ISIS mobile payments service rebrands itself as Softcard

NFC payment service ISIS has unveiled their rebranding, Softcard. The joint payment venture bewteen Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile US announced earlier this year that they would change their name in order to avoid being associated with violence in the Middle East being perpetrated by a group that, at the time, went by ISIS.

Softcard will remain the same service as before, just with a new name. The branding is expected to roll out very soon. It should be noted that the militant group has since changed their own name to ISIL.

What do you think of the Softcard name? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: ISIS/Softcard, via Phone Scoop


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ISIS mobile payments service rebrands itself as Softcard


Its like they are terrorizing the mobile payment world! Guess they didn't realize that is like 87 people.

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They're no longer ISIL, now go by IS.

But what really matters to me is if softcard will be pushed on to us, or will we be able to use Google wallet. Currently on a thunderbolt and don't have either service, though looking fwd to X+1 (vzw), and would like the option to choose (*looking at you carriers*).

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I use it all the time. You get a dollar back on every transaction over a dollar. So if you buy something for a dollar = FREE!

They just had a promotion on T-Mobile where everyone who signed up got a $50 credit so I'm definitely using it lol.

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Yeah sucks for the early adopters. No $50 for me. I'll stick to using Google Wallet. Way easier and faster to use. I will miss the free Jamba Juice and Cokes though.

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I'll still stick with Wallet. Until the day they embrace HCE & not have a modified Sim Card required.

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Name is fine. Meh...just meh on the service and tactics of this system. Glad el goog found a way around the carrier for Google Wallet.

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Use it all the time. The vending machines at my office all take NFC payment. Every 5th purchase is free and I get a buck back on every purchase as well. I am buying soda for $.10 net (not counting the freebies). I also use it in numerous other locations. I don't care what they call themselves, I will still use it.

I doubt anyone associated the name with terrorists, but if the company wants to change it that is their choice. Either way I don't think it will make much difference to the end consumer.

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I think the new name is a good choice .I like names that reflect the product. Looking forward to getting my SIM to try this out. Ive been rather happy with Google Wallet. Time to see what the competition looksl ike

I don't like that I have to have a different sim card. Google a lot simpler setting up family.

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Am I the only one who would find it hilarious if the "group that, at the time, went by ISIS" changed their name to Softcard just to troll the US carriers?

What if ISIS(the terrorist pigs) decides to start calling them selve "Apple" and use the Apple logo on their flag? Does Apple, Inc. need to change its name as well? Or will they just sue the terrorists? I wonder what the terrorists fear most... the US government or the Apple lawyers?

I consider Apple lawyers as terrorists so I wouldn't feel too bad if videos of them getting their heads cut off with a butter knife turn up on YouTube.

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I wonder if this is the payment system that Apple will be using. If so, will Mastercard be shutting down their Paypass system in favor of this or do they merge and become usable by any and all NFC tap and pay devices?

Oh, definitely. There's no way Apple will use an existing NFC system. That's just not the way Apple works.

I'm sure they'll use their own proprietary system that will work perfectly well, but won't place nice with anything that's currently in place.

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I keep getting emails from ISIS/Softcard and my Gmail account still refuses to automatically send them to my spam folder. First world problems...

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I think it's just wonderful that a virtual wallet app has the same name as the world's most radical Muslim terrorist group. (Sarcasm) they may need a name change.

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So happy that iWallet will make them redundant. Let's see the carriers pull the same crap with Apple that they did with Google.