But as far as the Evo goes its like this. My brother and I once saw a Ferrari Spyder I said to him "I used to want that car really bad" he says yea its nice but I'd NEVER pay that much for a car. I said "have you ever driven a Ferrari or a comparable car?" He replied no. I said "than you have no idea" the point is I hear people say oh the Evo only has the front facing camera I don't care about video chat anyway. Well to me that's like owning a v6 sayin a V12 isn't all that. The Kickstand screen size and 4ward Facing Cam may be the only things setting it apart form a few other high end devices but those things are luxury and until you've really experienced them not just "seen" or "played" with them then you don't know what your missing. My Evo just like plenty of others here runs absolutely fine case closed.

I knew this would happen, HTC Evo get Android Froyo 2.2 first then every and any android diff carrier would bash the Evo and Sprint for being on top this time around. Like I said before. It's no longer Android vs iPhone but Evo vs anything that comes out this year. It's sad but Verizon people hate Sprint and Sprint hate Verizon. It's cool, I love my evo for every $450 bills I paid for it, and seeing it get Froyo first is great knowing that Sprint has come from a long history of phones, prices, and customer service. I would like to Thank Dan H. From Sprint for bringing this all together over 3 years. Now Sprint is becoming the top dog in the USA carrier race. Don't hate, appreciate.

I have Verizon and I don't hate Sprint. It's great that the EVO is getting 2.2 soon, glad to see it. Even though I have the original Droid, I can't be mad that other people are getting 2.2 first. I've had a phone that was on top for quite some time so I'm happy. I do hope 2.2 comes for the Droid soon though haha..

Probably not. That's why rooting and flashing CM6 ROM will trump this update. But I am still happy froyo is near for non rooters

And what's the only reason to Root your evo??? Free WiFi hotspot and no more 30 fps cap??? Lol I have not found other then those 2 reasons that make rooting the evo any better. How do you know this new update won't improve on the phones performance! Saying that the rooted Froyo is better is crazy as nobody knows how good this build of Froyo could be once released. Please stop being greedy and wait for the update before talking about who's Froyo is better. For all we know the official Froyo might give us everything we need besides the greedy free WiFi hotspot.

And the FPS cap really doesn't affect real world usage of the phone at all. 99.9% of people would probably never know or care there was a cap. It is still annoying knowing that it is there, but it has been blown WAY out of proportion.

I'm on the Droid X and I'm super happy for my fellow Android siblings for getting Froyo. I hope it rocks their world and I can't wait for mine!

I cant wait to get 2.2 I will be trying to update my phone all day ! Besides its my B-day and what a great present 2.2 would be! I wonder if HTC will allow us to download it straight from their website tomorrow?

Look, sprint is fast. Verizon it notoriously slow at tooling anything out. They are too afraid to get a few customer service calls. Sprint may be too fast, remember all the early bricked phones from the simple update?

The bricked phone issue was partly user error. If they wouldn't have installed the same update twice, they would not have been bricked. Sure, it was partly Sprints fault, but not entirely. Those who had a bricked phone should have READ what they were installing.

Whats with all this hate over who gets an update first? Dude we're all using Android platform.

The HTC EVO4 can only be a better phone than the Moto Droid since it was manufactured after the Droid. HTC wouldn't be a good company if they released a phone that fell short of the Droid right? Was the Moto Droid not superior to the HTC Eris? Technology can only get better and faster. It doesn't go the other way. I don't understand why people are comparing the Moto Droid and EVO4 like they're comparing their wives on who can cook better and shit. Thats like comparing an old car with a new car (and yes I am a Moto Droid user).

"What about it?

The Evo 4G is the best, most capable Android phone (or any smartphone) ever created. Why shouldn't it get Froyo first?!!!


-- Its stupid comments like this that cause "talk-sh!t" behavior in everyone.

The really enemy is Apple...

I too am glad the Evo folks are getting the update. Yesterday I said that it would be great if the DI, X, and Evo could get the update at the same time to eliminate a lot of trash talkin in the forums.... well that doesnt seem to be the case now, and the mud's a-slingin! LOL!

