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Am I rootedIt's a question get all the time: "Is my phone rooted? How can I tell?"  Maybe you picked up your new Android phone second-hand (it's a great way to save some cash, and there are a lot of great used Android phones out there!), or the cryptic directions for rooting your particular phone seemed to forget an easy way to check if it was successful, or maybe your crazy brother was messing with it while you were in the shower.

No matter the reason, checking if your rooted is easy as pie, and is a quick introduction to a tool you might very well be using now that you've switched to the dark side and rooted your phone.

Open the Android Market and search for a terminal client.  There's several free ones, and they all work great.  If I was forced to recommend one, I would choose Connectbot, but any of them will work. 

Open the terminal app, read through the instructions (if any) you see, and you'll be faced with a text entry prompt.  If your prompt is the pound sign ( # ) -- you're rooted.  If you see a dollar sign ( $ ), try entering the command "su" (without the quote marks).  You might see a dialog asking for permission from the SuperUser app, which you can safely grant.  If the prompt changes to the pound sign, you're rooted.

Remember, root is the boss.  You can do anything while you're root, including many things that can "break" the OS and cause all sorts of trouble.  Read all the guides and warnings before you try anything, and by all means ask questions in the Android Central forums!

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How to tell if your phone is rooted


nice little put together, but Term Emulator is the easiest one to use by far. None of the SSH/Local stuff. just straight forward Term Access. and the font system on connectbot is weird.

The font system on connectbot is weird but it works for ssh for me, the blue terminal emulator is my favorite.

Not too point out the obvious, but couldn't one just look in their app list for the SU app, and or if its missing, just download it from the market along with a root required app to open and see if it ask for root permission, or boot to bootloader and select recovery to see if they can boot into a custom recovery.

Not to mention the obvious, but there's a huge amount of people who don't have the technical skills to understand what you just said. It's a bit silly for you to think that someone who already knows this would ever have any doubt whether their device was rooted or not.

supposedly I am rooted (I have the superuser icon as well as Titanium Backup installed) but when I try the above suggestion I still see a $. So am I rooted or not? Honestly I am not sure since I am trying to rename some files and they all say access denied.

I'm on a mission to become a Droid user, so I'm shopping for a used phone. Can I tell if the phone has been rooted, bricked, and patched up while sitting at a coffee house negotiating a price? This is my first question in this forum, so I aplogize in advance if I have posted in the wrong place. Thanks, any help will be appreciated. I'm looking forward to my first android phone!

hi i'm new with this "root" thing, i download Connectbot just to know if my phone(xperia X10a)is rooted, and since i've been trying to switch to android 2.1 (my crap X10a firmware is 1.6)
the things is this app is asking me to connect to a host(username@hostname:port) what can i do what hos do i need to connect?


I'm no Expert either but if ya tap on the box to the left of the block for user name it gives you an option for local. select that one and give yourself a name.

i took my droid eris to a shop & supposedly got it rooted.its flashed to cricket and was working fine up until the other day when i took it off the charger and i noticed my clock didnt say the weather only current i checked my internet and nothing! also something pops up a SU REQUEST but doesnt say anything else or give me any options just a black screen. rather then taking it back to the shop i rather just learn how to do rooting and flashing my self so that i know what my phone really has or not.any suggestions of to what might be going on? or how i can go about fixing this? read thread and threads but have not found anything yet about this.

I'm completely new to trying to Root my HTC610Desire phone, and having trouble. I installed and am getting no files?????

I would greatly appreciate if someone can give me the pros and cons of rooting. Is it a good thing to do? Is it necessary with the upcoming Gingerbread update? Im using a HTC Thunderbolt and am new and clueless on this rooting of the phone. thanks

So it's correct to assume new phones from carriers (Verizon, ATT, etc) are not rooted?

My Nexus 7 is rooted ... I have Titanium Backup installed, and it reports status as rooted. But the prompt sign for Connectbot is a $ ... So unclear whether this approach works.

I downloaded connectBot to check if my phone(Samsung Galaxy Exhibit) is rooted. It asks for
"username@host name:port". What should I type?
Also, I changed to "local" with "nickname".-> came back with "$" -> I entered "su"-> "permission
denied". What should I do?

I downloaded connectBot to check if my phone(Samsung Galaxy Exhibit) is rooted. It asks for
"username@hostname:port". What should I type?
Also, I changed to "local" with "nickname".-> came back with "$" -> I entered "su"-> "permission
denied". What should I do?

In the article, you said that when you're rooted, you can "break" the OS and cause all sorts of trouble, what do you mean by that? I mean, kindly expound the statement.

Just install SU Root Checker from Play Store, click on "Check Root Access" and you''ll get the message telling you if your phone is rooted or not. That simple! Good luck!