Intel at CES

Android Central @ CES

We're still waiting on an official look at what's coming from Intel in regards to Intel hardware and Android software. (You'll recall how it was long ago stated that ICS would place nice with Intel processors.)

At Monday morning's CES press conference, it was all ultrabooks, all the time. Mostly. We did get a very brief look at what looks like Ice Cream Sandwich on some sort of tablet device. No great surprise to see something like this in the works, and we're chomping at the bit for a little more from the processor manufacturer.

Intel's got a keynote address on Tuesday afternoon, so stay tuned.


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Intel gives brief tease of Android at CES


It seems like Atom processors didn't make the cut. Power usage has been an issue for mobile devices and x86 doesn't do well in that regard.

I could see always-on devices like Google TV or other appliances taking the x86 route though, once they get Android to play nice.

There was no big hullabaloo from Intel when the Revue came out so I suspect that they won't make any announcements themselves and wait for the device makers to release the specs in a similar fashion.

i don't know why everyone is seems so excited about intel getting into the android game. x86 isn't meant for mobile. the Atom is a terrible processor.

I think it's far more interesting to hear that windows 8 will be available on arm devices, not android on x86. Intel sucks anyways!!!