This is good for Android's momentum. To all the D1 owners, I hope you guys get the update too. As long as that phone has the hardware to run Froyo, it ought be pushed out to you too. After hearing this news, I sit here patiently waiting myself, still enjoying my DI running Eclair.... but I gotta say I want me some Froyo ASAP!

Wow, I (a Inc user) feel intellectually deprived reading multiple statements bashing the EVO, other Android devices, and carriers. I'm happy that a SENSE device will be getting FroYo this early. Gives hope that other carriers will follow, in THEIR due time of course.

Enjoy the FroYo Evo users. :-)

Wow you took the words out of my mouth...I am a evo user and when I saw this post I called my neighbor who owns a Dinc and I told him "froyo is here for evo, expect it soon for your incredible" we were so happy because we were thinking months for sense for froyo. D1 and DX users will get it soon too...but this is a victory for evo but for sense users too. I hope att will give the aria froyo but Idk backflip was supposed to get eclair but no info on that.

Why do the mods allow this nonsense to continue. I can't believe that grown adults are acting so ridiculous. Who cares which phone gets it first? They are all going to get it. Like the previous poster said, we should be excited that a phone with sense is getting the update. We should all follow soon.
Also, for what it's worth....it's just a phone! Relax people.

And yet again here it comes my every so slightly often chime in. First of all a lot of you guys are just sad. I don't mean that in a personal offensive way. I mean in general. This is ANDROID CENTRAL! not Evo (which I currently own and like the best) or Droid or Inc or Motoblur or HTC Sense Central. So I can't figure out for the life of me why you guys battle eachother so hard. If anything we should all be unified as Android users/owners against the "Rotten Apple" but that's another story besides they're feeling the burn of they're arrogance as we speak anyway. Secondly what you like is just that what YOU like. After a certain level witch most of the devices we argue about are on is reached then its pure prefeeence period. Would I ever go as far as to say the Droid X is whack? Of course not I'm not a fool. But after using it I can't say its better than my Evo. Same goes for iPhone 4, DInc, and the Galaxy S, used them all like them all, they're very very good devices but to ME! The end experience is best on the Evo that's not including the price. Some people love there phones to be super light, I personally Hate how light the T-mobile vibrant and the Droid X are. My girlfriend has the Vibrant Yes the screen is Amazing I was more impressed with it than than iPhone 4 display. But maybe that has to due with the bigger screen size. Bottom line is after a certain point its all relative. li hate that the Droid X has a dedicated camera button and my Evo doesn't. I also think the 3 mics is a great idea. it worked great on my Touch Pro 2 and that only had 2. But at the end of the day the combination of 4.3 inches a kickstand 4ward Facing Cam 4G cuz I'm in a coverage area (Downtown LA) and the tweaks that HTC and sense bring just can't be beat as of yet. Verizon owners you guys are doing just fine you get all the phones but I'm sorry your network is NOT superior to sprints in ANYWAY whatsoever that's just a fact your gonna have to deal with. I have free roaming on ALL your towers so the coverage thing doesn't hold as much weight as advertised. We get more for less and have what is widely considered as the best smartphone on the market. Please understand for us Sprint people this is unheard of we've stuck with a company through the worst of the worst and now we're actually being rewarded for it and it feels good. Admittedly some react more offensive than others but by all means you must realize they are drunk with vindication and consumed by satisfaction they know not what they do. And to add to these conditions we're getting Froyo 1st. I say all that to say this Sprint is winning right now people have to accept it. Nothing is perfect, not even my Evo but they did a damn good job and it shows. So just let us have our cake, if you think your DX is better that's fine but realize what your in for if you say that to an Evo owner. And above all we all love Android who cares what phone its on that's part of why we love it, its on tons of phones not just "1" All in good fun guys android FTW!

I am, apparently, a very lucky Evo owner. But I kinda' think that Google should've arranged to have the release happen for all their major phones at the same time (Droid, Evo, Incredible, etc) so that it can be a huge launch for Android as a whole.

