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International LTE Galaxy S4s get first major software update, starting with unlocked German devices

The international LTE version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 (GT-i9505) has started receiving its first substantial software upgrade today, with unlocked devices in Germany being among the first to get it. The update to version I9505XXUBMEA incorporates a number of visual changes, including a new, partially-transparent notification bar, new settings icons, and fix for ghosting issues in certain areas of the UI.

But the biggest addition for S4 owners might be reintroduction of apps-to-SD card support. First added in Android 2.2 Froyo and removed in the most recent 4.2 Jelly Bean, the ability to move apps to the SD card was originally a way to work around the anemic internal storage of older Android phones. The S4, of course, has been criticized for the fact that its 16GB version ships with only 9GB or so of available space. So the reintroduction of apps-to-SD might alleviate some of these storage issues, but you'll still be relying on app developers to enable apps-to-SD before you're able to use it.

(Update: We're also noticing significantly improved responsiveness and less animation lag in this new S4 firmware.)

German users with unlocked S4s should be able to pick up the update over-the-air or through Kies, and other regions should follow in the weeks ahead. (Of course, if you're feeling adventurous, you could always flash the German firmware directly.)

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International Samsung Galaxy S4 updated with apps-to-SD support, visual changes


Auto correct and Apps 2 SD?
Ugh. I would say they get everything but that's not always true.

Anyway, this could change that whole dumb SD card argument.
Because only gamers have issues with the S4 storage.

Your sweeping generalization is still woefully misinformed. Games are not the only apps that use massive piles of data, even if they are the majority.

Smart people play consoles. We don't have to upgrade our video card every year for $300+ a pop to play the latest games.

You don't have to upgrade your video card every year. For example, the 7970, launched in 1/12, can still play just about every game maxed out today, 1.5 years later. I suspect it will also play future games for years to come, albeit not maxed out.

"Only gamers have issues with the S4 storage"???????? What are you crazy??? I refuse to buy the S4 because of complete lack of int storage, I don't play games, I need my int storage for important files that I need at all times and the cloud is not the answer, when in a lousy signal area there will be no access to those files. Anyone who is happy with only 9 usable gb of storage is a freaken joke, Samsung has advertised the S4 with 16, 32 and 64 gb of int storage, why is only one Carrier selling a 32gb version???? That is the answer, screw the apps to sd, I want a 32gb model on my Carrier. I will never buy a new Smartphone with less than 32gb of int storage, that is the minimum. It costs just pennies to add more storage when these phones are being built, why is there still only 16gb of int storage being put in these very powerful computers, it is ruining a great device, more people in the right places need to complain and quit accepting this as the norm. Your phone will eventually slow way the hell down because of this and the only fix will be is to remove apps. To have to do that in a modern day Smartphone due to not enough int storage should be a fucking crime.


What is your problem with MicroSD? I just don't get it at all! If you put all your music, video, and "files" on the MicroSD you would have plenty of space on the internal memory for all your apps. The argument about gamers is that some games take a lot of space and can only be loaded on the internal memory. That does not appear to be your issues. Why ANYONE would want to pay up to $100 extra for an extra 16GB is nuts when you can buy a 32GB MicroSD for as little as $20. I don't know if some people are just uneducated about the real effects of the limited internal storage or just had Samsung in general and think this is something else to complain about. This is really only an issue for gamers as general apps just don't take up much space and those that do most often allow you to move the data folder to the MicroSD.

You need help bro. If those files are so important get an iPad or something. As previously said.. Only people that play games need more and have a valid complain. Cloud is the future.....

I agree that Cloud isn't great because internet access isn't found everywhere.

However, SD cards solve that problem.

Samsung continues to give less hardware for more money. That's just how they roll. Just google "Samsung corruption" to find out how awesome of a company they are. I'll never buy another Samsung product just on principle alone.

You must be a fanboy of HTC or something. If you don't like Samsung then why are you spending your time reading and posting in a Samsung article? Kinda lame and reals of either jealousy or competitor fanboy.

I'm not a gamer neither do I have a single song, video or even picture on my internal storage and yet I'm out of Internal storage.

The apps to SD feature is welcome as far as it actually works and doesn't diminish speed of file transfer

I'm not a gamer neither do I have a single song, video or even picture on my internal storage and yet I'm out of Internal storage.

The apps to SD feature is welcome as far as it actually works and doesn't diminish speed of file transfer

Nice to hear that Samsung did this so quickly. Can't imagine any other company do this and listening to their customers. You know who I'm talking about!

This is just a stop gap for the real issue of these OEM's not giving us the advertised storage space that they state.

Where do you draw the line and do you realize that there is NO computer, hard drive, cell phone, or storage device on the market that truly gives you the advertised storage space? There is always overhead! All smartphones use some of the internal storage, yes the S4 uses a couple GBs more but that couple GBs is not going to make or break a user who needs to have a ton of large games loaded on the phone.

Apps2SD was removed on phones as of ICS, so there is no other phone with ICS or greater that has this feature outside of a root hack.

I think it's you who's behind when it comes to android, that feature isn't on any device running ICS or later.

Apps 2 SD is only needed for games and their large data!! I am surprised that anyone would like to transfer a few MBs from the internal storage of a beast like the S4 to the SD..For what? To lose the widgets? To make them load slower? Storage is made to be used!! Besides that, Samsung freed up 80MB-BIG DEAL.. The only way to free up a lot of storage was to DELETE a lot of her new "S software", something she would NEVER do cause these apps are what make the S4, the S4 with all its smart features!!

And please state a device (laptop, mobile, tablet) that has the exact storage as advertised! DUH!! THEY ALL HAVE OPERATING SYSTEMS!! You have an SD card for all your pictures.. 9GB for apps are enough!

