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Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update to arrive shortly after Unpacked event on Aug. 29

The international Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT-i9300) will have its update to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean launched next week after the company's Mobile Unpacked event in Berlin, Android Central can exclusively reveal. Sources familiar with Samsung's plans inform us that the firmware is in the final stages of testing. The current schedule calls for the release of the international S3 Jelly Bean update shortly after the Samsung Mobile Unpacked event in Berlin, Germany next Wednesday, Aug. 29. That's the same event at which we're expecting to see Samsung's Galaxy Note successor. Following the event, we understand the update will roll out in a number of countries, including the United Kingdom.

As we revealed during our teardown of a leaked Jelly Bean build, the update will introduce familiar Jelly Bean features like the redesigned notification shade and Google Now. In addition, it'll include new TouchWiz features like "dormant mode" for better notification and alert management, as well as "easy mode" for simplified home screen operation.

As for the U.S. and Canada, we have no information on when the LTE-capable Snapdragon S4-powered Galaxy S3 variants can expect their Jelly Bean update, but we're sure Samsung will be just as keen to deliver speedy Android 4.1 upgrades for customers in North America too.

Regardless, international S3 owners should have reason to celebrate in a little over a week's time, as Samsung turns around a major Android OS update in record time. It certainly wouldn't be the first time the manufacturer's delivered a product on announcement -- last week it announced and launched the Galaxy Note 10.1 on the same day in New York City.


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Exclusive: International Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update coming next week


All gsm Galaxy Nexus phones have been updated to JB, except for the Verizon Gnex and sprint's. Verizon isn't going to update the Gnex to JB anytime soon, at least not till all their phones that can receive ICS get ICS first. I'm getting sick of Verizon only updating one phone at a time, and what seems to be only one person running their updates department who seems to only work part time.
Verizon needs to have a speedier update and push for phones. They are the slowest in the business it seems in the U.S. I think they don't give a shat because they don't make any money on updates.

Woohoo! good start Samsung! It'll be interesting to see how fast it'll come to North American carriers.. Not holding my breath though.

My GNex (GSM) has Jelly Bean... has had it for a while now. Verizon is the hold up, not google or samsung.

I don't care what any of our venerable Android bloggers say... unless it's the international SIM-free Nexus, it ain't real. Hopefully you've learned your lesson. Forget CDMA...GSM is where it's at. Complete freedom.

Sorry guys, can i ask a stupid question? I've bought my S3 from the UK however i live in Australia, so i guess my phone will be classed as a European version. Does this mean i will not get the update next week? so confused!

OTA updates are based on your CSC, not carrier or location. If it's UK unlocked, you should be in the first wave along with everyone else.

Sooo happy I got the international version vs one of the damn carriers version, nothing again the S4 processor, just the fucking carriers!

The Verizon update will probably take place by October. All the testing and dded bloatware needs approval first. I can't wait.

@ceclipse2007. I've been on JB on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus since July 2nd. Maybe you should get with the program instead of whining like my 6 month old daughter.

And do you two whine like this at McDonalds when the person in front of you in line wants to order something different than you? Seriously, it's great that you are into tinkering with your phone, but why do you have all this rage for anyone who doesn't share your interest?

Are you kidding? How long have you been a Android user? Verizon devices are just now getting ICS. You won't see Jelly Bean until next Spring, maybe.

Samsung really stepping up and investing in the s3 as they should, with such a solid phone. Wonder what htc has in store for one x? Havnt heard any such news ect bout one x. Guess htc drops the ball again huh.

Normally I would be inpatient with VZ to get Jelly Been , but I cam from Droid Bionic with Gingerbread so I just got to ICS, love it. So going quickly to Jelly Bean would be nice but I want to wait till they get all the bugs out of it and it works perfectly , let the international folks get it and find the bugs for us.

So can the devs use this to make better roms for the US variants. I don't know why I am asking, I am running CM10 on my vzw GS3 and it is pretty solid.

I've been going through the 2 leaks and i must say the last one is really stable! I don't encounter FC or that many bugs, this will be my daily driver till Samsung comes up with the official update.

Agree. Also on the latest leak and its pretty much stable. Would say about 95%+ complete and will definitely usable until the official release...looks like Samsung is stepping up there game I mean its been less than 2 month and they giving us an update.