Greediness aside, think about that big push happening, and how that would make people take notice of all the Android phones. When Apple does an IOS update, every ("current" by Apple's standards) Iphone gets access at the same time, and it feels like a big deal. It's a newsmaker. If we got a sudden influx of FroYo in one huge sweep instead of drizzled out over weeks or months, it would be huge news. And every carrier and every Android phone manufacturer could win with that.

Either way, the Evo getting it means that it's gotta' be rolling out to the others sooner rather than later, and that's great for all of us. I don't want to be a FroYo Exclusive. I want that thing on as many devices as possible, so people want to develop for it and bring us all new, great, and exiting apps and features.

Well Google did release the software and it was available since May/June. Its more on the phone manufactures and carriers to push them to our devices. I don't think Google has too much control over how fast the updates are sent out. Apple seems to be nazi with its software updates and its control over AT&T.

Thats just my $.02

It used to be about Android os. But once Sprint launched the evo 4g with its feature, then the Verizon fanboys only had to say, wait for the Droid x, now its, wait for the Droid 2. Or Verizon is so Much better then Sprint and blah blah blah. That's what started it. It ain't that its Android, its which carrier now has a great phone the other carriers can't have. That's the problem. And instead of it being Android vs ios, it Verizon android vs Sprint Android, rooted phones vs unrooted phones. It does make me sick sometimes how people act. But thats how the cookie crumble's. Look at the iPhone 4 users telling the iPhone 4 users with phone problems to STFU and take it back, or spend money on a bumper and so on and so on. It's the happy people vs the pissed off people.

The superior features of the EVO vs. the Droid have been well documented. The X is decent, but a second tier alternative. You made the mistake in sticking w/ VZ, I jumped ship leaving my old LG Chocolate. I guess I understand your need to blindly defend and support something you wasted money on so I won't hold your comments against you.

I'm not really sure who your referring to, I hope it ain't me only because you posted under my post. Not saying you made your post towards me as I am with Sprint and have been for 6 years and love my Evo. It's just how you worded your post lol. A bit confusing but I agree with everything you have said tonight.

I'm so happy that my Evo is the first(beside the Nexus One) to get Froyo! So happy that Sprint is going all out and getting it out in time before any of the Droids on Verizon get there's. Im sure Droid X users will get there taste of Froyo within the next month. The Nexus One started a domino effect, the Evo just happened to be the second domino!

This is great news for Android and Evo phone owners. Congrads!! This makes me wonder, being that this HTC sense phone is getting 2.2, the ARIA maybe getting it as well. I would luv to see that little beast with Froyo..Wow.

I have the vibrant and love it! but this is great for evo users...especially cuz my friend has one so i'll be able to check it out, and geez why r verizon droid users so bitter, we're all android users just relax

I'm a proud supporter of the Android Invasion. I own an Android phone (and no, I'm not saying, which one.) I love everything Android and I love that the hardware is advancing so fast. By the time I'm ready to trade up, my choices will have faster CPUs than my netbook (1.83ghz for those keeping track.) I personally am glad to hear about any improvements to ANY android phones because it goes to the common goal of having the best user experience. Anyone who's not happy with Evo getting the update before their phones should take it up with their manufacturer and carrier and leave the Evo owners alone. Everyone bashed the Droid owners for getting 2.1 like it was our fault. It's Evo's day in the spotlight, let them have it. The rest of us will get ours in due time. Besides, it's only been like 4 months since Droid got 2.1. Anyone with a phone newer than that shouldn't really be complaining anyway, it's not like you've been "suffering" for that long. .

My phone has an update available but won't let me apply it until my battery is up to a certain percentage. Is it froyo? The suspense is killing me

It's a no go. I had turned off the automatic update after the repeat "brick update." Just a routine update. Darn it.

I was thinking maybe that since the 'leak' mentioned that it would be available today (Friday) that after midnight it would possibly start trickling out.

It isn't that big of a deal, I had the D1 and now the X. Those are Verizons and Motos phones, and they have always been slow with updates. Sprint has the Evo and they are a bit more on top of things. It isn't like all of us Moto/ Verizon users aren't getting 2.2 at all. Patience.

