Chromebook-friendly 'Braswell' chip also revealed at China conference

At its Developer Forum in China today, Intel reportedly confirmed the release of a version of Android 4.4 KitKat optimized for 64-bit Intel Architecture chips, following up on its recent announcements at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. CNET quotes the company as saying "With this release, the company ported, validated and tested the Android Open Source code on IA [Intel Architecture], taking on the work that developers typically would need to do on their own. This release will provide the ecosystem with 64-bit kernel support for development of next-generation devices."

We got our first look at 64-bit Intel chips running Android back at Mobile World Congress in February, where the developer also announced its new Merrifield and Moorefield CPUs aimed at Google's mobile OS.

The chip giant also unveiled new CPUs for Chromebook and other low-power devices at the conference. Its new "Braswell" architecture will reportedly follow up from Bay Trail and take the form of a system-on-a-chip (similar to the approach used in traditional smartphone processors). Braswell will reportedly be based on a new 14nm manufacturing process, allowing for improved performance and power efficiency.

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Intel releases 64-bit-optimized KitKat, talks new chips for Chromebooks


Great! As soon at mobile devices go over 4gb of ram and apps are also written 64bit then we'll see a performance difference.

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Actually, you should see better performance on many apps regardless of memory size. Intel's IA-32 ABI has very few general purpose registers (GPRs). Their x64 ABI add many more GPRs, faster system calls, and other optimizations.

Are there any actual phones running on Intel, other than Old Moto's iRazr?

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Here's a list:

The latest are the 3 Zenfones that Asus showcased at CES but they're running on last year's Intel chips. There are rumors about a Zenfone C (T00Q) which some say is a more powerful version using this year's Merrifield SoC.

I have lenovo K900 and didn't even got 4.2.1 to 4.3 .....
Phew, I have Z1 unlocked too..☺

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