We know a lot of you came to Android from BlackBerry. And now we know why. [via CrackBerry]


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It all makes sense now [the competition]


Never seen a BB commercial I really liked, but this is the first one that almost made me want to take my SIG from my holster and shoot the computer screen. Two more months left with them, then onto something else.

Wow. Well im sure that the commercial only appealed to liberal hippies. Or just hippies. Since liberal is really the only kind.
At least they took THAT market.

Speaking as a younger member of the old "hippie" generation, I resent that remark. What is there about free and open and "Don't do evil" wouldn't a hippie love?

Droid owner since Nov. '09. Tween hippie since '68. :D

Man that commercial just made me want to shot my self. But then I remembered that I couldn't stop the video. So crisis avoided.

Phil, I have to respectfully disagree with your assessment. I came to Android (DInc, now Moto X) not because of the ads but because of mundane looking Berries that were slow, had memory leaks, constant reboots, inept browser, etc. I still like their service and wish them well.

This Ad may not work here but may be working in India. The Ad campaign was designed by one of the largest agencies in the world http://www.ogilvy.com

If it was up to me, I would cut out a bit of the jingle and sell a bit of the specs and what looks like a very cheap rate for the data access but that's just me.


perhaps but the caption of the article could imply several things...like some of the posts here.

And in that vein, have you ever noticed how man suits carry two BlackBerrys?

You see them all the time in restaurants (not McDonnalds) walk in, sit down and drop two berries on the table, as if to say, look how important I am.

They fiddle with them both, line them up where they can see them and engage in frequently interrupted chit chat between them selves as they glance at both screens, pick em up, reply, take another bite, rinse with wine, repeat.

I'm in the unfortuate scenario where when I am on call at work (like now) I have to carry the blackberry around with me. It's painful. Every time I pick it up I have to try to figure out how to unlock the damned screen! Luckily, if I need to respond to alerts, I can reply on my Cappy.

I swear, every time I pick that BB up and try to use it I just want to throw it in the sound. I'm getting mad just thinking about it!

I don't think you can disagree when he's joking. I mean I guess you can, but... he's making a joke. Ya know that right? Ha ha?

HAHA this is so funny... I am a blackberry user switching to android shortly.. and i saw this ad show up on crackberry today and just thought "What in the #$#& is this."

+1 to this. I share the sentiments that I wish blackberry well. I also went from my S1 to an Incredible and the difference is night and day. Android is kicking them where it counts because their tech is present day and continually evolving faster than that of RIM, with high quality output. RIM has a fantastic blackberry website, but their "new" tech is between 1 and 2 years old in the high-end smartphone market. Low end Android devices are what's comparable to RIM's best offering now. And as campy as this commercial is, nothing besides catching up to competitors' level of products is going to help RIM get their numbers back where they want them to be.

Well what else is a blackberry boy to do while waiting 10 minutes for your phone to boot up.

I could have watched that video 3 times in the time it took my crappy storm2 to power on.

I dont have time to sing and dance. Im too busy getting to actually enjoy my phone. Which is what I never did when I had a blackberry.

I remember when I was gay lol jk. Nothing harsh to RIM but you guys really need to step it up and come out with better hardware, with a new look and UI. I just got my Epic 4G in the mail last week and it is so much better than my Blackberry. Its like the same old same old with you guys and I was done with it. Hello Android

I'm coming to Android from Palm, but I came to Palm from BB...I don't care who you are or where you live...this has got to be one of the dumbest commercials ever. Even the old Palm Pre commercials were better than this.

but honestly...this is actually a good representation of where RIM stands in todays market.

I, too, wish them well, as I do Palm, but it's time for me to move on.

3 weeks & counting to my Droid X!

Sorry, but this commercial in infinitely better than the "creepy lady" Palm Pre commercials. At least this has a message "BlackBerry, not just for the business set". The creepy lady was just, well, creepy.

I think the best commercials going are from Verizon. Own the air or whatever, and all those cool DROID commercials. Too bad its Verizon though. I had too many bad experiences with their corp/customer service side to ever go back.

This commercial is a HELL of a lot better and WAY less freaky than the drugged-out paranoid Palm girl. It's cheerful and catchy and makes a very true point about BlackBerry users. This is an effective ad targeting the masses, and a good alternative to showing a simulated phone screen and belting out specs that the majority of consumers (read: non-tech geeks) couldn't care less about. The Palm ad campaign was the complete opposite - dreadful, frightening, paranoid skitzophrenia - made you think more about what morons would ever allow that ad to be published with the goal of convincing people to buy Palm products. If anything it drove people away. As for me, knowing Palm for who they are, I just ignored it and got a Pre anyway back then. But I cannot even imagine what kind of effect that ad campaign had on people who had never even heard of Palm before..