Congrats Evo users :) Hope 2.2 makes the Evo kick ass even more

Child Please. Everyone needs to relax. This is good news for Android be it Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, Cinci Bell (representing all regional carriers). Today, Android wins... So relax guys.

Do your phones suck so bad all of you just trash talk about each others phones? Froyo is an update, seeing as you kids are so anxious for it your phones must be crap when compared to complete package of the iPhone. Android phones are like a work in progress, have fun with fragmentation within the community. I shat on you.

Have fun with your crappy antenna troll! Get a life loser! Your trolliing and calling us kids your an idiot!

How could you morons argue the Droid Incredible vs Evo? They are the same freakin phone!!!! Except for the front facing camera, kick stand and a larger LCD--read LCD not AMOLED--screen. Both are excellent phones. To the idiot that said the Evo is the only phone that competes against the iphone 4. BULL!! The Droid Incredible does and even exceeds it, just as your Evo does.

Ok now to what I really wanted to say: I applaud Sprint on being the first to get their customers the update, they know how their customers feel. Verizon, you should take a lesson from your smaller cousin.

wow. the in-fighting is pretty sad...

I have friends with both the X and DInc and I've been nothing but happy for them, making sure to feed them any news I hear about their phones. This sorta came out of nowhere, so I'm shocked and very excited for myself. can't wait.

Point is we're all one big family here. We shouldn't be fighting each other.

Wait a minute I could be wrong but isn't this the same day that Blackberry makes its big announcement with OS 6?

"Do your phones suck so bad all of you just trash talk about each others phones? Froyo is an update, seeing as you kids are so anxious for it your phones must be crap when compared to complete package of the iPhone. Android phones are like a work in progress, have fun with fragmentation within the community. I shat on you."

Its people like this to whom you should direct your negative comments to and not each other.

I seriously have not a slightest idea how a post about a software update (that soon most of you users will receive) for a device that some of you have would cause such a ruckus on this site. I never read the comments before today and I'm starting to wish I never even clicked on the comments link. I thought that this site would be for Android users, lovers, abusers, etc. But it seems more of a site for kids in the 3rd grade bragging about how big and what their lunch box can do...

Come on guys. We're all using the same platform on different devices. Different devices with strengths and weaknesses... this means that there can only be differences and opinions... Otherwise we would all be using the same device with a hidden end button that you have you cover with your hand to end a call...

Anyone get their Froyo fix yet?

Newsflash: what HTC and Sprint do have absolutely zero to do with what Moto and Verizon do with their devices. Blame them for the current lack of Froyo on your phone.

Wow yall Sprint Evo folk acting like yall ain't never had sh!t Lmao. You don't see the Verizon folk talkin about Sprint when the Verizon Froyo rumors start swirling. And the Evo is gettin that but kicked by the Galaxy so I don't see what's with all the Evo fanboyism. Ohhhh I forgot. Yall Sprint folk hadn't had a serious Android device before lol.

I am a CSR for Sprint and am sorry to have read about your roaming issues. Your point about mobile to mobile and nights and weekends while roaming was only half right. Mobile to Mobile, while roaming off the Sprint network, will use regular plan minutes. However, nights and weekends, while domestic roaming, on any carrier, in the USA, will still use regular nights and weekend plan minutes. If you have free nights at 7pm, any call, even while roaming, will still be free, as if you were not roaming.

I used to be on Sprint. it was nice and cheap, but unfortunately, the service in my immediate area was poor. and yes, I know I can roam onto Verizon towers, but you Kay not realize, free nights and weekends, and mobile to mobile, etc, don't apply to you when you roam. we found that out the hard way. not everyone is on the unlimited minutes plan. for the places I go, Verizon just works better. end of story. besides, personally, the X and ego are too big for me. Dinc is perfect. dunno why I'm even posting...I skipped past all the crappy above cause I got tired of it.
We all (okay, most) got live wallpaper. and that's what makes my iPhone friends jealous the most/easiest.

come on guys, stop with the fighting. It's so pointless. I own an EVO but I'm rooted and running CM6....I'm going to stick with my cooked rom. Im happy for you non rooted EVO owners. We are suppose to be one big happy family, but sometimes AC seems to like to start beef between the different carriers. a good example would be the DX being the best gaming platform story,
AC should do a better job on wording their story and also posting pointless stories.

