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The official Jelly Bean update for the international Samsung Galaxy S2 (GT-i9100) has started to roll out, starting with unlocked handsets in Spain. The update is based on Android 4.1.2, and features all the benefits you'd expect from that version of the OS, including "Project Butter" performance enhancements and the new Google Search with Google Now.

What's also new is the "TouchWiz Nature UX" from Samsung's 2012 line-up, which has been back-ported to the Galaxy S2 along with Jelly Bean. This means S2 owners will be in for some pretty sweeping visual changes when they apply this latest firmware update. (The ICS update for 2011 Samsung phones was of course based upon the older TouchWiz 4 UI.) Galaxy S2 owners are also set to inherit a bunch of Galaxy S3 features in their Jelly Bean update, including Direct Call, Smart Stay and Pop-up Play (picture-in-picture video).

Right now the update is only available for Spanish Galaxy S2 phones, so other territories may have to wait a few days or weeks for localized firmware to be released. In particular, we wouldn't hold our breath for an immediate release on any of the U.S. Galaxy S2 models. Regardless, it's great to see the latest updates rolling out for an almost two-year-old handset.

Source: SamMobile, via XDA


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International Galaxy S2 gets Jelly Bean update and new Nature UX


Good for S2 owners. Samsung seems to be doing their best to push updates out. I am still waiting for the official 4.1.2 for S3.

I've already upgraded from the GS2 to the Nexus 4, but my wife is still has her device so I'll keep an eye on this to see when it hits the Nordic countries. Should be a welcomed update.

so you seem to be the perfect person for me to ask! The only thing its keeping me from going to nexus 4 is the camera, head to head, who's the better? GSII or nexus 4?

other specs, nexus 4 it's way around, but camera its pretty important to me, as stock (running CM10.1).


It's good to see Samsung supporting their flagships phones. Makes me feel better about picking up a Note 2 to replace my Galaxy Nexus. Of course I'm going to stay away from any non-flagship phones from Sammy since they seem to forget about those as soon as they launch.

That's pretty sweet how Samsung keeps supporting their older devices with their New-ish useful features. Honestly surprised and hope it keeps going in the future.

What a great business decision to update the older versions. Going forward with the sales that should generate by correcting the "im never gonna see an update" theory. Unless VZW bottle necks theirs. I am interested to see what updates for the s3 and note2 become available once the s4 comes out.

Other than Sphere Photo and lockscreen widgets, there really isn't much to 4.2 above what we have. When the next gen Android comes, I doubt the GS3 will OFFICIALLY see it. At least not on VZW anyway. If T-Mo continues its upgrades, I might be jumping ship.

Touchwiz looks so old. I am really grateful that developers have given me the option of CM10 on my t989.

The leaks I have seen (for the i9100 but running on the AT&T version: i777) also include Multi-View. Do we have an official word either way for that feature?

It would be very interesting to see the 'Android OS version pie chart' in two weeks or a months time. I'd expect an increase for jellybean but how much of an increase?