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Sony Ericsson has released some gorgeous devices this year, not least of which is the compact but powerful Xperia Ray, a highly capable device with a super-vibrant Bravia Engine-powered display. It's also got the latest version of Gingerbread, along with Sony's best-in-class 8.1MP Exmor-R camera setup. Like we said in our review, the Ray is the most fully-featured 3.3-inch device available (and it's getting ICS, too!)

We're giving away an Xperia Ray courtesy of Sony Ericsson, and if you want to get your hands on it, all you need to do is head over to the forums and post in the contest thread -- check the end of this post for the link. Before you do, though, bear in mind that the Ray we're giving away is the international model, so we're limiting entries to readers outside of North America. Our Xperia Ray should work on any European or African GSM carrier, and most Asian networks too. If in doubt, find your network on this list and make sure it shows 900, 2100 or both under "Frequency".

So, if you're outside of North America and want to get your hands on our Xperia Ray, head over to the forums and post in the contest thread! The deadline for entries is 1700 GMT this Friday, Nov. 18 (that's noon EST for those of you in North America who can't actually enter.) Good luck!

Enter to win: Android Central forums

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Louis_P_ says:


wedge226 says:

Can't wait to win my new phone, just let me know when your ready for my address.

MT64 says:

I hope I have the luck of the Irish:-)

Like the site, being reading the news sections since XperiaBlog had to close because of name infringement. Keep up the good work.

mrsomeone44 says:

count me in!


Tziflos says:

Me wants !

Panos22 says:

Oh Santa is coming early for me :) .

AthenaLod#AC says:

Pick me!

alc2077 says:

me please

pannonian says:

that would be nice

This will inevitably give the editors in Android Central an idea of how much international followers support their site and stay informed with wonderful and insightful articles with our beloved platform ANDROID! With that said I do hope I can win this wonderful phone and be able to brag about your site to my friends from all works of life!.

terry3386 says:

*Droooooool* show some Android love for me pretty pleaseeeeeee ^.^

denpra says:

dream come true..please send the phone to my address :D

wells_mark says:

I want a new phone still 5 months to my upgrade

kk_creed says:

want some bravia love...count me in as well ;)

eagle1252k3 says:

want to replace my iPhone with android phone...count me in.

restlesssoul says:

I'm ready to be the first that will have this one in Brazil!!!

hakiyama says:

Pick me Pick me!!!

makkhay says:

would be really great after getting this phone......

ihsen1901 says:

video call 3G porblem!!!!