Wow, this got messy in a hurry. I think the reason Moto Droid users are miffed about this is, not because they don't want EVO folks to have their Froyo love; instead, it just sucks that the Droid has been talked about as getting Froyo almost as long as the Nexus One. Plus, the Moto Droid is the largest population of Android-powered phone out there, so an update to them affects the most Android users.

In the end, though, it's all moot because we're not even dealing with the same manufacturers and carriers between these two phones. Good for Sprint for getting Froyo out so quickly. Too bad Verizon can't be this efficient about OS updates... of course... they have A LOT more smartphone models to support that Sprint.


The EVO needed this and I hope it helps out in the game play for you guys. JIT+Sense would make for a great phone.

I'll wait for all the "First" cries to die down to pay attention anymore.

I'm sorry the slow 3G Droid X does not compare with the data experience that you get with the Evo. Can you view HQ youtube with the Droid X? Didn't think so! Video chat anyone? Opps sorry Droid X. Hmmm Verizon upgrading to LTE 4G Q1 2011 huh...Opps sorry Driod X is not LTE 4G compatible and will be obsolete next year...Sorry how does your Droid X look now?

Why does everyone feel the need to verbally abuse everyone else?? I really don't care what phone anyone one has. You can pre-order the latest and absolute all-time greatest phone but, by the time you've actually get it in your hands, it's obsolete so get over it. You're yesterday's news.

I have been asking about Froyo for the Droid since last year! I tried the Droid in November and they were already talking about 2.2 then ... when the Droid was new to the market. I signed a contract (for the Droid because the Incredible was backordered for 6wks) in June when my old phone finally kicked the bucket figuring that 2.2 would just be on my new phone (like Windows Vista was ... UGH!). Nope. Now, everyone else is getting Froyo and there is no solid date as to when the Droids are getting it, only speculation.

I just want to watch my TV shows while I'm working out and once in a while listen to radio stations that don't use clearchannel for streaming. And, for that, I need Froyo.

Working in IT for 20yrs, even I know there HAS to be a rollout plan that encompasses everyone. You can't just keep giving the new bells and whistles to the newest machines and ignore the old ones. But, since that's what Android's business plan seems to be, just wait, you new phones will soon be in the same place those of us with the "old" phones are. When 2.3 is ready for prime time, you will be right here with us BEGGING for them to upgrade your phone too.

(FYI for you Sprint owners out there that seem to want to bash everyone else, regardless of the price, Sprint does not have the coverage when and where I need it so they weren't an option for me, even though they give a bigger corporate discount. They're rates are cheaper because Sprint coverage is not where YOU need it. It's where THEY want you to have it.)

Let the abuse begin.

I'm sorry but I have perfect coverage where I'm at and where I travel. So you're issues that you experience is only relative to you and the many few that are in existence.

Wow, Rob220 I love how you get so defensive so quickly. If your scared go to church. I have a Droid Incredible you dumbass. I love the phone, I just don't get why you dweebs are constantly attacking each other. Your feelings get hurt so easily its embarrassing I hope you don't act like a child in real life when someone talks about your precious, but behind the curve, phone.

Its the community that makes the phone. And if its full of children like Rob220 I should of just bought an iPhone. Scrublife. I shat on you.

I switched from a Palm Pre to an EVO on opening day June 4th.Its been a problem free AMAZING device !
Sprints service is great, always has been great, fast data connections, never drops calls, works excellent Internationally,keeps getting better.They also have the best values in calling/data packages over the other carriers...Im new to Android, but its an amazing thing, So Im happy to get the latest version on the 3rd !
Be happy with what you have !

Be happy with what you have....If your NOT happy, change your phone or plan, or carrier....Why attack and criticize the other peoples choices on devices or carriers .....here ????
Do the right thing.....get an Android phone.....lol !!!!

I finally got up the nerve to update to Froyo.

Voice Dialing Over Bluetooth! It WORKS! I love it!

Now I can sit back and wait for the "official release."