I think they've freed up 800 MB, which is 0.8 GB, which is not bad at all. 9GB is enough for some people, but if you save some pictures on the internal storage and a couple of new games, it fills up very quickly.

The new changes from Samsung are welcome :) I wonder when this update will come to Tmobile...

Why would anyone with any common sense save pictures to the internal memory? MicroSD cards are dirt cheap and if the phone is damaged you can pull the card to access your pictures/data...

Especially with an S4, get a 64GB class 10 uhs1 card and you won't have any speed penalty at all. Why cheap out on the card when you got a high end phone?

Especially with an S4, get a 64GB class 10 uhs1 card and you won't have any speed penalty at all. Why cheap out on the card when you got a high end phone?

"and removed in the most recent 4.2 Jelly Bean"

Uh what? I haven't been able to move an App to my external SD card since 2.3.

of course how long will be the question the carries have to ok it. depending on carrier that can be weeks to years(esp if your on Verizon)

So they can do this to the Galaxy phone collection but not the Tablets.. The tablets have less space than the phones.. Just not understanding ..

I never understood Google removing App2SD support from Android. It makes no sense to me. No one has the right to tell anybody how much internal space is "enough" for everyone. YOU'RE NOT EVERYONE MOTHERF****R. Let us do what we want with our internal space. Anything to try to force us to use "the cloud".. smh..

I sure hope so! This would help a lot of AT&T SGH-I747 users like me with big games/apps since Ma Bell never offered a 32GB version. :|

THIS IS HUGE! I agree with MarkSeven; no one has the right to tell anybody how much internal space is "enough", especially when the OS uses up so much space. I never understood why the capability to move apps to an SD card was removed from the OS. We shouldn't have to root our devices to have that capability restored to our devices. Maybe this is a sign that this capability will be restored in future upgrades. IT SHOULD BE!

Google certainly DOES have the right to ensure the user experience of their operating system is top-notch, and that developers for it are comfortable. Apps to SD was removed due to poor speed and reliability of SD cards, and due to people using them to pirate apps. Yes, SD cards are very unreliable compared to built-in memory, and the AVERAGE user has no interest in trying to figure out where a particular app is located when there is a problem. They just want it to WORK.

Considering how very cheap flash memory chips are, the ones you should be directing your ire at are the OEMs. It literally costs no more than $10-15 to go from 16GB to 64GB of flash in a phone. They charge so much more because they know the market will bear it! Don't insist on SD....insist on more storage in the first place! In fact, that to me is yet another reason for folks to choose the HTC One over the GS4: the One has 32GB of storage, yet costs on average about $50 less. There simply is no excuse for Samsung releasing a "flagship" with just 16GB of storage knowing how much space Touchwiz uses, SD slot or no SD slot.

Only one problem, it isn't Google's operating system. This is Samsung flavor of android.

The rest of your points are valid, but if you scroll down to my comments, you can see my position

No apps to SD is the worst thing ever why was it ever removed in the first place. its not a problem though if you root your phone or tablet just use GL TO SD problem solved

Glad to see this. Maybe all the cry babies who don't understand android will stop whining. Oh wait that'll never happen. The reason for removing apps2sd was security and stop the whining because my widgets stopped working. Maybe manufactures need to stop selling phones with 16gb of storage.

Wow will people stop being so 'google is god'

yes they took it out with decent reasons. Guess what? The consumer wanted it back (if you look at any phone thread you will see the complaints) so Samsung did the right thing and gave it back.

Until 32 and 64 GB is the norm for internal storage, this is a good thing.

No it is not the consumers should have been complaining to Samsung and others to up their internal storage: lg has on their high end phones, just like HTC has. Their is no reason Samsung can't. This is a stop gap fix to remedy a flaw that shouldn't have existed. I applaud Samsung for listening though.

I really hope that these App2SD features are coming to the Note II when it gets Android 4.2.2. I'm running out of space due to the fact that I have N.O.V.A. 3, Modern Combat 4, The Sims Freeplay, and RealRacing 3 all installed on my phone, which is a 16 GB model. Does anybody think it will happen?

I certainly hope so. I have a ton of games and if the huge data folders could be moved SD then it would take a lot longer to fill up the 16gb on my Note 2.

For those debating internal vs external storage. The only debate should be why not have both? A large internal storage with the flexibility of a Micro sd card. Neither one costs much to add to a phone.

yes thats the choice of the world..... i really found it too good you can watch the features of it dub40......ℭℴℳ plz make sure that only one dot(.) is required

I just got the AT&T 32GB Samsung Galaxy S4 and was shocked loaded a handful of apps and am already over half built in storage used! I did purchase a 64GB card but still the main storage is double of the first release and cannot believe how much these new apps gobble up space it's almost like they are desktop apps now a days!

These phones seriously need to get some major storage upgrades or allow us ways to mod out the main storage with aftermarket upgrades! I know you can put your own cards in but prior to this release update most phones on the market are stuck with the 8-16GB max..

Slayerpsp.. Is this not sooo Funny!
Rookies.. on here talking all this smack about 32 gigs of this 64 gigs of that.. Why can't my carrier have the 32 gig model...

Oh My Gawd! Have they NOT heard of ***ROOTING*** geesh!!! Apps to SD Done..

My Gawd Slayer.. Really.. they want to act like they KNOW.. But they Don't.. :-)

Too Funny.

Most people I know outside of you guys here do not want to mess with rooting because if Warranty issues or just plain out do not want to mess with their phones like that...

Instead on making nonsense discusion... where can we get the german firmaware...?
by the way... I hav rooted my phone with just a 3 days of buying it... it is so simply... dont have to be Bill Gates... or anyone like them...