Maybe this will mean the CM team can get their dirty fingers on the JB Samsung camera driver?? *crossing fingers*

Til it happens or Samsung publicly announces it..... It's just a rumor. There is no proof.
Don't get your hopes up until it Rolls out. Every update until now has been the same things.... But it's rumored, every one gets excited, then no update for months on end. When it's on my phone I will rejoice

Just in time to offset the iPhone announcement from Apple. NICE! I hope AT&T get's this in a timely fashion.

Nice, but nothing unusual for us international unlocked users, my S2 was updated to ICS a few months after the GN got it. Ill never buy a network molested version of any phone, ever. I only ever did it once, a Nokia Symbian a number of years ago. Orange ruined it, so never again.

Sorry to hijack the thread...I have the VZ Galaxy Nexus that I don't want to root. Some of you have mentioned an international device like the S3 (or GN) and not deal with the carrier BS. Will the unlocked device work on your network of choice? (sorry for such a noob question).

I could be wrong, but I thought Verizon had a policy of not activating any "non approved" devices on their network. By non approved I mean any device they don't sell.

This great news, my contract is up for renewal next Tuesday, going to defect from Windowsphone to S3 with Jellybean (hopefully) not too far away :-)

Wow, seems to be a lot of new Android users commenting here. If they knew anything about Android updates and North American carriers they would know that JB won't coming to their device any time soon. How long has ICS been out, guess what the last generation of high end devices are just getting ICS now. Motorola is planning to release their much anticipated RAZR HD next month and guess what it is shipping with, yup ICS. Realistically, you will lucky to see an official carrier released JB update before Spring of 2013, if at all depending on your device or carrier. Welcome to Android, if you want timely updates you either have to get a GSM Nexus device or root and use a custom ROM.

S-voice is still there, the same as it ever was. Google now, however, is added and accessible by holding down the physical home. It is now a menu option next to "task manager" and "remove all". Kind of a lame compromise, but at least we get Google Now at all.

Yeah, I'm leaving Verizon with the quickness. Utterly ridiculous if my Nexus doesnt get updated and the S3 does. Tired of the games Verizon has played with the Nexus line. I'll dump my contract and go with the unlocked version on AT&T or T-Mobile, and Verizon can suck a fat one. LTE or no, I'm totally done with CDMA carriers.

Verizon's treatment of the Nexus phone is no different then it treats all it's Android phones. Once they got you locked into a 2 year contract, they don't care if your phone gets the update or not. GSM Nexus is really the only way to go if you want timely updates.

Hey Nexus owners,,,how does it feel to be pissed on??? I'm glad the GSIII is being updated so quickly. It is a hugely important phone for Android, but that doesnt alleviate the fact that whats going on with my beloved Gnex is some bull crap!!!!

I'm assuming you have a Verizon Nexus. You do realize that while Samsung is possibly releasing a JB update, Verizon will in no way, no how be releasing this to their GS3 users until next year. I'm a GSM Nexus user and got my update right away. Maybe you should get away from the most draconian, most restrictive carrier in North American.

I'm really excited about this update as I love JB on my Nexus 7.

However I'm in the UK and my phone is locked to Vodafone.

How do I update my phone with JB once it becomes available?

I did the same with my Old original Nexus phone and followed instructions on AC....will you be doing the same when the update is released next week?



Believe it when you see it. Gnex is still waiting. Very unlikely S3 will get it before that one does. People buy gnex to get first dibs on updates. To give it to the lesser model would piss off tons of people

I'm getting my American at&t Galaxy S3 on September 26th (the day that my free update begins); as I update from a Motorola Atrix.

I was originally considering updating to the Atrix HD; but feature for feature, the Galaxy S3 is the "Rocky Balboa of Cell Phones".

For example, with the GS3, you can do a cold restart (complete removal of the battery) that you can't with the "AHD".

Battery life is longer, under identical usage conditions on the GS3.

The video display is far superior on the GS3.

There is FREE navigation on the GS3; where on the AHD you either use Google maps or pay $9.99 a month for at&t navigator.

I could go on with numerous other clearly apparent superior qualities of the GS3; and I could also go into extreme technical references; but to keep my comments short and sweet, my point is that when the American Jelly Bean revisional upgrade becomes available, it is my contention, that at that time, that I will possess the most qualitative cellular handset, anywhere in the world.

And, I can't wait for someone to explain to me how and where I am wrong about that statement. And then they can explain how obama is worth more than a pile of rancid moldy 4 week old dog waste, baking in the sun.